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Planet of Origin Risa
Encountered TNG: Captain's Holiday, ENT: Two Days and Two Nights The Enterprise NX-01 visited Risa on shore leave in the mid-22nd century.
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"All that is ours is yours."
— A Risian saying
The Risians are a humanoid species noted for their hedonistic approach to life. Risa is in a binary system, and although it is naturally a swampland, its extensive weather modification system gives the entire planet a tropical climate. Combined with the locals' easygoing approach to life, this has made Risa one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Federation.


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A popular tourist destination, Risa became known for its beautiful tropical resorts and abundance of pristine beaches. In 2381, it was determined that 2.81 billion Risians populated the planet, but also hosted at least 1.3 billion tourists coming and going from Risa.


Risa was first visited by Humans and Starfleet in 2152 when the Enterprise (NX-01) arrived at the planet and several crew members took shore leave. Those crew members included Captain Jonathan Archer, Ensigns Hoshi Sato, Mayweather, Commander Charles Tucker and Lieutenant Malcolm Reed.

At this early date, although Risa was a warm and pleasant Class M world it still was not the lush tropical paradise that it would later become. The planet was often subject to frequent storms and its three moons created tectonic strains which made it geologically unstable. The Risian themselves were often found in small, isolated groups with limited technology and oral histories which cited how their ancestral settlements had often been destroyed by the gods.

Risa was admitted into the Federation in 2249.

In April 2260, the art gallery of the Midas Casino was burgled. The crime was unsolved as of August 2267.

There was little interest in Risa until the turn of the 24th century, when a man named Arlo Leyven came to Risa. In life, his past and means of arrival were a mystery; rumors persisted that he was affiliated with the Orion Syndicate and that he had crashed on the planet while trying to escape the law. Later investigation after his death confirmed them as all true.

Leyven had a vision for the planet, as the premiere vacation destination for the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. To this end he obtained hefty loans from the Orion Syndicate and invested them into technology that would stabilize the climate and seismic activity to within habitable bounds and transforming it into a paradise in less than a decade.

In 2313, Leyven officially opened Croesus' Palace, which became the planet's principle resort for decades, and popular through the Federation. Leyvan grew wealthy off tourism and Risian real estate, but not wealthy enough to pay his debts.

Finally, in 2317 when his Syndicate partners suspected him of taking a slice of their share of the profits, they had him assassinated in his penthouse suite.

Regardless, in the decades following, more reputable individuals and corporations took over Risa's tourism trade and it lost its Orion-dominated image. However, rumors continued that the Orions maintained involvement through under-the-table business partnerships and controlling the workers' unions.

Over the next few decades, Risa would become a location for several dubious and noteworthy events in the Federation's history. In 2366, two Vorgons from the 27th century arrived on Risa and were searching for a device known as the Tox Uthat which was supposed to be able to stop the fusion process occurring within a star. The Vorgans approached Captain Jean-Luc Picard who was vacationing on the planet at the time and claimed that history recorded him as discovering the device on Risa.

In 2367 Geordi LaForge went to attend an AI conference on Risa, but was intercepted and kidnapped by Romulans whilst on the way.

In 2368, a Ktarian agent on Risa offered Commander William T. Riker a game, which although seemingly harmless, was intended to gain control of Starfleet.

The New Essentialists were a group of Federation citizens who claimed that Risa represented the Federation's soft attitude toward life. They sabotaged the planet's weather control system claiming that the Federation was ill-prepared for an attack by the Dominion, and in 2373 they were joined by Lieutenant Commander Worf.

Worf accessed the planets weather control system and shut it down, ruining the holidays of hundreds of thousands of people. Worf eventually saw the error of his ways and returned the weather to normal.

In 2376, Risa was listed as the host location of a current or past marathon.

Unfortunately, in 2381, Risa was laid to waste by the Borg attack on the Beta Quadrant. Thanks to advanced warnings about the Borg armada, many Risians and their guests managed to be evacuated in time, though the planet itself was slagged by the Borg.

After that the Federation government undertook a massive program to terraform the surface of Risa and return it to its former pristine beauty. This required them to purify both the water and the air before they could attempt to reintroduce both plant and animal life.

In all the whole project took almost 7 years but in the end they succeeded beyond their wildest hopes. Now it is almost impossible to believe that it happened at all. During the work the Federation imported workers from all over including over 250 million Remmilian’s. That is except for the 3 small areas that were not terraformed or replanted.

Surprisingly it was the Risan government that requested that the Federation leave a couple small areas undeveloped as a reminder of just how fragile both life and their ecosystem can be. Now they act as both a tourist attraction and a reminder of the fragility of life.


Risian Hedony

The formal government on Risa is called the Risian Hedony. It is made up of a council selected from among the population and most serve until they wish to step down or have to step down due to health or age. The various ministries actually do most of the work but they report back to the council which sets the policies and duties of each ministry.


Nuvia is a city, the capital city of the planet Risa, and also the capital city of the Risian Hedony state and government. It has been completely rebuilt.

Risian Ministry for Planetary Affairs

The Risian Ministry for Planetary Affairs is the agency responsible for the quality of the entertainment, accommodations, food, environment and service. They strive to ensure that all guests enjoy the highest quality vacation possible.

Risian Safety Ministry

The Risian Safety Ministry is the agency on responsible for the safety and security of the Risian people and their off-world guests. The Safety Ministry was headed by the Risian Minister of Safety.

In 2381, following the Borg invasion of Federation space at the Azure Nebula, the Minister of Safety ordered an evacuation of Risa. Officers of the Safety Ministry were responsible for piloting the evacuation crafts, and for controlling the spread of information in order to prevent panic after Risa's destruction.


In many ways they resemble Terrans with both males and females being of different heights, weights, hair and eye color. For the most part they all seem to be fairly fit and healthy.

Risan language

The Risian language is the official language of the Risians. Ensign Hoshi Sato is well known for nearly mastering the language in only her first visit to Risa. This is shown by her speaking with several Risans at a restaurant.


While they may appear for all intents and purposes to be human they do have a very different internal biology, which rendered Human treatment at Risian hospitals difficult during the 2150s. Risians also apparently age at a slower rate than humans.


For the most part they seem to be a very stable people. They tend to be relaxed, calm and take each day one at a time. As a result most of them never suffer from stress and mental illness is extremely rare among them.


The Givers were presumably deities in the culture of the Risian people. Arandis offered thanks to the Givers for the orderly evacuation of the Temtibi Lagoon Resort ahead of the Borg Invasion of 2381.

The "Festival of the Moon", or Lohlunat, is a very popular celebration among the Risian people, celebrated at the Suraya Bay.


Strangely enough they do not have any data that could be considered mythological. They seem to have developed in an environment that supplied them with all they needed and a way of life that was bountiful and easy. As a result they never developed any tales or myths.



A ja'risia was a small, lightly-colored disk traditionally worn by Risians on their foreheads, much like a bindi in some Human cultures.


Risian lute

The Risian lute was an musical instrument very similar to a Vulcan lute that was played by Risians.

Risian wedding gown

A traditional Risian wedding gown

A Risian wedding gown is worn by Risian females during their wedding.

When Leeta and Rom wanted to marry, they couldn't decide on a wedding gown for Leeta. Among the suggestions were a traditional Risian and a modern Tellarite wedding gown.

Risan mai-tai

A Risan mai-tai is an orange cocktail beverage garnished with two fruits served on Risa.

Malcolm Reed and Trip Tucker ordered Risan mai-tais when they spent two days on the planet in early 2152. Tucker later wondered whether his headache was caused by the mai-tais or by getting shot.

Risan wine

Risan wine was an alcoholic beverage from the planet Risa.

When Captain Jonathan Archer visited the planet in 2152 he got a bottle of the wine as a complementary gift.

Horga'hn Hammer

An alcoholic cocktail that is often used as an invitation to the ritual of Jamaharon.

Risan bean

Risan beans are a type of edible seed from Risa. While trapped in an Akritirian prison in 2373, Tom Paris fantasized about a meal of barbecued T-bone steaks, baked Risan beans, and cherry pie for dessert.



Jamaharon is a Risian rite of an undefined sexual nature. Many tourists on Risa seek jamaharon, which is indicated by the display of a horga'hn the Risian symbol for fertility and sexuality.

However, many off-worlders mistakenly assumed jamaharon is merely a type of sexual activity, when in fact there were also emotional and spiritual components to the rite.

Care should be taken with this practice, as jamaharon has been known to be fatal to those with a weak heart. Curzon Dax died via jamaharon, although he did at least die with a smile on his face. Jamaharon with Arandis was the direct cause of the death of Curzon Dax.


A horga'hn is the symbol of fertility in the culture of the planet Risa. It is used extensively in Risian design, such as being used as door switch panels in Risian dwellings.

Possession of a carved horga'hn was to call forth its powers, and to display one publicly was meant to indicates that one was seeking jamaharon.

Commander William Riker asked Captain Jean-Luc Picard to acquire a horga'hn for him when the captain visited Risa in 2366, apparently intending that the captain would unwittingly display it to the women at his resort.

Quark gave horga'hns to Jadzia Dax, Julian Bashir, and Leeta during their trip to Risa in 2373, keeping two for himself.


Risa relied on mostly automated systems to make the stay of their guests as simple and as pleasurable as possible. If those automated systems failed, Risa would be in jeopardy. Before the introduction of automated technology, Risa, in its natural state, was a paradise. Risa, having become dependent on technology, then became an illusion of the paradise it once was. There were those who wanted to return Risa to its natural state, however, Risa had been unstable for centuries. Technology stabilized Risa's atmospheric and meteorological state with tectonic equipment to keep it from sliding over the edge.

After an extremist group called the New Essentialist Movement temporarily hijacked the grid in 2373, the Hedony government had a new weather modification network installed; unfortunately, the grid was often malfunctioning by 2375, when Montgomery Scott discovered how to repair the network. The Risian Hedony offered him honorary citizenship in gratitude.



Risa is famous throughout the Alpha and Beta Quadrants as a place of tourism and recreation, and is referred to as a "pleasure planet." It got that reputation because of its constant, stable climate, its attractive landscapes, and most of all, its very friendly staff.

Its native species, notorious for their open sexual mores, number approximately three billion, and the planet hosts about one billion tourists at any given time.

Many resorts on Risa also house gambling casinos. One of which was the Midas Casino.

Temtibi Lagoon Resort

The Temtibi Lagoon Resort was a popular Risian vacation spot, located on the Temtibi Lagoon on the planet Risa.

In 2373, Julian Bashir, Jadzia Dax, Leeta , Quark, and Worf all vacationed at the Temtibi Lagoon Resort. Arandis, an old friend of Curzon Dax's, was Temtibi's Chief Facilitator at that time.

Admiral William Ross vacationed at the Temtibi Lagoon Resort following the end of the Dominion War, in late 2375 or early 2376. The planet's upgraded weather control system was malfunctioning during his time there, and Ross recommended the local government contract Montgomery Scott to repair their network.

In late 2380, Donald Wheeler began a vacation at Temtibi Lagoon, following his graduation from Gerrold University. In 2381, the Temtibi Lagoon was evacuated on order of the Risian Minister of Safety, in advance of the Borg assault on Risa. Even while aboard their evacuation ship, Arandis continued to treat her fellow passengers as guests of the resort.

Tolari Tower

The Tolari Tower was a 112-story building on the planet Risa, located near the El Dorado Resort. It was the tallest structure on its continent, and boasted an observation deck with an impressive view of the surrounding landscape.

Catona Bluff

Catona Bluff was a popular rock-climbing formation on the Monagas Peninsula on planet Risa.

In 2376, a planetwide power outage left a pair of climbers stranded on the face of Catona Bluff without use of their antigravity belts.

Risian Grand Delight

A Risian Grand Delight is an item exclusive to the planet Risa. Using certain native plants and spices it was considered a true culinary work of art. One that could not be replicated by the use of technology.

Following the Borg 's destruction of that planet in 2381, Arandis reflected that there was no longer any such thing as Risian Grand Delight. Fortunately as part of the terraforming work all of the native plants needed were successfully reintroduced back into the environment.


Reyamilk is a substance used on Risa for relaxation. The Federation Travel Guide recommended a relaxing reyamilk soak while one was a tourist on Risa.

In 2373, Leeta planned to take a reyamilk soak with a young Risian. She later asked Jadzia Dax and Worf to join them.

Risian perfume

Risian perfume was a perfume product that had a pleasing scent, originating with the Risian civilization of the planet Risa. Deanna Troi liked the scent and purchased some at some point prior to the year 2378.


They do not have any military but do maintain a small but very well trained security force that maintains order and the safety of the guests and the native population.

Federation Intelligence Files

A Risian woman was present at Morn's memorial in 2374 on DS9.


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