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Valcarian Empire

Par'tha Expanse

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The Rhionin-class heavy cruiser, or simply the Rhionin, is a capital ship built for planetary occupation and space combat used by the Valcarian Imperial Republic. There are forces that also use at least one of the ships as an anti-piracy vessel.

The Rhionin-class heavy cruiser was designed and developed by Acima StarDrive for the Republic Directorate forces at least 80 years prior to the Vodran War and was based off a design, apparently by Acima Star Systems. The keel runs 600 meters with the bow overlapping to produce a clamshell-like appearance.

Weapon systems include twenty quad laser cannons (six bow, seven port, seven starboard), ten laser cannons (five port, five starboard), and ten turbolaser batteries (five bow, five stern). Some ships are customized to feature a warhead launcher for anti-starfighter defense.

While technologically advanced at the time of her design, the Rhionin-class lacks in sublight speeds, suffers computer failures, and can not compete with comparable designs in terms of firepower and shielding.

In addition to these technical drawbacks, Rhionin-class ships also require over 16,000 crewmembers to run at optimal performance — perhaps the highest crew per keel meter ratio of any modern starship. This high crew requirement puts strains on recruitment efforts and turns supplying a Rhionin into a logistical nightmare.

Production information

  • Manufacturer: Acima StarDrive
  • Model: Rhionin-class heavy cruiser
  • Class: Cruiser

Technical specifications

  • Length: 600 meters
  • Width: 120 meters
  • Height/depth: 123 meters
  • Engine unit(s): 6 ion engines
  • Armament:
  • Upgraded configuration:
  • Common modification:
    • Warhead launcher (1)
  • Complement:
    • 1+ shuttle
  • Common Imperial refit:
    • 12 SIRC starfighters (some special models carried 24)
  • Dedicated fighter carrier refit:
    • 60 starfighters
  • Crew: 16,000 to 16,210
  • Minimum crew: 8,800 to 9,000 (minimal/no slave rigging)
  • Passengers: 3000 (troops)
  • Cargo capacity: 9,000 metric tons
  • Consumables: 2 years


  • Role(s):
    • Cruiser (scaled down)
    • Frigate
    • Patrol