Return to Miri IV (Eagle)

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Stardate Beginning 238602.20 - At this time the USS Eagle returned to Miri IV to observe a special session of the Planetary Government. The purpose of this special session was to show the Federation that the people and Government of Miri were serious about makeing the changes needed to become a viable candidate for membership within the Federation.

Captain Taboo observed this special session with Lt. jg. Scott assisting him. By the end of the special session the Planetary Government was able to pass a vote that would result in a complete restructureing of their system of government.

While this was occureing Lt. Commander Devar was left in command of the USS Eagle. The ACTO Ensign Valentino detected a strange energy signal. Upon investigation they found a cloaked ship which they were able to pin point and then secure in a tractor beam. Lt. jg. Birks discovered the presence of trilithium on the cloaked freighter. They were able to target and disable the shields so as to beam the trilithium off the vessel but the freighter was able to escape by plungeing into the planets atmosphere.

While this was going on Lt. Commander Tel-ar took his team and started to investigate the strange series of deaths that had plagued Federation personnel. However they were recalled to the USS Eagle before they could uncover anything new.

Somehow Lt Commander MacGowan ended up in the hospital with a slight head injury, sprained ankle and some rather confuseing chemical residues in her blood. She had been going to see the hospitals chief administrator but never arrived. According to the hospital files she was found lying on her side at the bottom of a set of stairs in the hospital itself.

Shortly after all the members of the Eagle's crew were recalled to the ship they discovered that she had not been beamed back. Fortunately before the Captain could send down a heavily armed search team to search for her the hospital contacted the ship to inform them of her location and condition.