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Reporter Issue 42
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  • Issue Number: 42
  • Issue Date: 238002.22
  • Editor: FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

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Two brief articles have been submitted for this issue's Reader's Corner: a book review and a teaser/synopsis. Don't forget that you can find both these titles at UFOP's Shopping Area!

Imzadi II: Triangle

Reviewed by: Sable Li

  • Imzadi II: Triangle, by Peter David
  • Published by Pocket Books, copyright 1998/1999.
  • $6.50-US
  • $8.99-Can.

I had originally read the first Imzadi book by Peter David (which, consequentially, involved the first meeting and passionate flair between Deanna Troi and William Riker on Betazed). I was unaware that they had a second book, including Worf in a torrid love triangle, until I saw it on the shelves at Barnes and Noble. I was fascinated, and I do love a good, feisty story, so I decided: "What the heck," and bought it.

The story takes place right after the movie Star Trek: Generations and before Worf’s relationship with Jadzia Dax in DS9 (as he describes it). Basically, the story focuses on Worf’s wayward relationship with Deanna, and he decides to take it further in a marriage proposal. Ultimately, he wants a solid mother figure in Alexander’s life, and Deanna agrees much to Riker’s silent disapproval. While Picard and Riker are on Earth, facing the implements of their actions that resulted in the destruction of the Enterprise, Worf and Deanna spread their ‘joy’ in the good news to their respective families.

First, they visit Worf’s adoptive human parents in Russia...

...Then, it’s off to Betazed to visit Lwaxanna Troi. By far, this is some of the best comic relief in watching the exchange between the aristocratic Lwaxanna and a fearsome, cynical Worf. I laughed especially when she tried to teach him the values and philosophies of Betazoids. Worf did not find much solace on Betazed, however.

The story weaves and interchanges between this and another plot involving Sela and Thomas Riker, William’s ‘twin’ as a result of a freak transporting accident while he was still a Lieutenant.

That’s all I can say without giving away too much; you basically know how it ends, but it’s worth a read if you care to see Betazed in the eyes of Worf, and his plans on having Deanna know the Klingon, warrior way of life. Pick it up and judge for yourselves. Includes an extra featurette: Starfleet Year One, Chapter 3.

The Battle of Betazed

Reviewed by: Sable Li

  • The Battle of Betazed, by Charlotte Douglas and Susan Kearney
  • Published by Pocket Books, copyright 2002.
  • $6.99-US
  • $9.99-Can.

I always wondered what had become of Betazed, and since it wasn’t really mentioned I decided to pick up this book and see it, at least from a literary standpoint anyway. In this book, the authors describe the timeline being ‘approximately two months after the DS9 episode, "Tears of the Prophets," and a few months before the movie, Insurrection.

The Dominion has invaded and on the verge of conquering the Federation planet, Betazed. They are ravishing the planet, along with its people, in their quest for power. Cardassia, of course, is helping in the pillage and is constructing a base in its orbit. There are few Betazoids willing to take the initiative to fight back; as most are venturing in the hills and rainforests to evade the terror. However, it would only be but a matter of time before the whole planet falls asunder under the Dominion’s deviant rule.

The news travels fast to Starfleet, who vows to protect the people of Betazed. A Betazoid by the name of Sark Enaren risks his life to tell them pieces of vital information... he actually escapes through the barriers and presents the Fleet with this knowledge. However, as cruel fate would have it... well...

There is a plan, though, involving a hysterical and frightened Deanna Troi. This plan involves a Betazoid criminal, by the name of Hent Tevren, a psychological mess but a holder of key information how to wield the telepathic energy for the means of killing... It was used in the ancient days on Betazed, but with centuries of calming and peaceful notions, the Betazoid people became impervious to such malevolent notions. Will this ‘last hope’ in a criminal help Deanna undercover in their plan? Will they awaken such a forceful nature in a such a peaceful race?

Read and find out!