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Resolution Missions Logs

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Missions in 2398 under the command of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

Time in a Bottle
  • Stardate 239807.21
    • A Q named CloQ has decided to make his presence known to the crew of the USS Resolution.
  • Stardate 239805.03-239806.13
    • Find the lost freighter Hanno and missing Romulan ships in the Briar Patch.
The Ties that Bind
  • Stardate 239802.28-239804.07
    • Mediate the negotiation over the rights to the planet Vionus IV.

Missions in 2397 under the command of Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti

The Saural Inquisition
  • Stardate 239712.13-239801.30
    • To find a lost freighter in time.

Come What May
  • Stardate 239710.03–239711.17

  • Stardate 239707.27-239709.13

Missions in 2386 under the command of Commander Toni Turner

  • Stardate 238609.28-Unknown
Broken Promises
  • Stardate 238607.06-238608.25
Act of Mercy
  • Stardate 238606.01-238607.01