Rilkald Zetol

Rilkald Zetol is enlisted Security onboard the USS Resolution.

USS Resolution
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Rilkald Zetol
Position Enlisted Security Personnel
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
DOB 236003.21
Age 40
Birthplace Ashalla, Bajor
Writer ID R239712AS0


  • Height: 1.9 meters (6'3")
  • Weight: 97 kg (214 lbs.)
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Build: Athletic


Zetol was born in the capital city of Bajor: Ashalla. Bajor became a member of the Federation when he was nine years old and being in the capital gave him a lot of exposure to their officers. Being that he had little interest in higher learning, he enlisted as soon as he could in Starfleet. Also wanting to be a man of action, he chose to join their Security division. He is currently a Chief Petty Officer and aspires to retire in the next few years as a Senior or Master Chief.


Zetol has a relaxed confidence about him. With officers, he almost tends to be informal but respectful. With the enlisted men under him, his is stern but fair. He has a jovial but fatalist attitude towards life and shuns Bajoran religious teachings.


Rilkald Zetol is a PNPC of Aine Sherlock.