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Resolution Manual


Resolution Manual

1: Expectations
2: Sim Format
3: Below Sims
4: General Tips
  • B: the Posting
1: Ship 101
2: The Borderlands
3: The Crew
  • C: Operating Procedures
1: Missions
2: Shoreleave
3: Mission Submission
4: Staff
  • D: Advanced Topics
1: Promotions
2: Secondary Characters
3: Department Heads
4: Mentors
5: OOC Activities
6: Player Achievements

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The staff group for Resolution serves to facilitate the ongoing operation of our game. Membership to the staff group is by invitation only based on demonstrated simming and OOC contributions to the ship.

Resolution staff members discuss topics including (but not limited to) the Resolution's ongoing story development, personnel details, long-term planning, mentoring of members, and to discuss concerns regarding IC and OOC conduct. All Resolution players who are part of the ship's staff group are expected to participate in the mentoring program as a mentor.

All emails your mentor, XO, or Captain sends to you are typically BCC'd to the staff list for training (and quality!) purposes, as this allows other staff members to comment or offer them advice so you receive the best helping hand in our RPG.

All staff members have access to:

  • Monthly ship report composed by CO
  • Resolution Google Document Drive
  • Advice and mentoring guidance
  • Emails sent to members by mentors

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