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Reporter Issue #39

  • Issue Number: 39
  • Issue Date: 237708.15
  • Editor: RAdml Ciara Randor

Editorial Communique

by Rear Admiral Ciara Randor

Well, believe it or not, I don't have any topics that are banging at the gates to be said. No real complaints to be voiced or pet peeves to be growled about. Which could, I suppose, be taken as a GOOD thing, for most of you. Sort of. I suppose there ARE things I could complain about. Yahoo's takover of everything, including any webring I'm at, and creating a heck of a lot of work for webmasters and ringmasters alike, not to mention forcing people into compliance with the 'standard' they feel they have a right to set. I could rant about the idiocy of people who steal other people's creations and try to claim the rewards themselves. But unfortunately ... or rather VERY fortunately ...none of that has to do with UFOP or our ships. For which, I suppose we can be thankful.

I guess the one thing I could glare at you all for, again, is the rather disgusting lack of submissions. Surely some of you have ideas of things that could be included in this newsletter? You young Ensigns who could have ideas hiding up your sleeves that would make good stories? C'Mon, people, surely you don't expect me and your COs to do EVERYTHING in this game. Do you? No! Don't answer that. I don't want to hear a yes, or I might shed someone's blood. And it won't be mine. You could think of it this way. If you don't take the time to send us your ideas, then you can't complain that there is little in the Reporter to interest you. Good things take effort. If you don't make the effort, then you deserve whatever you get. Or don't get.

And yes, I know that last paragraph was a bit harsh, but this is supposed to be a 'rant' about something, so what did you expect? Rants are supposed to get a little heated from time to time. Besides, it was fun to say. I generally say that about people who can vote and don't, then complain about the government they got. (And in case you're wondering, I'm one of those few who CAN'T vote, even if I did want to.) So you see what I mean. After all this, I still really have nothing to do but see what comes to mind as I type...most of which has absolutely NO bearing on anything to do with UFOP no matter how you stretch it. So...go away and read the rest of this newsletter. Which DOES pertain to the group. Mostly. Well, some of it, anyway. Enjoy.

Fleet Report

by Rear Admiral Shaun Marlin

July has been a relatively quiet month for the UFOP Fleet really. The dust has settled on the huge joint sim and the Captains Council has been working on a realistic method for handling the Court Martial trials of Captain Torrack Demma (Nemesis), Commander Servik (formerly Starbase 118) and Lieutenant Commanders Lee (Kodiak) and Khanar (Magellan) who all stand accused of charges arising from the joint sim.

Training is still working overtime to handle the furious application rate of recent weeks and Captain Y'Shirad and her team have performed admirably not to have gone insane through the increased pressure this has put on them! I would like to thank her and her team, on behalf of the UEC, for all the hard work they have put in recent months to handle the increased influx of new staff. As some of you may have noticed we have now changed our online application in an effort to cut down the time wasted by dealing with false applications or 'non-starters'.

I am also really pleased that we have the Reporter being published on a regular basis again. I am sure you will all join me in thanking Randor for doing a fantastic job with our newsletter and I would also encourage you to use the newsletter: submit articles, ask your captain about writing your ship's summary etc.

Finally, work is underway on creating a solid foundation so that our IRC SIMming branch may be launched at last! The work is still in its early stages but watch this space; hopefully within a few months we will be launching the branch!

In closing, as always, I would wish you and your crewmates safe journeys.


Old Rank Name New Rank Ship
Lieutenant j.g. Andar Lieutenant Kodiak
Lieutenant j.g. T’lara Lieutenant j.g. Kodiak

Training Report

from Captain Yshirad

Greetings everyone from the UFOP Training Academy.

Life has been busy around here with the influx of applications thatnks to our new link with YAHOO. We're trying out best to get things done.

I'd like to say a big thanks to:







Thanks folks for the much needed help.

I'll be away for much of aug and sept(cause I'm moving), so I'll be leaving several people to run training. Aquiss-Wong will be here for sept. keeping the place running for me, as well as my trusty XO, Commander Servik.

Just remeber to keep me informed of spaces you have open on your ships.

That's all for me.


USS Hammond

Captain Allen O'Malley

Hammond Site

(author Shazerah)

Following the 'incident' at AB45, the Hammond was ordered make a delivery of much needed medical supplies to the Corana colony, which had been suffering from an extreme outbreak of Plasma Plague

While enroute the crew was shocked to learn of the sudden death of Captain O'Malley. So far no details surrounding his death are known... what IS known is perhaps expressed best in the now First Officer's words.

"As I was saying, O'Malley is officially dead, and we all officially mourn his official death. Officially." He paused and turned to Shazerah for a moment, and then back to the crew his voice, as was normal, showing no emotion. "I'm supposed to wink here, but that's not technically possible. I'm sure you get the idea."

Lt. Cmdr. Wellesley has taken temporary command of the Hammond for the duration of the mission. Upon arriving, two parties were beamed down to the surface. One to deliver the majority of the supplies to the main medical centre, and the other in response to a distress call issued by a crashed Marine craft. No news is as yet available on either landing party. USS Isannah Commander Alucard

The Isannah is currently pursuing a new experimental Federation ship, the USS Prophecy, that has disappeared. The ship was installed with an experimental drive system called the Enigma Drive. The Isannah was fitted with a pair of these reactors and is currently fiddling to get the new technology to work with the older systems. Meanwhile, fears creep up about why Starfleet would send an old Nebula class starship after one of their new toys, the expendability factor was mentioned, which only managed to heighten tension on the ship.

Ensign Odeau, a Changeling, developed a health condition to which he claimed linking with another changeling was the only cure. In a gathering at the lounge, he was astonished to discover that another Changeling was aboard ship in secret--Lt. Cmdr. Callen. After that, he began pursuing her to link with him, lest he would be forced to leave the ship and seek out a changeling elsewhere. She absolutely refused. He continued after her, calling her to his office and then proceeding to collapse.

Meanwhile, our counselor (Lt. Dare) was trying to review the psychological side of this, to determine if it was simply the crew's decision to up and disappear. He found some anomalies in the log; but not as big as the anomaly that Callen brought up in the briefing--that the name of the Captain on two of the documents do not match--embarrassing Dare in front of everyone. Meanwhile, the Enigma reactors, through damage of mis-installation started leaking huge amounts of radiation, causing sickness in some of the crew. Yet, while Callen decided to hang out in sickbay while doing her reports. Commander Alucard called Odeau (whom he didn't know was out of commission for the time being) to the ready room. Callen almost intercepted the call, but Odeau awoke and took off before she could stop him. Dixon and Callen pursued him to the Commander's office, where she found herself locked in, and Odeau behaving very strangely. A brief struggle followed which found Alucard unconscious, Odeau in stasis, and Callen being helped up off the floor by Lt. Lysander.

The Isannah crew then looked amongst themselves for a new leader, as Callen briefly started issuing orders on the bridge. In a private meeting between Lt. Lysander and herself, in light of the fact that no Executive Officer was assigned for this mission, Lysander was chosen to be acting Captain; while Callen took the more familiar XO roll, despite her higher amount of command experience. Yet, as Lysander returned to the bridge, another emergency arose, which Callen quickly departed to oversee--The Enigma Reactors were overloading.

Lt. Johnson's alertness brought the problem to the crew's attentions, but when he was attempting to make repairs he became trapped in the Enigma Reactor Room, exposing him to high levels of radiation (And he *still* refuses to stay in sickbay, though Callen keeps confining him there). Callen rescued him, using her special "talents" to open the door and get him out. He reported seeing a "gateway" or "portal" to the Prophecy's reactor room. Later, at a staff meeting that followed Johnson (who hobbled out of sickbay and to the briefing) reported that it was a reaction having to do with the active Enigma Reactors. Johnson nearly collapsed in the meeting and was escorted back to sickbay by Lt. Cmdr. Gear.

Fox (Engineering Officer) worked on sealing the radiation from the reactors, but one of the casualties to the radiation has been Commander Alucard; who is now in sickbay under extensive treatment to his rather unique physiology. Johnson (presumably quite the workaholic) again escaped from sickbay, attempting to return to duty. Fox managed to get things in somewhat working order when he started to see a mysterious figure, presumably a Starfleet Officer, lurking in Engineering. He shot the figure on stun and to his surprise Callen lay there at his feet.

Meanwhile, in the Ready Room paranoia is setting in as the crew experiences mental state alterations (another one of those "everyone goes mad" plots). Lt. Lysander started attempting to convince Dare to his supporter, thinking that Callen desires to remove him from command and claiming that he took command of the ship illegally. Of course, Callen is experiencing similar paranoia thinking that Lysander is "power struck" and therefore becoming unstable, and unable to make command decisions. And down below a particular Engineering Officer attempts to rally the staff to his banner, mutiny arises in close quarters, as fights and hysteria breaks out on the ship. The question that really remains is, will the crew of the Isannah actually survive this mission?

USS Kodiak

Commander Hollis

Kodiak Site

(author LtCmdr Rachel Daninburg)

USS KODIAK has been tasked with a classified operation concerning SB45. If the reader has level 10 clearance or above proceed:

KODIAK was to retrieve operational computer memory for all research data stored at AB45 and render the systems non-operational.

Upon arrival, it was determined that there existed a level 7 biohazard and a level 9 HAZMAT contamination. An away team entered the subterranean base in type II environmental suits and after encountering corpses of base personnel animated by unknown biological agents the team was able to secure the data.

The team also met with a Romulan team, purpose unknown, which was disabled after a fire fight. The team is now attempting to leave the surface amidst significant storm activity; there are also Orion agents present, as well as a Klingon team. Locally deployed spacecraft coincident with KODIAK's position supported these other pretences. . Having successfully retrieved the data, the Kodiak is presently in route to Vulcan in the hopes of curing a crewman exposed to one of the viruses on the surface.

USS Magellan

Captain Kael Laang

Following the trail of Catratitium207, found by the fragments of Jerrin's A/M bomb we have arrived at Laian151, one of the only places in the galaxy where it is known to exist, a system on the edge of the area known as the Golden Discontinuity.

By 'Alternate methods' we have managed to get hold of David Jerrin's Starfleet record. According to this he has been linked to a militant group called "engeance" an anti-Breen group, similar to the Marquis, as further digging suggests, 'Vengeance' have "sympathizers from Romulans, Human groups, and most notably a Klingon House.

The Magellan is 'parked' in a close orbit to the forth moon, we have sent a small undercover away team to the surface to try and find a lead on David Jerrin's position and this group called 'Vengeance', which is fast seeming to be an ever greater security threat.

USS Nemesis

Captain Torack Demma

Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end …..

While our Captain faced a court martial trial, along with the first officer’s of the Magellan, the Phoenix, and the Kodiak, the crew of the Nemesis were afforded a much needed rest. Some crew were present to witness the trials, while others stayed far away. The Nemesis underwent repairs and took on supplies as well as new crew. Before the court martial of Captain Demma concluded the Nemesis was sent out to rendezvous with the USS Hood and bring them some much needed supplies. On our way we intercept and are sent to investigate a distress call from a Brakell ship that had been attacked.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the Nemesis crew, Captain Demma’s trial has concluded with his career intact, although at the loss of the Nemesis and reassignment to Deep Space 72 Star Base on the border of Romulan and Federation space. While being escorted to his new post, Demma contacts Counselor Xavier to make arrangements for his son to be brought to him. His escort ship, the USS Enterprise, not only get shim to his new post, but her captain, Jean-Luc Picard, helps Demma get his ship back, with some conditions, it will be re-fit and re-named the USS Defiance-A. If the Nemesis and her crew ever get to DS72, they will be in for a few surprises.

USS Ranger

Commodore Brian Kelly

(author Commander Kallen Meddick)

The USS Ranger has been sent to Sector 095 to investigate an anomalous object which was travelling, very slowly, out of a pocket of unexplored space in Federation territory. Upon arriving in the vicinity the Ranger discovered that the object was an enormous colony vessel of some sort, many thousands of times larger than the Ranger; consisting of many large globes attached by long axial members. The vessel contained thousands of alien life forms but seemed to lack any obvious propulsion methods save for a rather primitive solar sail arrangement.

The vessel either ignored or could not detect repeated hails from the Ranger and when the Ranger closed to within 10,000km it began to emit large quantities of radiation. The Ranger staff decided to attempt a First Contact and so an away team, under the commander of Commander Kallen Meddick, took a modified shuttlecraft to close within 5,000km of the vessel and beam over (the radiation greatly reduced safe transporter ranges). As the shuttle approached the vessel there was a huge radiation surge and the shuttle and alien vessel disappeared. A broken radio message mentioned "null space" before the message ended.

This last message provides the only real clue Ranger has as to the fate of the team and the vessel. Ranger has commenced a circular search pattern but so far nothing has been located. Since Null Space was mentioned, the remaining Ranger staff have sent word for help and the starship USS Appaloosa, a research vessel with special subspace and spatial anomaly equipment, has been sent to the location. An initial working theory of what happened has been drawn up and the Ranger will soon attempt a rescue mission, which has been given approval by Starfleet Command (due to the involvement of the prime directive).

USS Ronin

Captain Adler

It wasn't as cheerful as Captain Alder Wong- Aquiss had originally hoped when she was finally reunited back to USS Ronin and her crew as she learnt that their Chief Medical Officer had been killed during USS Ronins` last mission.

A formal service of remembrance was held in the Holodeck, a lake side scene that befitted the Late Dr Perns' aura was the chosen surrounding for the venue. Wong-Aquiss took the service, High Priest, Herne Nyssa reciting the prays and several crew members sharing their experiences and memories with fellow crew members and Civilians.

After, Wong-Aquiss granted 24 hours shore leave before undertaking the latest mission - the investigation of a war-torn planet that somehow, SFI is involved with and Agent McClen, a guest aboard USS Ronin, is unusually quiet about.

StarBase 118

Captain Malcolm Lysander

Starbase 118 Site

After returning from the situation at Alpha-Base 45, the StarBase crew began returning to regularly scheduled duties. Just a few days after their return, famous characters from Earth history began appearing around the base. The crew was dispatched to begin investigating the problem, as engineering attempted to quell the cascading computer failures that were occurring at the same time. As the investigation continued, all the crew soon found themselves alone, and the base deserted. First officer Locke had some type of contact with another being, who noted that he "wasn't finished yet". Within another few hours the crew, split into two groups, appeared together. They are trying to discern the cause of the strange occurrences and characters.

USS Starwind

Rear Admiral Ciara Randor

StarWind Site

The StarWind is still stranded on the small class M moon. The away team has succeeded in disabling the tractor field that pulled the ship to the surface. The lowering of that field also released the field interfering with transporters. Lt. Yaguchi, injured on the away team, managed to be contacted by a last survivor of the civilization on the moon, aided by Counselor Lenara who has now transported out to meet the team. The underground city itself has been put on to an automatic destruct sequence, leaving the crew little time to get their ship off the rock before the area is destroyed.

On the other side of things, the assassin has made his strike, infecting the Admiral and several crewmembers accompanying her with a particularly nasty virus. The doctor has been able to replicate the cure for the virus, but due to the fact that the Admiral led a team off the ship in search of a missing crewmember, that cure has not been able to be administered to her or the security chief. During the search, the assassin struck again, this time kidnapping the Admiral, and injecting her with triple the dose of the virus, intent on killing her before searchers could find them. While the Admiral was located, the search party was separated, and now are intent on locating each other before the assassin can make his last move and kill all three of them.

On the ship, Lt. Commander Morgan and Commander Mortalis are have recalled the away teams and are preparing to relaunch the ships, while giving the search teams the time they need to return before the city detonates.

USS Wallace

Captain V. McGregor

Following the launch of the UFOP'S latest Steamrunner class starships, the Wallace responded to a distress call from the U.S.S Winnipeg, they claimed they had been attacked by a hostile alien race calling themselves the K'lox.

Arriving at the scene in became evident that Captain Ulrich of the Winnipeg had fired first on the K'lox thus provoking them.

At present Captain Ulrich has been taken into custody and attempts to diffuse the volatile situation with the K'lox we're undertaken.

The K'lox however we're not satisfied with this response and have repeatedly attacked the Wallace.

The K'lox have been able to use a technology similar to the "wall of light" that StarFleet experimented with years ago to get onto vessels undetected.

Due to this device the K'lox managed to get an operative on board who seriously wounded the CO and abducted Captain Ulrich and the Wallace's First Officer Commander Ross.

A rescue operation is currently underway.


"The Counselling Shoulder"

by Captain Adler

::After being warmly welcomed aboard USS Nemesis, a petite female with long flaming red hair greeted me and quietly introduced herself as Lieutenant Jade Xavier and after a quick flash of pure greens eyes as she scrutinized me, the Counsellor showed me to her office where I set up my recording equipment and started the interview::

Wong: What made you choose a career with Star Fleet?

XAVIER: Opportunity. ::smiles:: I come from a planet where, although we are technically advanced, we live a lifestyle akin to Terra’s Medieval period. Of course women on my world have much more influence and freedom. Especially if you are not a noble. In my case I had less opportunity and freedom than most of my people. I was betrothed at birth and would have been pushed into an arranged marriage had my intended not died in a racing accident. It was at that time that representatives from the United Federation of Planets visited Mydjya, my world, and approached my father, King Flint, about becoming a member. In the course of discussions, they spoke of Star Fleet and I was immediately interested. It took quite a lot of convincing to get my father to allow me to join. But here I am and very glad for the chance to prove I am not just another pampered princess but a capable and independent woman.

Wong: And why the duty of a Counsellor?

XAVIER: It fell in line with my abilities. Being a high level telepath and empath I could have gone into medicine, but my advisors felt that with my background, I would be more effective in the position of counsellor. As counsellor I not only help and advise the crew but also have a great deal of influence with the commanding officers and will be called upon in many varying situations including those dealing with diplomacy.

Wong: What is the hardest part of your duty as Counsellor?

XAVIER: Giving advice on relationships. ::Laughs nervously:: Being as I have had almost no experience in that area myself. As I mentioned before, I was betrothed and therefore never needed to ‘date’. When I came to the Academy, I was not interested in dating, I wanted to expand and broaden my knowledge and horizons. Most men who asked me out were understanding when I explained why I would not accept. It is sometimes difficult to put aside one's personal beliefs in order to guide another through a situation one would have nothing to do with themselves.

Wong: Who do you go to when you need Counselling?

XAVIER: I have my personal companion Abygaile Sweet who I can consult. As well as my dear friends, counsellor Alethea Stuart of the USS Hammond and Tala Jess, our new Chief Medical Officer here on the Nemesis, her minor was in counselling. They all know me very well and would be the first I would turn to if I needed counselling.

Wong: How did you find being an Ensign and a counsellor at the same time?

XAVIER: I have had some...ah...rough patches since being stationed on the Nemesis, but I cannot say if it had anything to do with rank, or lack thereof. I never really think of my rank, considering myself simply a counsellor. In my field, I feel rank is inconsequential. You do your duty as best as you can regardless of whether you are an ensign or a commander. The only time my rank comes into play is the chain of command.

Wong: Does your advice change to officers of a higher rank?

XAVIER: I would hope. In general, I would like to think that regardless of rank, I would offer the same advice and guidance to a midshipman as I would a captain. Of course, the situations and problems facing each would vary greatly. However if they were in similar predicaments, I would offer the same counselling.

Wong: What is the most important aspect to being a counsellor?

XAVIER: Compassion. I think one has to care about the people one is trying to help, otherwise, your advice is shallow and impersonal. If you do not treat each case as an individual, you can fall into an automated mode dolling out advice in generalities and that could lead to further difficulties. One must listen, hear, understand and feel for the person you are trying to help and then counsel. Spouting out text book solutions is simply unacceptable.

Wong: Thank you counsellor. ::Stopping recording:: Now, off the record, what about the rumours I have heard concerning yourself and a certain male??

::A wide playful smile formed on my lips as I heard her splutter while her cheeks flushed slightly but in the end, after a certain amount of coaxing, I get the full details....::

Engineer's View

A brief cultural outline, as described through the memories of Draqq

written and submitted by

Commander Slane Mortalis, USS StarWind

A fact that is particularly noteworthy to this report, is the fact that the race and star system described, exist not within the Milky Way Galaxy, but within the Whale Galaxy (also referred to as Galaxy NCG 4631), located approximately 30,000,000 light years away (And the Drahili homeworld specifically, is approximately 30,080,000 light years from Federation Space), and would take an Excalibur class starship, travelling at maximum speed, nearly 12,032 years to traverse the distance. The giant spiral galaxy, larger than the Milky Way, was accessed by the Federation vessel USS StarWind using an intergalactic rift, much like a wormhole, to traverse the distance in minutes, instead of millennia.

Biologically, the Drahili people are quite different from the typical humanoid, standing roughly six to seven feet in height, with double-kneed legs, and two-toed feet. The configuration of their legs allows for agile climbing, and impressive jumping. Both attributes ideally suited for their environment. Likewise, they sport not two, but four upper appendages, with four-fingered hands, all capable of completely independent tasks, due to the layout of the Drahili brain. Four eyes, a longish snout, and large, sensitive ears adorn the Drahili head, with a mane of reddish hair brushed back from the top of the head, down the neck. Internally, they aren't much different than other races, with a typical digestive system, a respitory tract adapted to function more efficiently in a rarified atmosphere, and a doubled circulatory system, complete with two seperate hearts, allowing for a greter biological redundancy, and making it far more difficult for a Drahili to bleed to death. Their skin colour ranges from tan, to brown, to yellow, and even bright red, typically with brown, yellow, gold, or green eyes, depending on their epidermal colour.

The Drahili homeworld, Kaisheer, orbits the medium yellow star of Drahl, located within a vast and relatively dense cluster of stars within the Whale galaxy, known as the Tychandra region of stars known as the Tychandra Expanse.

Kaisheer, homeworld of the Drahili race, is a moderately sized class-M planet, with three moons. The surface of the world is geologically active, with an unusual amount of long-term tectonic stress, and more than double the number of drifting continental plates than is found on the Federation world of Earth. This has resulted in a very rocky, mountainous world, with nearly thirty percent of the surface being made of various mountain ranges, varying form old, to newly formed. Water covers only twenty-five percent of the planets surface, which has resulted in a harsher environment than is typically found on class-M planets. However, in spite of the obstacles, life has nonetheless managed to flourish on this windswept, mountainous world. The Drahili people, of course, being the dominant species, and the one that eventually achieved sentience, and eventual dominance of the planet. Due to the high geological activity, and lower surface water, Kaisheer turned out to be a phenomenally rich in ores, minerals, and other mined substances, and the Drahili people quickly took advantage of that fact. Once mining technology had advanced far enough for ores and minerals to be successfully extracted, technological development leapt forward, and scientific achievement surged forward faster than at any time in the past. However, such achievements came at a price, as the Drahili people, once content to live among the peaks and cliffs of the mountain ranges, now began looking for terrain somewhat more suited for building upon. The development of aircraft, in particular, took a heavy toll, as different mountain states began warring over flat land. Prairies in particular, were especially sought after, and it perhaps ironic that so much of it suffered during the conflicts.

Such conflicts inevitably wore themselves out, and the Drahili people, now stronger technologically, began looking for other vistas to explore. Naval technology, never a big priority in the past, increased, slowly, and eventually led to the first floating city state. Offshoot technology from this, a self-contained archology, worked into the fledgling space industry, and it wasn't long before space capsules were launched regularly from the surface, bound for Ree, the smallest of the moons, and the developing habitat located there.

It was at this point in the Drahili development, however, that their greatest resource attracted the attention of those who would take it for their own. Known only as the Shah-Ul, the aliens made first contact with the Drahili by systematically eradicating the colony on Ree, and bombarding their spaceports from orbit. Then, as a show of force, they pulverized the entire mountain state of Kahlan, killing no less than four million, and used the pulverized mountain range as the location for their ground-based command center. For seven years, the Drahili were harassed, helpless to defend themselves against the vastly superior technology. Attempts to resist, they presumed, were detected by the sensing capabilities of the Shah-Ul, and swiftly eradicated.

The invading aliens were not infaliable, however, and deep within Kaisheer's deepest body of water, the previously neglected naval technology was rocketing forward. The floating city, Morria, was deliberately sunk shortly after the destruction of the spaceports, and was later salvaged and rebuilt, this time anchored deep within the sea. It was here that the resistance was based, and successfully developed missile technology that allowed them to destroy both the ground-based, and orbiting Shah-Ul.

Following this incredible victory, the Drahili people were quick to rebuild, but always keeping the possibility of future contact in their minds. Thusly, the development of space technology was given top priority, and was remanded entirely into military control. Within a year, the colony on Ree was reastablished, this time as a first-strike missile silo. Three years after that, the first space-station armed, of course) was built. Further colonies were also established on the fifth planet of the system, a class-K world known as Vouratt.

Over the next twenty five years, space technology continued to progress, aided somewhat by anything salvaged from the Shah-Ul constructs, until the military QuadRule committee, the governing body for the planet, publically announced that the first faster than light vessel had been designed, built, and tested. Now able to take themselves to the stars, military enlistment drastically increased, and fleet production was stepped up. At the same time, civilian space development was opened up and encouraged, especially with the prospect of interstellar trade looming on the horizon.

It wasn't long before contact was made with a great many races, mostly peaceful, despite the initial Drahili defensive posture. However, over time, relations became more amicable, and due to its rich mineral deposits, and central location between already established alien trade routes, Kaisheer became a major center for trade and interstellar commerce. A prideful and self-sufficient people, the Drahili were reluctant to ally themselves with any of the growing solar alliances, though were slowly beginning to see the benefits should they do so.

Culturally, the Drahili were not an overly complex people. Their natures somewhat echoing the open airiness of the peaks that they inhabited. Typically, however, those within a single mountain state, were named in a certain manner, in order to identify their alliegance. Those from the Aqraqq Equatorial Range, for example, retained the last two letters of their mountain state within their name, resulting in names such as Draqq, Cheraqq, Kreqq, and so on. Other mountain states had other standard practices similar to that.

As of 500 terran years ago, the Drahili had not yet aligned themselves with any major power, and indeed, given their own military strength, and commercial importance, hardly needed to do so. With increased colonization insystem, and fledgling expansion into neighboring star systems, the Drahili were very far removed from their mountain-dwelling ancestors.

As of this time, the only contact that the United Federation of Planets has had with the Drahili people, is through the memories and experiences retained within a Starfleet officer through a lengthy, and rather extraordinary set of circumstances. Draqq, the Drahili in question, left his world nearly 500 years ago in a form of suspended animation, and therefore has no knowledge of what may have transpired in the time since his departure. The only Starfleet vessel in a position to see what has become of the Drahili people in the intervening years, is the USS StarWind. Whether or not the StarWind chooses to follow up on the mystery is entirely up to her commander, Admiral Ciara Randor.

SIMming Tips


written and submitted by

Lt. Commander Justyn Morgan, USS StarWind

So, you think the plot you are currently in is boring and you don't know what to do. This is a common problem to most ships and there is little your captain or first officer can do about it. They can offer you things to do, but responding to those orders is up to you and where you go with them is left in your hands. Boring plots, however, are more often than not the product of people not participating and a select few doing what they can to drag the plot along. These plots can, of course, be ended early, and you can be returned to your regular duty, but because large portions of the crew don't respond, the next plot, and the one after that, are likely to be the same boring flavour. When few people are contributing, ideas run low and those that are SIMming get just as frustrated as those who are not. Remember that SIMming is being part of a team, and it is just as much your responsibility to see that the team succeeds as it is your commanding officer's duty.

1. Begin SIMming regularly. This does not mean you have to write brilliant SIMs or even do a lot for the plot immediately. But SIMming regularly will allow people to see you are available and work you into their own plans much easier.

2. Come up with your own ideas for where the plot is going. While these ideas may not play out exactly as you first imagine them, it will give you a direction to send things when you write your own SIMs. Be prepared to change these plans as other people contribute their own ideas, however, and do not be disappointed when things slide off in another direction. Remember that no one on board has a clue where they are going any more than you do and the plans always change with each contribution. This is part of what makes SIMming fun.

3. When in doubt, throw in a twist. If the plot seems to be slowing down, there are always new and drastic twists you can toss into the mix to help liven things up again. Blow something up. While you don't want to do too much damage, you can always blow up a console, or a minor system to get attention going. Have someone captured. Kill off your character unexpectedly. (While not something you want to do very often, it can stir things up, and you can always come back later, somehow or another) Have people transported randomly off the ship. Discover some damage to the ship, or an intruder. Have a distress signal come in. Think of the tv series and pull some of the trouble that they run into our own plot. If you have an idea for a twist that exceeds your position or rank, be sure to run that idea across your CO or XO before actually doing it. But usually they won't have much problem with it, if any.

4. If you are truly stumped with the main plot, start a subplot that you can work on to the side of the main plot. Develop a friendship, or start a romance, or just take time aside for your character's hobbies. Then when you are ready, you can jump back into the plot again.

Captain's Logs

by Commodore Brian Kelly


While on leave I was enjoying a few drafts with friends in Belfast. They were physical therapists from Beta Hydrii 5; had been born and raised there in a human culture with a history of nearly 250 years, as much history as the American state could claim at the turn of the third millennium. When one of our fellow imbibers asked, however, about that history, my friends were at a loss. They'd attended medical training on Earth, and had then relocated to the Nomus colonies with their families. They knew almost nothing about how Beta Hydrii began, how it became a member of the Federation, or how such a process worked.

The story is, actually, rather routine, as it follows a dynamic which has been the practice since warp travel became possible, even before there was a United Federation of planets.

In 2139, slow moving deep space search vessels (warp 3 current scale) under the United Earth Space Force were beginning to explore the spiral star clusters located about 120 LY from Earth. Although current warp 9 vessels can make that trip in little over 30 days, the early vessels took years. One of the star systems contained a class M planet among several gas giants. Beta Hydri was, then, at the very furthest frontier of Federation space.

Colonial vessels left Earth for Beta Hydrii immediately, arriving five years later. The first settlers were identified by invitation. That invitation was sent via early subspace radio to all Earth colonies, including the ones which had already obtained independent status, such as 40 Eridanni 6 and the Alpha Centauri Concordium. Among the 750,000 replies there were 20,000 which were selected on the basis of occupation, age, familial status and demographic considerations to form the first colonists.

The colony was officially established in 2147. Since at that time the colony was under Earth jurisdiction, a governor was elected by the colonists and a colonial assembly formed along the same model as the representative democratic method used on Earth. Each colonist aged 18 or older could vote for one of the assembly members. There were 200, one for every 100 colonists, and each time the population increased by that increment, another assembly member would be added. All matters were decided by majority vote. Justice was administrated by a majority vote of rotating judges; each assembly-person took a mandatory tour as judge for part of the year.

The colony tried, as did they all, to attain colonial viability as fast as possible. "Colonial Viability" was that point at which outside supplies were no longer necessary, that the colony could self-sustain. Once this was established, the colony could trade and conduct its affairs as it liked; this was desirable for economic as well as political reasons.

In 2154 the colony asked for permission to establish itself as an independent state, having quickly attained the desired ratios, and permission was, perforce, granted. In those days, this happened quickly, because the early colonial settlers often established a primitive form of colonial viability very quickly.

As was the case whenever this occurred, a mutual defense treaty was quickly concluded which, for intents and purposes, tied the colony to Earth but retained her independent status. Her governor, who still held office the next day, woke up as the colonial president and her assemblymen woke instead as congressional delegates. But the form of government which had proven itself so stable remained, essentially, the same. In 2161, when the treaty forming the United Federation of Planets was signed, Beta Hyrdii, The Alpha Centauri Concordium and other colonies were there to sign as member states. It is often told that the small delegation from Beta Hyrdii was still so concerned with farming yields back home that they talked of nothing else. But Beta Hydrii, however small, was an independent world, and she was there, at the beginning.

Today, although more common and far less noteworthy, the process is the same. When a colonial site is identified, the Federation council extends invitations to all member worlds within two years travel at warp 8; these worlds then allow anyone interested in relocation to so state. If the total number exceeds 100,000, selection protocols not much different from those used in the beginning are employed to thin the number. The colony ships are dispatched along with necessary terraforming equipment and industrial replicators.

Today, colonial viability is essentially assured from the first several weeks, owing to the exceptional technology, so a different standard is used which factors out industrial and food replicators. A governor appointed by the Federation council administrates the colony until she petitions for member status, at which point the Federation has a new member composed of her very own citizens and their progeny.

Reader's Corner

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Who Was It That Said...?

"We're StarFleet Officers; Weird Is Part Of The Job." - Janeway

"Time Is A Companion That Goes With Us On A Journey, reminds us To Cherish Every Moment Because They Will Never Come Again. What We Leave Behind Is Not As Important As How We Have Lived." - Picard, Generations

"The Truth Is Usually Just An Excuse For A Lack Of Imagination." - Garak

"Cardassian Rule May Have Been Oppressive, But At Least It Was Simple" - Odo, Past Prologue

"A Dream That Became Reality And Spread Throughout The Stars" - Captain Kirk

Winner: Marko from the USS Wallace has the distinction of being the ONLY person to credit all of the quotes to the correct people. Good job, Marko.

Some of you came very very close. Amazingly enough, most of you attributed Odo's remark to Kira. Guess that shows that no one cheated. I'm pleased to see that. Of course, you almost had me wondering if *I* was wrong about that one. lol




Is there a new feature or change you would like to see to the Reporter?

I've decided to make a similar questionaire to last months due to being short of ideas, and the apparent popularity of last month's responses. Just remember. NO cheating. =)

Who Said That?

"Stop smirking." -- Dax

"I do not smirk--but if I did, this would be a good opportunity." -?

"In my expert medical opinion, I'd say... it's sick" -?

"I don't like threats, I don't like bullies, and I don't like you!" -?

"Your first command together was less than successful. You are all dead" -?

"Facial art... ooh, how... wilderness of you!" -?

"The mice think they are right, but my cat eats them anyways. This is the point, reality is nothing, perception is everything." -?

"Q might have done the right thing for the wrong reason, perhaps we need a good kick in our complacency to get us ready for what's ahead" -?

"Yes, absolutely, I do indeed concur, wholeheartedly!" -?

"The best diplomat that I know is a fully-loaded phaser bank." -?

"Humour. It is a difficult concept" -- ?

"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind." -?

Monthly Short Story

The Three Fates


The Fateful Misadventures of Maiya Jamieson

By Lt. Commander Justyn Morgan


Lieutenant Jade Xavier

It really wasn't all that bad, at least, it could have been worse. For her second posting, she was impressed. Particularly after that last incident that nearly had her and all her crewmates swinging from the rafters before the trial had ended. No, she was not going to find any fault with serving aboard the USS Covington. With any luck the situation would stay simple, unlike last time.

Dropping her duffel to the bunk, Ensign Maiya Jamieson looked around at the sparse quarters she would be sharing with her two fellow partners in crime. Sensari col Entann, the half human, half Betazoid girl she'd gone through the Academy with, and Skybright to Srenish, the third of their trio, an Sivaoan who crossed somewhere between a singer and a scientist.

Sari had claimed the bottom bunk already and Skybright was busy bunching blankets and mattress of the single bed in the corner into some semblance of a circle and a hammock before she even bothered unpacking. Maiya herself got the bunk above Sari, and she decided it could probably mean she had the best of the three. It would, after all, afford her a little privacy. Not that she needed that now.

They had had plenty of privacy before they had been transferred, and had nearly been ecstatic to find they'd be sharing quarters. Though how long that would last she couldn't guess. Still, it had its good side. With any more luck she would also find herself so busy in security, she wouldn't have time to be forced into speaking with her superiors much. She shivered as the still fresh memories of the ordeal rose up to meet her.

It was almost funny, in recollection. That everyone had been caught up with it. And serving on a StarFleet vessel was no longer as simple as she had thought. When her 'yes, sir' to Captain Harris had turned out to be treason, and a 'yes, sir' to Admiral Tannish to be mutiny, she had wanted nothing more than to curl up and die. It was over now, mostly, she and most of the other new Ensigns had been reassigned. Sari, Skybright and Maiya were the only three to be kept together.

With her familiarization of her quarters out of the way, Maiya scrambled in her duffel and pulled out the PADD that held her orders. Unpacking could come later. Not that she had much to unpack. Mostly personal items to decorate her own area. Clothes could easily be replicated. Not that she needed much anyway. Her needs were simple and likely to stay that way.

"Wish me luck. I am going to report to..." She glanced at the PADD, "Lieutenant Eccleston." She drew in a deep breath, squared her shoulders, and lifted her chin.

Sari looked up, her wild, tawny hair falling impishly over one green eye as she grinned. "Good luck. Let us know if he's too much of a bear. I'm terrified about reporting to sickbay. " No one was going to blame her for that. Even Maiya's own knees were already going weak, and she hadn't even gotten to Security yet.

"Don't say that. I'm having enough of a struggle just to get up there. Sky, tell her to be quiet if she's going to say things like that. No, wait till I'm gone or I'll lose my courage!" Maiya grimaces, and clutched her PADD in one hand, scuttling for the door without giving either of them a chance to say any more.

"They won't eat you, they won't eat you, they won't eat you." she chanted softly to herself, as she wound her way through the Covington's middle decks, to the mapped area that was said to be security. Even though she had only arrived from Starbase 118 an hour ago, the ship wasn't hard to navigate. It took her very little time to actually arrive outside the doors and for a moment stood staring at them. "You won't run, you won't run, you won't run." Her chant changed as the doors slid open and the Lieutenant stared down at her.


"Well?" She echoed blankly, tipping her head back to stare up at him in complete surprise.

"You are Ensign Jamieson, I'm assuming. You do have orders?" He frowned.

"Orders?" she glanced down at the PADD, then jerked her head up, the gold braid at the back of her head flopping a bit loosely against her skull. "Oh. Orders. Yes, sir. Um. .. Ensign Maiya Jamieson reporting for duty, sir!" She handed over the PADD, blushing furiously.

"One of the three from the Hannibal, I take it?" Lieutenant Eccleston asked, taking the PADD and giving it a cursory glance before he tucked it behind his back and resumed his stare down at her.

"Uh...yes....sir." Maiya struggled to hold back the gulp that rose to tug at her throat.

"Nasty situation, that. I trust you'll do better here." Was his next comment. Safe, but not exactly heart-warming.

"Yes, sir. I intend to, sir." The floor, she decided, was quite welcome to open up at any time and swallow her up. Please, swallow her up! She pled silently. The floor, however, did not cooperate. Instead, staying quite firm under her feet.

"Very well." Was it a good thing that he didn't have much to say to her either? "The Covington is scheduled to arrive at the Krossing in the next 6 hours. Captain Keller will be heading a diplomatic trade with one of the planets there. You will accompany the team down to the surface. You have until then to familiarize yourself with your team and the system. Is that understood?"

The gulp convulsed her throat for a moment, and she nodded, not sure whether to thank him or to wish she could return to the cell that had been her home for three months. At least there she had been safe. Sort of. "Yes, sir. Familiarize myself with team and system. Understood."

"Good. See to it, Ensign." He moved aside enough for her to pass, and she scuttled past him into the offices.

To Be Continued Next Month. . .


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