Reporter Issue 42/Fleet Activities

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Reporter Issue 42
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  • Issue Number: 42
  • Issue Date: 238002.22
  • Editor: FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Reporter Archive Index

Two different areas have chimed in for this month to comment on activities within our fleet that are beyond normal SIMming.


Written by: Lieutenant JG Danny Wilde

The online UFOP Chat facility can be used by members to talk and have a general chat, or to sort out SIM issues quickly and efficiently. You can use it to meet up with members or your ship, or to meet people from another ship in a friendly and safe environment.

So far, there are three major scheduled chat events: 'ChitChat' is scheduled for Wednesdays, 'AmeriChat' for Saturdays, and the ever popular 'EuroChat' on Sundays. Two chats are moderated by willing and responsible members, while the third is still needing an available moderator (or moderator team). However, the chat panel is always available for chats at any time, so you and friends can meet up to talk whenever you're free. Exact times for major timezones are listed on the chat panel.

In the scheduled chats, topics of conversation can lead from whats happening on your ship mission wise, how you're character is doing, and getting to learn a bit more about the characters. On the other hand, chat users are encouraged to talk about current issues in Real Life, or about whats going on in their personal life, or just let off some steam with friends.

The Moderating team for the Chats in the UFOP are always on hand for questions, and to help the members using the chat. They're always willing to help to provide a pleasant chatting enviroment. Fleet Captain Adler Wong-Aquiss moderates EuroChat, and I, Danny Wilde, moderate the ChitChat. We currently still need a moderator for the AmeriChat, so if you're available, and you're a Lieutenant, contact Fleet Admiral Wolf.

We hope to see you there soon!

The Science Exchange Forum

Written by: Lietenant JG James Mckenzie

Hello! On behalf of all the members of the Science Exchange Forum (SEF), I would like to invite you to come peruse our forum on the Message Boards. There is no need to join the boards to be part of the group, just click on the link above.

To be a member of SEF doesn't require any huge commitment, or even that you are a science officer. We spend our time discussing the field of science both In and Out Of Character, writing articles to teach other SIMmers about the best post to be a part of. We also have a few projects in the works, but are looking for more people to fill out our team and give more input!

Once again, we invite you to come check it out and see what you can contribute!