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Rigelian (Jelna)
Four Letter Code JELN
Federation Status Members
Planet of Origin Rigel VI
Encountered ENT: Terra Prime
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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The Jelna are a space-faring race native to Rigel VI. They are part of the Rigelian Assembly, and are simply known as “Rigelians”.

Home World

See also: Rigel VI

Though native to Rigel VI, most Rigelians now reside on Rigel V, the capital of the Rigelian Assembly. As such, there is an unbalance of population on Rigel VI, where more colonists (such as Humans and Andorians) populate the Jelna homeworld than actual Jelna themselves.


When the Jelna became space-faring, they made first contact with the Rigelians of Rigel V, whom were suffering from a poor economy due to their refusal for use of advanced technology on their planet. The Jelna begun trade agreements with the Rigelians, and after many decades working together in a peaceful and sustaining relationship, and impressed by their multicultural way of life with the Chelon, the Jelna repaid Rigelian kindness and hospitality by joining the Rigelian people, adopting their name.

The Rigelians would eventually form the Rigelian Assembly, initially comprised of the Rigelians, the Chelon, and the Jelna.

In 2154, a heavily armed Rigelian scout ship was attacked by a Romulan telepresence drone ship, disguised as an Earth starship, as part of a Romulan plot to drive the Rigelians against Earth. The Rigelian Trade Commission, established by the Jelna Rigelians, demanded compensation and the arrest of the Starfleet captain for their "crimes", as the scout ship managed to damage the drone and transmit a distress call with footage of the attack.

Jelna Rigelian ambassadors represented Rigelian interests on early in 2155, participating in talks regarding the formation of the Coalition of Planets. However, terrorist threats from Terra Prime scared the Rigelians into withdrawing from the talks prematurely.

In the 2360s, the Rigelians were involved in a joint venture with a group of Kalar to establish a new Federation colony on Votar VII, in which the Kalar were contracted to provide construction and repair services. However, the Rigelians attempted to renegotiate their contract in 2368, and attempted to force a lower rate of compensation upon the Kalar workers. The Kalar refused the new terms, and in retaliation, launched an attack on a dam and power planet, effectively 'repossessing' the facility and cutting the power it provided to its colony. A Starfleet vessel would be sent to mediate, the Federation concerned that the Kalar would destroy the dam to the strategically important Votar colony. Ultimately, after mediators threatened to cancel future contracts with the Rigelian people, the dispute was resolved peacefully.[1]



Distinguished through their pale-yellow skin colour, the Jelna had two types of the male and female genders each, endo- and exosexes, for a total of four genders. Jelna were known to apply tattoos to their face and to adorn their hair with beads.

The Jelna have four visually distinguishable sexes. They are also known to apply tattoos to their face, and adorn their hair with beads.


The Jelna had four visually distinguishable sexes. The exosexes possessed an extra Z chromosome and outnumbered the endosexes by 2 to 1. Endosexes were comparable to the male and female genders of typical humanoids. From an evolutionary standpoint, the exosexes were more robust and aggressive than endosexes, and better adapted to handle hunting and gathering while the gentler endosexes stayed in the camp to defend and nurture the young. Exosexes were sallow-skinned and had a variety of eye colors. Endosexes were red-eyed and silver-skinned.


Unlike their vulcanoid counterparts, these Rigelians are aggressive, stubborn, yet a disciplined species - which is likely why they're often chosen to be the face of the Rigelian Assembly. They are surprisingly resilient to criticism.





Jelna Rigelians are noted as being industrious and highly intelligent. They conduct a number of economic and business ventures, and use the profits to live in the luxury to which they were accustomed. They also commonly wear elaborately beaded necklaces, while their faces featured colorful patterns.




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