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Reporter Issue 42
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  • Issue Number: 42
  • Issue Date: 238002.22
  • Editor: FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Reporter Archive Index
"There's coffee in that nebula!" -- Janeway (The Cloud)

Mission Reports from around the Fleet

Black Tower/Intel

Submitted by: Lt. Col. K'sena Kyrl

Starfleet Intelligence Command has assigned Black Tower the task of locating a Romulan vessel that has been recently launched in Federation space. The ship, a project of the Tal Shiar, has holographic capabilities which can easily mask itself as any vessel it wishes. Black Tower has been ordered to destroy the vessel immediately upon finding it. Lt. Col. Kyrl has ordered for Maj. Toullis to take the USS Tiger to search for the Romulan vessel while another team is dispatched to contruction site of the vessel to investigate more of its background.

USS Independence

Submitted by: Captain Jessa Anassasi

Stardates 237912-238001

Within the heart of communication of a ‘first contact’ situation with an unknown being with unknown motives, the halved crew of the Independence delved into a deep mystery (the other half on Trill, in search of Iconian connections and Lt. Mene’s joining with the Brex symbiont). Later, they would find out that this space-faring creature called it’s self Serpent, or rather Serpentai for plural; their connection to one another, in the sense of many minds equaling one, is similar to the Borg. However, their curiosity in other cultures was initiated when ‘contact’ was made with LtCmd Kare’en sometime ago. Since then, their interests drove them out of their seclusion to other civilizations. A Cairn colony was destroyed from such attempts, and it was later found out that this was the case due to the creature’s immense telepathic components. It was revealed by Ltjg Zaahn to be "Sebation Telepathic Energy"; a rare telepathic energy, one that wedged its power somehow into the Lieutenant Commander’s Canar.

After realizing this, Engineering (Ltjg Horne and Ensign Mar, with the help of the Science department) conceived means in initiating contact with the being, using the Betazoid telepathic energies of Ltjg Devar. Contact was successful, and the information was cast to the Serpentai. They learned of the situation, much to their ignorance of facts, and felt remorse. Before the connection was fully complete, it was severed by an ill-fated Devar, who died momentarily and felt the inability to screen, driving her mad afterwards. The ship, feeling the strains of contact, was paying the price.

It was Kare’en that finally made a successful connection with the means of the Canar, saving many lives on Trill and cultures around. It was stated the Serpentai had past connections with the Iconians, and that they had "went away" when communication was attempted. A guardian of sorts entered the body of Ltjg Kirov; the shuttle was destroyed by the Captain’s command, but as penance for the Serpentai’s past inflictions, it granted the life of Kirov once more.

Afterwards, the crew engaged in healthy shore leave. Most remained back on the Independence as it docked at Midway for repairs; some even enjoying the liberties of the holodeck. An incident between Mar and Ltjg Wilde dampened some of the moods. All in all, though, the time of relaxation was needed for all who stayed and who had went.

Currently, the Independence is conducting a search with the Kodiak, in the Badlands for a lost Bajoran artifact called the Seer of Worlds. This False Orb was created by an ancient civilization. It has the ability to show the user any current event in the universe, yet only shows the user what he/she "needs" to see. (i.e.- A general using the device might attempt to spy on his enemy only to see his wife in bed with a trusted advisor.) Currently, the Kodiak has been swallowed by an Ion Storm while the Independence has been swept off course by the same storm. Meanwhile, an away team, comprised of officers from both vessels, has made contact with a sect of Bajoran monks in search of information about the Seer of Worlds.

USS Isannah

Submitted by: Commander Christopher Hutton

The ISANNAH is currently on a mission to explore subspace tears in the Vellin sector along the Indrii VIII Highway. Despite the dangers of tears in the sector, a Cardassian group continues to operate in the sector. The crew of the ISANNAH hope to not only discover the nature of the subspace tears but find out why the Cardassians are so adamant about remaining in the area. FO Lcmd. Ssa-Ruuk is leading an undercover team of officers into an investigation of a local Cardassian sect called the Morning Star. Commander Hutton and the ISANNAH have just encountered a mysterious cloaked vessel whose engine exhaust appears to be connected to the subspace tears. The vessel also appears to have incredibly high speed warp capability. The USS SANTA MARIA, commanded by Hutton's father Admiral John Hutton, has just rendezvoused with the ISANNAH to aid in their mission.

USS Kodiak

Submitted by: Rear Admiral Hollis Caley

The Dauntless Class Kodiak was decomissioned after the battle against the T'lithians. On 238001.01 a new Kodiak, Norway Class, was comissioned. Its first mission is to make its way to Bajor to attend the opening of the Vedek Assembly.

On the way at the request of the Bajoran governement the Kodiak is stopping at the Badlands to search for 3 Cardassian Hauler ships that vanished 51 years ago. The ships were filled with Loot from them occuppied Bajor. The USS Independence has joined the Kodiak in this search. See the Independence summary for more information.

USS Nemesis-B

Submitted by: Commander Nathan Quinn

=/\= First Officers log, Stardate 52102.2

What an adventure. It first started at StarBase 118 where we missed our transport to El Arian Prime, where the Captain, Nicholas, Nathanial, Emery and I planned on taking a much needed vacation while the Alder gave birth to her daughter. After the mix up with the transporter we decided to meet back up with Nemesis at Deep Space Nine. Our trip was uneventful for the first three days, when suddenly Romulans attacked us. They wanted The Captain, or to be more specific they wanted the Captain’s unborn child.

We were outmatched and outgunned. But to my surprise a Cardassian vessel came to our rescue. Both Romulan and Cardassian vessels were destroyed in the battle and our shuttle was no longer flyable. I’m not sure how the next part happened but Nicholas and I managed to bring the damaged shuttle down on one of Bajor’s moons, everyone survived. With no way to send a rescue beacon, all we could do was wait. But after crash-landing on the moon more problems arise. The Captain went into pre-mature labor. We had no choice but to deliver Mila on the moon. The delivery was, to say the least, interesting. When all was said and done we have a beautiful baby girl. We had a few ups and downs with her health but eventually she stabilized and all was well. Five days had passed and still no signs of a rescue, we began to worry. Our supplies were running out.

Just then Emery and Nathanial came in and told us of some ships they had seen. I went out to see and to my horror they were Romulans war birds. This was going to be our fate; we would all die on this moon. But we were not going to give up that easily, we came up with a plan and executed it perfectly, but there were still more coming. We braced for our final bow when suddenly help came. The Defiant and her crew arrived just in time to save the day. The Romulans were defeated and we were rescued. We arrived back at Deep Space Nine and Dr. Bashir repaired all of our injures.

The Captain has taken her maternity leave and I am in command of the Nemesis. We are currently on shore leave at Deep Space Nine awaiting our next mission.

Commander Quinn
First Officer
USS Nemesis B =/\=

USS Paladin

Submitted by: Captain Rachel Daninburg

PALADIN is several days out on a classified mission. Captain Daninburg is, as part of that mission, reactivated in SID and is on mission. Mike Weller is acting Captain.

StarBase 118 Ops

Submitted by: Fleet Captain Xan Hebron

Currently the Base is operating on two fronts. The first one is under Commander Nekkar. He is out chasing after the group of marines who attacked the base. His orders are to eradicate them regardless.

Hebron has taken another group to Feringinar to attempt to open negotiations about their new cloaking devise. Unkown to him, there is more involved in it. The Andorians want it along with the Romulans and Gorns. It is going to be a fun ride dealing with many of the TOS aliens.

The USS Chicago, commanded by Capt. Yohan Bach, is the only ship in UFOP history to be named after a real city.

USS Titan

Submitted by: Commander Theo Draigon

The Titan is currently still 123 years into an alternate future. Admiral Kelly has been abducted by time-pirates and LTCommander Draigon has taken command of the Titan. He has decided to continue to Earth and complete the mission Kelly started. They were to extract information from Star Fleet Command Head Quarters to try and locate the exact time that the timeline changed. Another team has been sent to Titan Base, a secret Star Fleet facility devoted to researching time anomolies to try and find a way to return to their time. The Titan is now docked at the abandoned Hope station on the outer rim of Earth's solar system. A team has been sent over to the station to restore power and get the repair facitlities back on line for much needed repairs on the Titan. The arachnid race that is the super power of this time, the Lokilani have found the Titan and are currently sending ships to the area to pin piont it's exact location.

USS Victory

Submitted by: Captain Jordan Hurne

The Victory is on station at a terrorist space station. It is negotiating the freedom of a number of Federation prisoners. The terrorist leader is the brother of the Victory Chief of Security, Dan Story. As well as the space station, a training and prison complex on the planet near by have also been discovered.

There are three away missions on going at this time:

  • Mission 1: To secure the release of the prisoners.
  • Mission 2: To lay charges on the planetary prison.
  • Mission 3: Under cover on the space station to gather Intel and provide backup (if needed) for mission 1.