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Reporter Issue 42
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  • Issue Number: 42
  • Issue Date: 238002.22
  • Editor: FltAdml. Tristan Wolf

Reporter Archive Index
"If you prick me, do I not... leak?" -- Data (The Naked Now)

End Notes

Interested in Helping?

UFOP is a fairly busy group, with plenty going on behind the surface. We have plenty of opportunities to get involved, regardless of your rank. If you think you have the time or motivation to lend a hand, just head to our "Help Wanted" forum on the boards. It's quick and easy to peruse the "listings"!

UFOP Message Boards

As mentioned numerous times above, UFOP has a very active message board area. There are forums on Star Trek (The Shows, The Movies, Ships, and Treknology), UFOP (Academy - for recent graduates, Politics - of the RPG kind, Future Plans, and UFOP Ships), In Character Interactions (StarBase 118 Lounge, Ship Logs, and Character Logs), as well as some general chatting areas (Politics - of the real world kind, and "Another Universe" - for topics on Star Wars, Middle Earth, etc.). If you haven't been to the boards lately, you're definitely missing out!

You can find the boards at:

Fantasy Branch

There's a great deal of variety amongst the ships of UFOP, but the FSS Charybdis is quite different from the rest of them. It stands apart from all the others. How so you ask?

It's made out of wood.

UFOP has had an extended alliance with "Faerin" a fantasy SIM organization. It takes place on a nearly desolate world, with unpredicatable magic and strange creatures. If you enjoy Fantasy as well as StarTrek, sail over to their website at


Please write and tell us what you like or don't like about the The Reporter. We would also appreciate suggestions regarding what you would like to see in this newsletter -- you can submit ideas on the message board, in the "UFOP Reporter" forum.

Please note that submissions are welcome from all UFOP members of any rank.


UFOP Executive Council:

  • Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf:

UFOP Reporter:

As always, remember: the UFOP website can be found at: