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Crew of the USS Doyle-A

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Civillian Russo Rin

“God cannot alter the past, though historians can.”

Samuel Butler

Prof. Russo Rin, is a Joined Trill currently posted as a History & Anthropology Officer aboard the USS Doyle-A.


  • Full Name: Russo Rin née Losad
  • Date of Birth: 233305.24
  • Place of Birth: London, United Kingdom, Earth
  • Telepathic status: 0
  • Languages: Federation Standard, Trill, Latin, Greek.
  • Personal Access Code: Rin Delta Four One One Two

Appearance & Stats

  • Height: 2.2m (7’3”)
  • Weight: 130kg (11st 11lb)
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Length of Hair: Short
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Skin Tone: Pale
  • Orientation: Omnisexual


  • Habits: Pauses when speaking.
  • Mannerisms: Stutters slightly when excited.
  • Religion/Spiritual Devotion: No true religion per se, does follow the Trill doctrines on bodily and mental health.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Collecting antique books and swords, Swimming, telling people how good things used to be.
  • Likes: Problems, Archival Work, Tea.
  • Dislikes: Loud Noises, Sudden Movements, Lack of Tea.
  • Ambitions and Goals: At this point in life, to simply keep surmounting new challenges.
  • Achievements in Life: Joined with the Rin Symbiont.
  • Disappointments in Life: Numerous, most of which have faded into the background by now.
  • Temperament: Even
  • Mental problems (complexes and phobias): None
  • Physical Limitations: Cannot use transporters, suffers from chronic pain.


Russo was born on the 24th of May 2333 in the University Collage Hospital in London nearby the University of Westminster, where both his Mother, Mullaun, and Father, Russo, lectured in the departments of History and Politics and International Relations respectively. As a result, perhaps unsurprisingly, Russo did rather well academically - if perhaps less so socially - growing up. Perhaps due to the amount of time he spent in his Mothers Office he was particularly drawn towards History, particularly that of the country of his birth although he also had a fair amount of interest in the events of other species in the same time frame, including that of the Trill and Vulcan. By the time of his parents divorce in 2368, he had already gained a doctorate in History, a Masters in Medieval History, and a join honours degree in History & Classics.

Although initially rather distraught by his parents separation, he now rather regards it as a positive event. By the time he applied to the Symbiosis Commission on Trill in 2365, after being convinced by his Mother’s new wife Anhiad who was a researcher for the Commission, both of his parents had re-married. In addition, he had two siblings Kasoh, from his Father and his new wife Elizabeth a Human Doctor in UCH, and Kiari, who was adopted by his Mother and Anhiad.

By 2370, Russo had re-located to Trill and was well through the selection process for a symbiont when the host of the Rin Symbiont at the time, Jereell, was serenely injured by an incident on a high-energy physics experiment she was working on. Unfortunately, Jereell passed away due to her injuries however the Symbiont was unharmed and Russo was selected to be it’s new host. By 2377 Russo had left Trill to return for Earth.

For the next two decades Russo dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge, becoming attached to several Universities as a Visiting / Honorary Professor, across Earth, Trill, and the Daystrom Institute. Perhaps as a result of this - although it should also be acknowledged that it may have something to do with his Symbionts considerable experience, he also developed a good working relationship with Starfleet and has often been called in to consult on issues with historic precedence, particularly in diplomatic situations.

Now approaching his 60s, with almost 20 lifetimes at his disposal, he is starting to admit that he should probably slow down and accept some kind of permanent position. Due to his older Symbiont, he suffers from numerous health issues - most notably an inability to use transporters and chronic pain. Fortunately, it seems that Starfleet intends on providing just such an opportunity…

Symbiont History

The first joining of the Rin Symbiont to a host was on 150904.21 - a source of great amusement for it’s current host as it is also the coronation date of King Henry VIII of England - and as of 2365 has been joined to 20 hosts. It is most unlikely that it will be joined again, due to it’s age. In it’s lifetime it has been everything from a philosopher to a politician, an artist to a physicist, a tactician to a historian.

Previous Hosts

N.b. Dates given are from joining to death.

Gibi Rin (1509 - 1560) (F)

The first to be joined to the Rin Symbiont, Gibi was a Philosopher and Mother of two. She died of natural causes at the age of 90.

Daanil Rin (1560 - 1607) (M)

Daanil was a Chemist who died from radiation poisoning after an experiment gone wrong.

Jiniss Rin (1607 - 1671) (M)

Jiniss was a poet who’s work on the Ayai'leh-hirh range is still considered some of the most beautiful on the area. He died from complications following a fall from one of it’s shallower valleys.

Azro Rin (1671 - 1682) (F)

Azro was a career Politician who represented the Manevri in the Trill Ruling Council for two terms. A rather controversial figure, She died in office of unknown causes.

Yeze Rin (1682 - 1704) (F)

Yeze was an experimental Artist, somewhat famous in her time for her works involving the music of her husband. She was also a Mother of three, who self-professed that she would not have known how to handle the stresses of having Children were it not for the memories of Gibi. She died from natural causes.

Jiamum Rin (1704 - 1769) (M)

Jiamum was Civil Engineer and father to three. He died of natural causes.

Biboss Rin (1769 - 1827) (M)

Biboss was the second host of the Rin symbiont to get elected to office, once again representing Manevri. Biboss was by-and-large a popular figure, however his anti-organised crime platform earned him powerful enemies. Much like Azro however, Biboss died in office this time by assassination during a friends wedding. Despite initial fears that the Rin symbiont may have been irrevocably harmed, it was successfully extracted and implanted into a new host.

Majil Rin (1827 - 1899) (M)

Majil was a Mathematician working on Trill. He died from excessive trauma when an exploding computer relay.

Eli Rin (1899 - 1975) (F)

Eli was a Engineer who worked on one of the many Trill exploration projects as a rocketry specialist. She died from natural causes.

Somu Rin (1975 - 1996) (F)

Somu was a Immunologist working primarily in the Ganses region. She voluntarily gave up the Rin Symbiont, sacrificing herself in the process, after contracting a then fatal disease lest it damage the Symbiont.

Aamon Rin (1996 - 2055) (M)

Aamon was a Biologist and Father. He died of natural causes.

Ibau Rin (2055 - 2100) (F)

Ibau was Actress. She died in an accident caused by her husband's heart attack.

Jeron Rin (2100 - 2115) (M)

Jerson was Concert Pianist who predominantly played in the Alpha Quadrant. He died from natural causes.

Tabu Rin (2115 - 2150) (M)

Tabu was a Geologist and Geoarchaeologist who worked predominately on the ancient history of the Gorlan. He died while exploring an ancient structure, which collapsed on him and his team.

Tuged Rin (2150 - 2189) (M)

Tuged was a senior member of the Trill Private Service, famed for his tactical prowess. He died while on a training operation due to a friendly fire incident.

Yarda Rin (2189 - 2220) (F)

Yarda was an Artist and generally a progressive social thinker, even for the rather liberal era she lived in. She died from natural causes.

Busri Rin (2220 - 2255) (F)

Busri was a Archivist working outside of Trill, predominantly on Betazed. Tragically, despite (or possible even due to) the intense screening process candidates go through, she was unsuitable to be a host developing a myriad psychological issues in the later stages of her life culminating in her suicide.

Killa Rin (2255 - 2292) (F)

Kills predominately worked as a Diplomat, mostly in association with Starfleet. She died of natural causes.

Jereell Rin (2392 - 2370) (F)

Jereell was a Physicist involved in high-energy research. She was tragically killed when one of her experiments went wrong.



  • Mother: Mullaun Pizihn-Grol
  • Step-Mother: Anhiad Pizihn-Grol
  • Father: Cerzud Losad
  • Step-Mother: Elizabeth Losad
  • Half-Sister: Kasoh Losad
  • Adopted Brother: Diari Pizihn-Grol


  • Marital Status: Unmarried


  • Children: None

Service & Education History

King Edward VI School
Insignia Rank From To Position
233809.10 235105.12 Pre-University
King's College London
Insignia Rank From To Position
235109.05 235405.23 Undergraduate Degree - History & Classics
235409.12 235505.16 Master's Degree - Medieval History
235509.20 236803.25 Doctorate - History
Trill Symbiosis Commission
Insignia Rank From To Position
237007.22 237012.25 Symbiosis Candidate
237012.25 237703.25 Symbiosis Recovery
Academic Career
Insignia Rank From To Position
Numerous organisations & Universities
USS Doyle-A
Insignia Rank From To Position
239301.24 Present History & Anthropology Officer

Service History

Awards & Service Ribbons

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation

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