Research and Development Lab (USS Constitution-B)

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The USS Constitution-B Research and Development Lab is a field lab for researching, developing, and testing new technologies in conjunction with Starfleet R&D. Lieutenant (JG) Choi Ji-hu set up the lab on Deck 21 in 2394.

Constitution R&D


Before re-designating the compartment, the lab was a storage space for redundant Impulse engine parts. The lab is located at the aft of the Constitution, directly above the Engineering Systems Programming Office, which connects to R&D through the use of a Jefferies tube. Lieutenant Choi requested a re-designation of the compartment during the Constitution's shore leave in 2394, and immediately got to work on a project called the "Turing Core."

Unlike the ESPO, the R&D lab is positioned so it has a view off the stern of the Galaxy-class vessel, framed by the twin warp nacelles. The office is located directly above the main Impulse engine, and when the engine is in use the windows are tinged with a red glow.

Constitution R&D is administered by Lieutenant Choi Ji-hu of Engineering, but he routinely works with officers from other relevant divisions. The R&D lab is also sometimes tasked with field testing new technologies as assigned by the Starfleet agency, or from the Daystrom Institute.

Layout and Projects

The R&D lab is a long, thin compartment with windows all along the aft side of the room that look out between the warp nacelles. The lab is equipped with an industrial replicator and a Traveler Systems research console with a connection to Starfleet R&D's subspace channel. The lab is also outfitted with state of the art holographic projection equipment and an industrial power adapter.

Notable Projects

Turing Core - Awaiting files.

Lab Archives

Developments - With the help of the ESPO crew, Choi Ji-hu executes the groundbreaking and installation of the Constitution's new research and development lab on Deck 21. Once he establishes a connection to Starfleet R&D's subspace channel, he begins his first R&D project, called the "Turing Core."