Return to Lithron (Kodiak)

Stardates: 237902.14-237905.23 Kodiak leaves Kismet for the nearby Web Nebula. Twelve years ago the original Galaxy Class Kodiak had visited the Web Nebula, and the Lithron system (see Lithron VII). During that initial mission, a moon-sized Dyson Sphere had been detected. With the return of peace to the quadrant, Starfleet decides the time has come to follow up.

On entering the Web Nebula, the Kodiak encounters a Whale probe, similar to the one that had visited Earth. There is brief contact with the creatures that pilot the probe, and then it leaves the Nebula. Kodiak continues on sending the Star Drive section to the Web Nebula, while taking the saucer in search of the Sphere. Both teams encounter hostile telepathic entities. Whether the beings are fighting a civil war or different species is unclear. It is clear though that the Kodiak has to withdraw from the Nebula.