Return to Paradise (Embassy of Duronis II)

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The Thor returns to Kjenta II to rescue stranded Starfleet personnel.

Important Characters

Ali Al-Senna, Emiko Saito, Jose Cruz and Rebecca Moore: The last survivors of the USS Columbia on the surface of Kjenta II, and Irina's former friends and shipmates.

Captain Lan-Ngoc Treng: The deceased chief engineer and chief science officer of the USS Columbia and by all accounts one of, if not THE most distinguished scientific mind of her century. She also mastered the Vulcan mental arts and then went far beyond them, ultimately transferring her "Katra" at the moment of death to Crewman Emiko Saito, whom she has completely subdued and dominated. Treng, if studied in detail, was the product of genetic engineering much like that which led to the Eugenics wars, bred for intelligence and mental capacity far beyond the level achieved in the 1990s. This part of her history is classified.

Plot Summary

USS Thor is sent to Kjenta II, the planet Irina was stranded on for 219 years, to rescue the rest of her shipmates.

Part 1

The Thor is dispatched to the planet Kjenta II, which science suggests will lose it's orbit in a few months and collapse into the Kjenta star as Kjenta I is in the process of doing now. Intel (and Irina's knowledge) suggests that the Columbia survivors will not want to leave, and Intel branch appears to want the Columbia survivors (and possibly Irina) for their own purposes.

The crew of the Thor devises means to cope with the many challenges presented by Kjenta II, it's irradiated and highly ionized atmosphere and its nearly 3G gravity.

Part 2

The away team descends to the surface, while the Columbia survivors prepare themselves for what they expect to be a hostile return of Starfleet.

Part 3

The away team splits in two, a base and an contact team. The base team sets up communications and encounters some locals, while the contact team enters the Columbia survivors' base camp only to face the sudden death of a Columbia Survivor

Part 4

The survivors and the bunker clan are brought up to the Thor, then repatriated to a planet within the Typhon Expanse. Treng, who has occupied the mind of a marine, is cornered in sickbay, confronted, and......, vanishes.