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Reporter Issue #31

  • Issue Number: 31
  • Issue Date: 237605.07
  • Editor: Commander Leigha Jacobs

The UFOP Newsletter #31, Stardate 9905.07


As a large number of us prepare for summer, a time of increased simming for most of UFOP, there will be a lot going on. In preparation for that, you will notice that this issue has a LOT of important information of which every officer needs to be aware. Thus, I apologize beforehand for the length of this month's issue, but it is a necessary evil.

Also, for your convenience, you will be happy to know that you can also access the Reporter online. Simply go to the main UFOP website located at and click on the button marked "Reporter" at the bottom of the main index. Here you can find all complete copies of the Reporter, both past and present, in a convenient layout for easy access.

On a happier note, UFOP is growing at leaps and bounds. The new website is doing great...so much so that is finally reached over 1000 hits not long ago. Congratulations to everyone and here is to the continuing success of Starbase 118 and all her members.


1. Starbase 118 Statistics

-Duty Station Count

The United Federation of Planets is always expanding and this section keeps track of the total number of senior staff, who are associated with Starbase 118. (OOC - in other words the total number of UFOP members including the IRC branch.)

Number of Duty Stations: 11

USS Arizona-A

USS Caledonia

USS Indria-A

USS Isannah

USS Kodiak

USS Nemesis

USS Ranger-A

USS Ronin

USS Starwind

USS Trinidad

**Starbase 118

**With the launching of the experimental Magellan class USS Trinidad, under the command of Captain Curtis Arnavon, the crew simming on the actual starbase has changed. A new policy has been developed so that the officers simming on the starbase varies with each mission. Currently, the rotation of the ships that will be docked at Starbase 118 for their next mission has yet to be determined.

Note: Several duty station changes have occurred over the last few weeks. The Galaxy class USS Kodiak was recently launched under the command of newly promoted Captain Jasen Rendary. The Daris 2 Colony was also recently abandoned due to unstable atmospheric conditions on the planet. The USS Ithaca is no longer counted as an active duty station since it serves in a training role much like the USS Centris.

-Fleet Personnel Count

Number of Senior Staff: 119

Currently, this number reflects only the number of simmers participating in the Star Trek Division of UFOP.

Membership is on the increase, which is great! As was mentioned earlier, UFOP's new website had over 1000 hits not too long ago...a great accomplishment that we can all be proud of. Let's keep up our rapid growth by spreading the word about the best Star Trek RPG on the net.

2. News of Note

This section contain a LOT of important information from both Admiral Wolf, Fleet Captain Elinor, and Commodore Marlin. Please take the time to at least scan the contents.

1.) "From the Admiral's Desk"- by Tristan Wolf

RE: "Federation Network News"

Due to the response we got from the Federation Network News update that was sent-out, I thought I'd quickly update you on a change in 'policy' regarding our distribution list. From now on the distribution list will only be used to send out chat reminders, the Reporter, and special fleet wide announcements. Furthermore, when sending out 'misc.' type letters, the High Council has decided the following:

1. They will be clearly marked with "SPOILER" in the subject area of the letter (if applicable). 2. They will no longer be sent through the distribution list. 3. Captains will distribute these types of 'extracurricular' letters on the basis of their own discretion.

I apologize to those of you who hadn't yet seen the episode summarized in the news brief. I didn't realize at the time that I forwarded the letter, that so many of our members were in locations where the episode has yet to be aired. Once again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Fleet Admiral Tristan Wolf Commander of Starbase 118

2.) "Fleet Wide Communiqué"- by Elinor of Kanist

A.) Re: Fleet Captain Jeff Pelletier

It is with great regret that I must announce the resignation of Fleet Captain Jeff Pelletier. I was fortunate to have Captain Pelletier as my first officer for a year, and I counted him among my closest friends here within the UFOP. To this day, I miss working with him. His work for our organization was substantial, from his leadership among the captains, to his work on our first website. It is always with reluctance that we watch a good officer leave us, and for me it is magnified many times as we say good-bye to one of the most exceptional officers we have known.

B.) Re: Captain Reg Lecrisp

Unfortunately, Captain Reginald Lecrisp choose to resign his commission with us here at the UFOP on Stardate 9904.19. His hard work and dedication will be sorely missed, and we thank him for all of his hard for with us.

C.) Re: Origins of UFOP RPG

I want to talk to you all about our origins, or those origins I can remember. When we began here on 118, we were an AOL based organization with one poorly manned ship. We simmed in a private chat room, for one hour increments.

We grew to two ships, and that was the extent of our growth for awhile. And if I remember correctly, AOL had their own, officially organized Star Trek simming club, and we were strictly forbidden. So, we would gain new members by going to Star Trek chat rooms and announcing our club, and then running away before getting caught by AOL officials. It was a slow start.

We only started to take off when Admiral Wolf moved us to the internet and into Email simming, which I feel we have perfected.

3.) "Website Update"- by: Shaun Marlin

Firstly I would like to say thank-you to everyone who has sent me feedback about the new UFOP Website, it's much appreciated. Please do send in your comments, if you haven't done so already.

The site has been a real success with over 1000 visits in the first month since its launch! We have also, in this time, received over 50 applications from new members (that's over 12 a week!). So you can see the site is a vital part of the group, in fact it's our life blood, as we receive over 95% of new applications via the website.

You can help out the group by adding a link to the UFOP site wherever you can, whether it be on your own homepage, or an Indices website (a website full of links). You can also nominate us for website awards, which is a good way of increasing traffic to the site. This is particularly important, as UFOP Command does not nominate the website for awards itself, so we need you, the members, to help us out in this area.

Finally, there is a voting form on the main menu of the site, which rates us at TrekSites.com. Please do vote whenever you visit the site, as TrekSites keeps a leaderboard of the sites which are voted for most and those which are given the highest ratings You can vote once a day, we are currently rated 3rd on ratings and 2nd on total number of votes, let's see if we can get to number 1 on both of these lists!

If anyone has any comments on the website (constructive criticism is welcomed) or anything they would like to submit, please do not hesitate to contact me at


Com. Shaun Marlin

3. Up and Coming Officers in Starfleet

Congratulations to the following officers on their promotions:



  • Jasen Rendary, USS Kodiak


  • Torack Demma, USS Nemesis
  • Madeleine Prior, USS Nemesis


  • Slane Mortalis, USS Starwind
  • Adler, USS Nemesis


  • Thomas Bain, USS Indria-A
  • T'Quinn, USS Nemesis

LIEUTENANT, Junior Grade

  • Jardek, USS Indria-A
  • M'Gret, USS Kodiak
  • Kramer, USS Nemesis
  • Van Barneveld, USS Nemesis
  • Vandelik, USS Nemesis
  • Collim Denari, USS Starwind
  • T'Lan, USS Starwind


It is with great pleasure that we announce that Commander Torack Demma, former XO of the USS Nemesis, has been promoted as the USS Arizona-A's new commanding officer. Congratulations, Commander Demma!

  • Torack Demma---> CO, USS Arizona-A
  • Jasen Rendary --->CO, USS Kodiak
  • Skye---> XO, USS Caledonia
  • Madeliene Prior--->XO, USS Nemesis
  • Lang Vedoc--->XO, USS Kodiak

4. Starfleet News Service


Report Author: Ensign Anaya Talisan

Report Source: USS Caledonia

We had a visitor aboard, a Lt. Com. Sharp, working as the Starbase director of repairs for the Caledonia. Nothing very unusual about that. Soon after we docked for repairs, a double murder was discovered in Transporter Room 3. Then a tri-lithium bomb was found on the hull, while Ensigns Ross, Talisan, and Daninburg were suiting up for the walk outside to remove it, Ens. Whitney was attempting to remove a virus from Starbase 118's computer system. placed there by a changeling that had impersonated Whitney on the return from Ytocs IX. The bomb was successfully removed and was put into safe keeping by then Ensign Daninburg.

The first real signs of trouble was foam…and lots of foam. Some other problems encountered included the depressurization of Lt. Jerrin's quarters, for the THIRD time I understand, as well as random site to site transports around the ship. Ens. Talisan worked to rid the ship of the foam, and while that was going on the now Lt. Whitney was attempting to stop whatever the intruder was up too. The power was briefly shut down, and reinstated soon after. Unfortunately we were unable to stop him from separating the ship, which was still docked inside Starbase 118, after the Auxiliary and Tertiary sections avoided a near collision with the docking pylons. We discovered the bomb had been stolen, but none other than Lt. Com. Sharp AKA Penumbra, or the trouble maker.

He managed to stun the entire crew and leave via a Peregrine fighter. Our First officer, Lt. Com. Skye was beamed inside a torpedo tube casing. After retrieving her we chased the fighter into a nebula where we had a brief run in with the Jem'Hadar. When we captured the crew aboard the fighter, the tri-lith bomb exploded taking 4 of the Jem'Hadar fighters with it. The other two pursued and we finally did destroy them.

Upon capturing Lt. Com. Sharp, we returned to Starbase 118. Unfortunately, he managed to escape, but not before kidnapping Lt. Cmdr Skye, to tell her part of the story… His whereabouts are unknown at this time.


Report Author: Commander Jo'ann La'Tang

Report Source: USS Indria-A

Starfleet Intel "discovered" a Romulan faction called the Durai, holding up on a planet, just outside Federation space. This faction had no known ties to the Romulan government that Starfleet knew about. It was believed that this faction had discovered a way to not just grow, but mass produce Ketrecel White. The Federation has a knowledge of it, but had decided to send a ship in to destroy the plant and processing factory. The USS Indria-A was the choice. Newly christened with a Covert Ops shroud, it appeared the Indria-A was the best ship suited for the job. Commodore Marlin and Commander O'Malley both recognized many possible disasters resulting if this mission failed, worst of which, being if captured, the Federation would deny all knowledge of the attack, resulting in the command staff and crew being treated as spies.

Shortly after leaving Starbase 118, Marlin and O'Malley received a transmission from Admiral Wolf, announcing their need to be at 118 immediately. A Captain Wyn Votza and Commander Tasha Menitz took command of the Indria and continued her on her covert mission.

Last known report, the Indria had arrived safely through the asteroid field surrounding and protecting the base, and had launched its assault on it. There was a known Romulan Warbird in the vicinity, but has not come out of hiding yet. Nothing else is yet known of the attack or the survival of the Indria or her crew.


Report Author: Lieutenant Alucard

Report Source: USS Isannah

Report from the Nosferati Minister for Foreign Affairs for the Nosferati Prime Minister, stardate 9904.30

Note: Many of the information used for this issue come from reports from Lt. Alucard, a Nosferati who serves as chief of security on the Federation vessel USS Isannah. Thus the report might be influenced by the Federation point of view.

The initial situation:

Some months ago our long range sensors had brought records from a planet, called Lusitania by other lifeforms. Its inhabitants who call themselves Nohiva seemed to be in the last phase of developing interplanetary space travel. This was not quite correct as I will show later. However there was a serious problem with the Nohiva. They live in a symbiosis with a virus that is harmless to them but both very hazardous and very infectious to most known humanoids.

Reactions from other powers:

It is obvious that an extremely dangerous virus like this is a popular object for many aggressive powers. As far as we know among those who immediately started a mission were Romulans, Klingons, the Federation and unfortunately a group of Nosferati renegades. The first of those groups to meet were the Nosferati and the Federation. Obviously negotiations did lead to nothing but one crew member - Lt. Alucard - being captured by the Nosferati. From both, the Klingons and the Romulans we do know that they wanted the virus as a biological weapon. From what Mr. Alucard testified the Federation wanted to find a peaceful way to avoid the danger of the virus by using diplomatic ways. The Nosferati group claimed to want the Nohiva to evolve without any interference. Both, aggressive actions and the diplomatic tries were regarded as such an interference. Later it seemed like the Nosferati had the same goals like Klingons and Romulans.

Interactions with the Nohiva:

As a way to meet the Nohiva Starfleet Doctor Alieta and the Isannah's science officer Mara Phar developed a way of transferring themselves into holograms. So Starfleet Captain Jolon, Phar and Counselor Fields were able to beam down to the planet without being endangered. At first they were welcomed friendly. Traditionally in such situations the Nohiva give away their children as presents. However the children soon died under uncertain circumstances. This might have been one reason for very aggressive reactions by the Nohiva. In contrast to what all had thought before the Nohiva already were able for space travel. Thus they managed to surprise the Nosferati and the Isannah. They had even managed to enter her for a short time. They soon were driven back but the Isannah was then infected by the virus. We have no more information from the planet so far although Jolon and Phar were brought back to their vessel.

The status quo:

From the last message we received from Lt. Alucard the Romulans, the Klingons and most Nosferati ships except for the lead vessel have left the system. Due to quarrels they hindered each other to get the virus. Left is the Isannah that holds the heavily damaged Nosferati lead vessel in a tractor beam. Lt. Alucard has been beamed away from the Nosferati vessel. Another Starfleet Doctor - an Ensign Gear - is working on a way to cure the virus infection with the help of the Peubonic Plague disease. The Prime Minister will be informed as soon as we receive the results.


Report Source: USS Nemesis

Before taking on the families and starting her new assignment as deep space explorer the Nemesis was sent on a secret mission to intercept a possible strike by the New Obsidian Order. En route Captain Aquiss was given orders to return to the Starbase for a secret mission. The mission was partly successful - Trevet escaped but the Nemesis saved lives.


Report Source: USS Ranger-A

RANGER has been docked waiting for the awards ceremony. Down for leave and repairs.


Report Source: USS Ronin

While the rest of the crew assisted inhabitants of the leisure planet Luxor repel a small scale Jem'Hadar military action, Lt Cmdr Mike James, with much help from Honorary Lt Cmdr and Ferengi Special Envoy Rak, was able to recover the missing Ronin. Honorary Lt Cmdr Rak, however, was unfortunately captured by the Jem'Hadar. The Ronin is currently in pursuit in the attempt to rescue the Special Envoy.


Report Author: Commodore Ciara Randor

Report Source: USS Starwind

On route to Earth for a typical patrol mission, the StarWind received reports of the comet 'Rodgrod' due to cross paths with the StarWind. The comet has been reported to have unwanted reactions on technology. While the StarWind locks down against any incidents and continues to research the phenomenon, they received an automated distress signal from the science vessel, USS Kepler.

Upon arrival at the Kepler they discovered the ship to be under a class 1 quarantine situation and the ship's systems rapidly degrading. With life-support due to fail in several hours, the StarWind has sent over an away team in environmental suits to see what can be done about rescuing the surviving crew without compromising the quarantine.


Report Author: Captain Curtis Arnavon

Report Source: USS Trinidad

After and unsuccessful attempt to use the USS Phantom's transwarp technology to get back to the Alpha Quadrant, the crew of SB 118 takes the USS Nova back through the rift to the Alpha Quadrant.

Unfortunately, Dominion spies steal technical data from SB 118 and set their ship's course for the Badlands. This data--if analyzed--could give the Dominion the edge it needs to take Starbase 118 and the entire sector.

The command crew of Starbase 118 receives new orders: they are to transfer to the Magellan class starship USS Trinidad and pursue the Dominion spies.

4. Starfleet Focus

Have you ever wondered about those funny names that appear listed as apart of UFOP's High Council? Did you know that Ciara Randor didn't always spell her name that way? Or, perhaps were you aware that Shaun Marlin has a passion for homemade apple pie that only his mother can make on Earth? Well, in case the answer to that is no, then this article is just the thing for you.

The members of the High Council are all experienced simmers who have been with UFOP for sometime. However, long before any of them were commanding starships or giving orders to people, they were regular officers just like everyone else...in fact, they still are. So read on if you are curious and learn more about this month's featured officer, Captain Skyfire, and see what he has to say about himself and simming in general....

"Skyfire: A Closer Look"

I am of mixed blood, and I am a Vulcan/Terran raised on Vulcan. A common enough occurrence these days that it raises no eyebrows. My parents were both Star Fleet officers, and joining the Fleet was a logical choice for me. I can not say my rise through the ranks have been extraordinary in any manner. My performance at the Academy was, although not unsatisfactory, by no means exemplary. I am, by all measure, a statistical sample that lay very close to the mean of the population.

My service in Starfleet began on Star Base 118. And it was on this base that I learned the value of being ordinary and common. Had you been there, you would perhaps have an understanding of what I mean by this. Throughout my tenure there, the Base was a maelstrom of activities, all strange and out of the ordinary. Temporal anomalies, spatial distortions, aliens both friendly and hostile. What one could imagine, one encountered.

The crew compliment of the Base was interesting to say the least. The Admiral was unconventional. The Chief Medical Officer was more prone to produce patients than to cure them. A wild child ran unsupervised throughout the Base, causing all sorts of havoc and mayhem. A Field Captain who pulled a disappearing act soon after reporting to duty, only to have her counter-part from an alternate universe appear mere days later, in command of a battered and eolian Star Fleet vessel. And last but not least, there was this civilian scientist whom insisted that his research and interests be put above everyone else's. Suffice to say, I found mine to be the most rational voice among what bordered on madness, and, as the Chief Security and Tactical Officer, I was the one most strained to make sense out of the madness.

OOC Tip:

Most important simming tip (according to me at least) is plausibility and consideration.

If what you write is not plausible, your sims will likely go in the 'anything goes' direction. The more interesting aspects of sci-fi, such as the Star Trek universe, is the projection of the present into the future, and than watch how people react to it. if what one wrote was implausible, it would be quite difficult to accomplish. Also, plausible situations give other simmers some idea of how they could react to what you have just written.

As simming is an exercise in participation and collaboration, one would do well to be considerate of others' freedom to play in the plot. If someone had set up a crisis situation, it would be (in my personal opinion) rather inconsiderate to have your character waltz into his/her vicinity, solve his/her crisis/problem, and then walk back out, all within the space of one sim entry. That way, what have you left for the others to do? Nothing. And where would be the collaboration in that?

5. The Best and the Brightest

This edition focuses on Lieutenant Niko Azarro, a Betazoid male who has extremely strong telepathic abilities. Lieutenant Azarro is currently serving as the Deck Officer aboard the Nebula class USS Indria-A under Commodore Shaun Marlin.

JACOBS- Lieutenant Azarro, what initially led you to choose to pursue a career in Starfleet?

AZARRO- I sort of grew up with the idea. My father's a career officer. I've always had an aptitude for engineering, always liked working with the latest technology and equipment, so Starfleet just seemed like the logical place for me to go.

JACOBS- If you could accomplish one goal during your tenure in Starfleet, what would it be and why?

AZARRO- Well, I used to want to have a starship named after me.

::Points to the bulkhead, where there's a large holoimage of a Sovereign-Class USS Niko Azarro in spacedock.::

But a couple of friends who work at Utopia Planetia took care of that for my last birthday. Of course, it was only a temporary thing, but now... hmm... I don't really know. I'd like to do a stint in R&D sometime, maybe help develop some of the new fleet.

JACOBS- R&D? That's quite interesting. Any particular reason why?

AZARRO- Well, you know the saying... "The future begins at R&D." It's true, if you think about it. R&D is responsible for designing and constructing the next generations of starship, defenses, weapons... everything. It's a great challenge. You can't just stick with what's already known. It's...it's like a big chess game. You have to stay several steps ahead the entire time. You have to predict the technological advances other civilizations will be making, so you'll know how to counter them. You have to factor in the growth of the Federation. Basically you have to do your best to factor in the unknown. But what it ultimately boils down to is that it doesn't matter how good a crew is... if they don't have a good ship, it reduces their chances of successfully completing their mission...not to mention their chances of survival. Plus, by working at R&D, you get to play with the good toys before anyone else.

JACOBS- If you were going to head a team of officers that were designing a brand new starship, how would you approach the project?

AZARRO- That's a tough one. Well, first I would examine the specific roles the class was needed to fill. Then, like I said, I'd take a look at the strategic advances others were trying to make. I'd review the other projects R&D was working on, because five years from now, today's prototype equipment is going to be standard equipment and it would help to actually be able to fit it all aboard, rather than having to scrap an entire class of ships. I'm partial to the smaller spaceframes... Akiras, Steamrunners, Sabres, not so much the Defiants because they're so mission specific and I like ships with a broader mission profile... so I would like to deal with something more along those lines, but again, it would depend on the class's role requirements.

JACOBS- Lieutenant, if I am not mistaken, your home planet is Betazoid. Are you a strong empath or telepath?

AZARRO- Both, actually... I'm off the scale for Betazoids. Most Betazoids develop their skills during adolescence. I was born with mine... it's sort of a genetic fluke. It affects about one in a million, so there are only about 8,000 of us species wide... and probably 99% of those are completely neurotic as adults.

::Holds his fingers about a centimeter apart.::

The rest of us are only a little bit neurotic.

JACOBS- How would you say that dealing with your high level of telepathy has influenced your life?

AZARRO- It's had a major effect. I had absolutely no control over it when I was little. This type of thing tends to alienate everyone... which is one of the reasons for the neurosis thing. I have an incredibly supportive family, though, so I managed to pull through without any major problems. I still have problems with it today. Most people don't realize how loudly they broadcast their thoughts, so sometimes people will think something and I'll mistake it for having been spoken aloud. The biggest problem is if I actively scan someone. I don't just get whatever information I'm looking for. I get everything. It's like downloading an entire computer core... I have to sort through everything for whatever I'm looking for. You wouldn't believe the headaches that causes. So, um... for obvious reasons, I don't do active scans nearly as often as most people think.

JACOBS- That's a very interesting point when you look at it that way. As our time draws short, Lieutenant, there is one final thing I would like to ask you. Can you tell me a little bit about this sport called crossball that everyone keeps mentioning whenever your name is spoken?

AZARRO- ::Leans back in his chair and smiles.::

Everyone associates me with Crossball, huh? ::Chuckles quietly.:: That's good news for an athlete.

::Points to his communicator.:: I gave up a shot at the pros for this.

Crossball was actually invented in late-20th century Earth... didn't really gain popularity until the mid-21st... then largely died out early in the 22nd. It's finally making a comeback... there are six professional leagues in the Federation now. They're talking about starting up a seventh.

It's played on a 100 meter, plus sign-shaped field. There's a goal at each of the four ends of the field. There are four teams of ten and two balls. The object is to score more points than your opponents. The first three teams to forty points continue on, the fourth is eliminated. So it can be played as either every team for themselves or with temporary alliances. It's basically no holds barred... but to compare it to sports you might know better, it has a lot in common with American football, soccer, rugby... field hockey and lacrosse in a sense. It's a lot of fun... great way to stay in shape... and if you can survive a full game at the competitive level, you can handle just about anything.

JACOBS- A good trait to have for officers in Starfleet. Well, Lieutenant Azarro, it has been a pleasure. Safe journeys.


1. Off Duty - Out of Character information of interest

1. Help Wanted

(Please contact Admiral Wolf for more information.

- Anyone with free time, who is interested in working on any special administration projects for UFOP, should contact Admiral Wolf. It IS NOT required that you have any HTML or graphics knowledge.

- Members who know anything about programming, using various platforms such as JAVA and C++.

- Anyone willing to help put together a detailed history of UFOP, as well as work on a timeline for current events.

2. Website Information

Make sure to check out UFOP's new website, if you haven't already!




Stop by the site frequently to see the new updates.

As you may have noticed, the website has changed it's look a little since last month. Be sure review the changes, and stop in at the ACADEMY to read over any new articles that have been posted. If you have an article that could fit in one of the subjects seen on the site, be sure to send them to Com. Marlin .

Those members who have created any Star Trek related graphics should send them to Admiral Wolf for review, and possibly posting on the website's GALLERY area.

As well, we'd appreciate it if you'd rate the site with our Treksites form every now and then. You can vote more than once. Be sure to rate our website with TREKSITES, using the form on the MAIN PAGE of the site. We're currently in third place for votes, and about fourth or fifth for rating (around a 9.3).

Finally, please remember to change all of your links on your personal web pages, and ship web pages to "www.galaxycorp.com/ufop". Some people have noticed that people in UFOP may still be using the www.iaw.com address. Thanks!

3. WWW Team Vacancy

There is currently a vacancy on the UFOP world wide web team for the position of RESOURCES MANAGER. The position entails adding, editing and updating any articles within the Academy section of the web site, and researching the web for new articles.

Applicants should have a basic knowledge of html and web design. All applicants should contact Commodore Marlin as soon as possible.

4. Featured Star Trek Website of the Month

Phase III: Star Trek Starships -- Where No One Has Gone Before...

Great source for graphics and detailed information on a variety of space craft from the Star Trek Universe. Deals heavily in Federation/Starfleet vessels, but does also have some specs on the starships of other 24th century cultures.