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"It is not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid..." -Q, from TNG episode "Q Who?"
'''"It is not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid..." -Q, from TNG episode "Q Who?"'''

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Reporter Issue #29

  • Issue Number: 29
  • Issue Date: 237603.02
  • Editor: Commander Leigha Jacobs

"It is not safe out here. It's wondrous, with treasures to satiate desires both subtle and gross. But it's not for the timid..." -Q, from TNG episode "Q Who?"


For most of the world, spring is on its way. The earth starts anew, and the entire world undergoes an incredible rebirth. Over the past month, I believe that this is what has occurred to the Reporter. As you browse through this month's addition, you will notice that the newsletter has taken on a new look. Although no features have been deleted, there have been several additions as well as the fact that *everything* has been shuffled around. In some cases, old features even have new names.

As I am on a continuing quest to make the Reporter even better than its previous state of near perfection, I hope the changes are seen as improvements more than anything else. As always, any and all feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged. Now, without further adieu, on with the show...


1. Star Trek News and Rumors

Below are listed a few tidbits of information on the current goings on in the Star Trek Universe (be warned...this section may contain spoilers!)...



The latest box office results are in, and Star Trek:Insurrection didn't get any Oscar nominations.


Insurrection has currently grossed up to $101.1 million. (For both US and the rest of the world.)

The foreign total is $33.4 million. That is more than Star Trek 6, and more than half of what Generation got. And its only released in less than 10 areas!

Latest Figures: 02/09

U.S. Gross: $67.7 Million

Oversea Gross: $33.4 million

Gross to Date: $101.1 million



The end is near for DS9, its first run syndication is about to end, and not many new episodes are left, so Paramount is now starting its promotion of Deep Space Nines final chapter.

The last 9 episodes will be a 9 parter.



Paramount is offering Star Trek: Voyager at this year's NATPE. The show will be available this fall. The list did not say how many seasons will be offered, only that is was a cash price.

Note that new Voyager episodes will still be shown on UPN. Old episodes will be shown in syndication. (Starting with season 1)


It was announced in a press release by Paramount, that "Jason Alexander" that played "George Costanza" on "Seinfeld" will guest star on Star Trek: Voyager as "Kurros".

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Multiple

Award-winning actor Jason Alexander has been cast to play a space alien leader in an upcoming episode of Paramount Network Television's Emmy Award-winning drama, series STAR TREK: VOYAGER. The episode, entitled "Think Tank" films at Paramount Studios from January 7 - 15, and is tentatively scheduled to air this spring on UPN.

Alexander will guest star as 'Kurros,' a charismatic, but unscrupulous leader of an alien "Think Tank," a legendary group of beings that solve problems...for a price. Cornered by a fleet of ruthless bounty hunters, Voyager seeks help from the Think Tank, whose price for solving Voyager's problem is steep -- they want Seven of Nine (Jeri Ryan) to join their group, and they won't take no for an answer.

ALL INFORMATION COURTESY OF http://startrek-universe.simplenet.com/

2. Test Your Knowledge: Star Trek Trivia


1.) What was the name of the colony destroyed by the Gorn in TOS episode "Arena"? 2.) Who is the only other person, other than Captain Picard, to have captained the Enterprise-D in TNG?


1.) Cestus III 2.) Edward Jellico (For three weeks while Picard went on an undercover mission in the episodes "Chain of Command" Parts I and II)

3. Featured Star Trek Website of the Month

The Star Trek Photo Gallery


If you need a picture of ANYTHING related to any of the branches to the Star Trek Universe, then this is the place to find it. A wide collection of officers from all four shows and the movies are just a few of the things that can be found here.


1. Starbase 118 Statistics

The United Federation of Planets is always expanding and this section keeps track of the total number of senior staff, who are associated with Starbase 118. (OOC - in other words the total number of UFOP members including the irc branch.)

Number of Duty Stations: 11

Number of Senior Staff: 111

(Currently, this number reflects only the number of simmers participating in the email branch of UFOP.)

Membership is on the increase once more, which is great. Let's keep it going, spread the word, and tell your friends about us!

2. "From the Admiral's Desk"- by Tristan Wolf

Dear SIMmers,

I hope this letter finds you in good health, and prosperity. I've actually set aside a few minutes to write a "From the Admiral's Desk..." type of thing. Yay me. Speaking of *Admiral* I have some news on that rank. Well...actually, I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me first tell you that the next award ceremony is scheduled to be released at the end of March. Some of you are asking what the heck an award ceremony is, so I'll explain: We've decided that once in March, and once in September, of each year, we'll hold our awards ceremony, where we'll distribute merit awards to SIMmers. This places each ceremony six months apart, a good time span to show that you deserve an award. There are 12 "member level" awards, and 9 "staff level" awards. Member level awards are available to anyone in the club. An example would be the Barclay Bead, which is the award given to the most improved SIMmer.

Staff level awards can only be given to those officers who are captain and above. The Katherine Janeway Award is an example, and that is given in memory of captains who are MIA/POW, in their SIM. There have been a few changes in the ceremony on a whole. For one, we've added about 7 awards to our list. You'll get a taste of those at the ceremony. We've also made a new restriction, which states that only one person, per ship, can receive each award. For example, Ens Anybody can receive the TOSMA I and the Barclay Bead, but he can be the only person on the ship to receive TOSMA I and the Barclay Bead. The council did this so that each award would hold more esteem on each ship. You'll also notice that the ceremony will be done in "digest format." What this means is that you won't receive the ceremony like a SIM. Instead, the captains will write out their piece to the ceremony, then submit it to me, Admiral Wolf. I will then compile all the pieces to the ceremony and send it out as one or two big chunks. Sorta like a short story, or a novelette. We tested this last award ceremony, and it worked well.

Lastly, at the ceremony, we will unveil a new command structure. No, this does not mean that captains get to run the club and Elinor and I have to mop the mess hall. What we're doing is simply changing the name of each rank (and adding a few more ranks to the repertoire, to give more people a chance at high-level command) so that it corresponds better to "real" Trek. So that's what you have to look forward to there.

In other news, you'll notice a new structure to this newsletter. Please make sure to send feedback to the council through me, at . Big news on the web: We'll soon have a new website! Huge thanks to Commodore Jeff Pelletier for all his hard work on his website, which served us for a good while. And another big thanks to Shaun Marlin, for assembling the new site. We decided to create a new site, because, as many of you know, Commodore Jeff is on leave, and cannot update the site as much as possible. Thus, the new version will feature many of the same things as the old site, but will add a lot of new functions. We'll make sure to send out a special fleet-wide announcement out to everyone when it is officially opened.

What else do you have to look forward to? IRC SIMs, for one, which should begin within the next month. We'll also be adding a neat contest to the Reporter soon: SIM of the Month. Each month your captain will submit one SIM to the Reporter which they felt was the best written and thought out. Everyone in the club will then have the chance to read through the nominations, and vote (via an online form) for the best entry. The winners will be posted in our *Hall of Fame* area of the new website, as well as in the next Reporter.

That's about all I have for this month folks! Keep up the great SIMming. Live long and Prosper!

Admiral Tristan Wolf Head Admiral of Starbase 118

3. "Fleet Wide Comminique"- by Elinor of Kanist

We have recently added a new dimension to our post-graduate training facilities, namely a war college, to be run by Commander Vedoc. The War College is organized to pursue and integrate both academic and research endeavors. Academically, the course is divided into three teaching departments--Strategy and Policy, Decision Making, and Military Operations. Each lesson will have two parts. One...there will be a written lecture, in which Commander Vedoc will respond to questions....and, two there will be a practical, in which a situation that pertains to the lesson will be given.

The topics will be:

1) Historical military philosophy 2) Tactical Response 3) Ground Tactics 4)Unannounced.

This course is for officers of the rank of Lieutenant Commander and higher. Ideally, it would run one of two ways. Either, four officers of that rank would leave their ship to participate in the course, or the instructor will come onto a ship and conduct the training in a holodeck onboard. The course is intended to run one month, and its successful completion will result in a commendation. Please do contact me if you are interested in participating.

4. Up and Coming Officers in Starfleet

Congratulations to the following officers on their promotions:



  • Reginald Lecrisp, USS Arizona-A


  • Sasha Ice, USS Arizona-A
  • Lang Vedoc, USS Ranger-A/USS Ithaca
  • Colin McHendry, USS Ranger-A

Lieutenant Commander

  • Adorakon, USS Nemesis
  • Torack Demma, USS Nemesis


  • Michael Jameson, USS Nemesis
  • T'Kara, USS Nemesis
  • Adler Wong, USS Nemesis
  • Ka'el, USS Ranger-A

Lieutenant, Junior Grade

  • Jraal, USS Nemesis
  • J'ar'co, USS Nemesis


  • Reginald Lecrisp---> CO, USS Arizona-A
  • Leigha Jacobs---> CO, USS Caledonia
  • Jasen Rendray --->CO, USS Ithaca
  • Torack Demma--->XO, USS Nemesis
  • Sasha Ice--->XO, USS Arizona-A
  • Colin McHendry--->XO, USS Ranger-A
  • Lang Vedoc--->XO, USS Ithaca
  • Adorakon--->2nd Officer, USS Nemesis

5. Starfleet News Service


Report Author: Commander Sasha Ice

Report Source: USS Arizona-A

The newly commissioned USS Arizona- A left space dock under the command of Reginald Lecrisp.

The Captain started to make unrealistic demands on the crew of the Arizona.Captain Lecrisp had suffered somewhat from his previous assignments. Wewere instructed by Fleet admiral Elinor to search for the USS Isannah, in addition to continuing our shakedown cruise.


Report Author: Commander Leigha Jacobs

Report Source: USS Caledonia

On stardate 9902.06, the Prometheus class starship USS Caledonia was officially commissioned at Starbase 118. After attending the ceremony as conducted by Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist, the Caledonia and her crew departed on their maiden voyage.

Under the command of Commander Leigha Jacobs, the Caledonia was sent to investigate the strange disappearance of one Princess Alteea. Sent as an emissary by her people, the Kaldrynnians, the princess was supposed to rendezvous with a Federation mediator to draw up an official peace treaty with the Borash. The Borash have been at war with the Kaldrynnians for the past two hundred and fifty years. The neutral meeting place of Ytocs IX was selected. However, when the USS Montenegro arrived with the requested neutral mediator, the princess was no where to be found. Short on time due to the high demand for skilled negotiators in regards to the Federation/Dominion Conflict, the Montenegro had to depart after conducting a search for four days to no avail.

The Caledonia has been sent to find out what had happened to the princess and her entourage. However, as soon as the Caledonia entered the Ytocs System, a massive power drain occurred rendering the Caledonia "dead in the water." Although power was later restored, it was later learned that Borash had managed to board the ship when she had been disabled.

Leading a team of specially equipped FS-90 fighters, Commander Jacobs proceeded to remove Borash who were trying to breech the Caledonia main hull. Although the fighters were successful, the victory was short-lived. Only a few minutes after completing the "extermination," three of the fighters were whisked away to deep inside Cardassian space. This included the loss of Commander Jacobs. The Caledonia is currently under the command of second officer Lieutenant Commander Valarious McGregor while a search for the missing officers is being conducted.


Report Author: Admiral Tristan Wolf

Report Source: Daris 2 Colony

With the Isannah crew gone, the colonizers prepare for a little quiet time. However, in the true Fleet fashion, something goes wrong. An asteroid is spotted by colony computers, and a shuttle is sent to investigate. Once nearby, though, the crew of the shuttle discovers that more information is needed, and the Mantis is dispatched. The crew surveys the asteroid and discovers that within days the rock will collide with the Daris system's sun, and possibly destroy the system. As the asteroid passes the colony, power is immediately drained from the base's reserves, and the colonizers find themselves in the dark. Soon, a violent storm erupts outside the colony making it hard for any communication to occur, even if there was power.

The new captain, Brad Paine (Wolf's half-brother), soon realizes that the air inside the colony's dome is becoming stale, possibly from air-scrubbers which are venting toxic wastes. As the captain decides what the next course of action is, one of the colony's officers steps forward with a crude radio-like transmitter. While in one of the colony's ten levels of sub-basements, she discovered that some of the equipment underground was unharmed. Using the contraption, Paine contacts the Mantis and orders them to land. Within a few hours, Paine decides to evacuate into the sub-basements, where they will be safe for the time being. Once underground, a group of engineers restores power to the sub-basements, as well as clean air. While wandering, Paine, a telepath, discovers that a cavern is hidden behind one of the walls of the sub-basements. He senses other beings inside the cavern. Paine orders that the wall be torn down, but the colony's XO, Lt.Cmdr. Valeris, resists, wondering if that is the best course of action.

The group is now attempting to find a solution for the pollution inside the dome, as well as whether or not attempting to gain entry into the cavern is a good idea.


Report Author: Commodore Shaun Marlin

Report Source: USS Indria-A

The USS Indria-A was diverted from a routine mission to investigate some anomalous readings from the Wolf 763 system, which was supposedly uninhabited. Whilst in orbit of the seventh planet of the system, and with almost no warning, the Indria was attacked by an enormously powerful energy weapon. The attack was so sudden, that the vessel was caught off guard. The Indria fell into the planets atmosphere, crash-landing on the planets surface. Although damaged, the Indria is salvageable, however before a salvage operation can be initiated, the threat posed by the energy weapons (one on each of the planets poles) must be neutralized.

The USS Ranger-A has been rerouted to provide assistance, however as of this time, neither vessel has been able to neutralize the threat of the energy weapon, nor identify who is behind the attack.

The last news sent from the Wolf 763 system, indicate that the Ranger has launched an assault team to neutralize the polar weapons, and that a team of Indria personnel are about to make first contact with a new race, who is believed to be behind the attack. Nothing more is available at this time.


Report Author: Captain Maela Jolon

Report Source: USS Isannah

After being reassigned to a cargo ship by Admiral Wolf, Jolon was called to Earth when the Isannah failed to rendezvous at Earth and for all intents and purposes disappeared. The USS Isannah and its crew shifted into another dimension and managed to free themselves by smart thinking. Upon their return, Admiral McKenna reassigned Captain Jolon to the Isannah.

The Isannah crew spent a few days on Earth and said farewell to two special crew members, Lt-Cmdr Valarious T'elt McGregor and Lt David Jerrin, in a Robin Hood style abduction party.

The Isannah has now departed on a mission to the Badlands to investigate possible Dominion activities in that area.


Report Author: Lieutenant Commander Madeleine Prior

Report Source: USS Ithaca

The Freedom-A's attack left the Ithaca without its warp engines and its shields useless. Captain Aquiss then took the opportunity to beam the entire Freedom-A crew to the Ithaca, with them still believing that the war game was on. He then abducted Counselor Adler, Lieutenant Trevet, and Commander Jacobs from the bridge of the Ithaca.

Following discovery of Captain Aquiss' plot, the Ithaca moved to intercept, making repairs along the way. During this time, the truth of Captain Aquiss' condition was discovered, and plans were made to combat the alien entity.

Onboard the Freedom-A, the possessed COs quickly discovered that pain dislodges the aliens temporarily. Taking the opportunity, Captain Aquiss does a little eye surgery, resulting in partial blindness. The overwhelming pain drives the alien entity out. Captain Aquiss then escapes with the others on a runabout after activating the Wall of Light system.

The runabout T'Hana carrying a rescue team from the Ithaca picked the unconscious officers and heads back, intending to treat them. Meanwhile, the Wall of Light system activates, rendering the Freedom-A unusable until its warp propulsion system shuts down, 20-25 years in the future.

Commander Jacobs, while undergoing treatment on the Ithaca, made a final attempt to escape planetside. An away team recovers Jacobs and Aquiss after a firefight, after which it is revealed that Jacobs miscarried a child.

The Ithaca managed to punch a hole in the Freedom-A's defense system, enough to toll it back to SB 118. At SB 118, the Freedom-A crew will receive its new assignment, as will the Arizona crew. Commander Leigha Jacobs is expected to receive command of the newly commissioned USS Caledonia while Commander Jasen Rendary of the Ranger-A is slotted to take Jacobs' slot on the Ithaca.


Report Author: Commander Jasen Rendary

Report Source: USS Ithaca

The Ithaca has been sent on an emergency mission to search, locate and rescue, if necessary, the USS STILETTO, a SEAL Fighter/Transport. The team of the Stiletto was on a mission to infiltrate a Dominion unmanned communications relay station and attach a subspace relay device. Command has sent multiple coded messages to the team with no response. Starfleet Intelligence thinks that they never made it to their target. The last know location of the team was sector 247. The team reported in just before entering an asteroid belt. They were planning to use the belt to cover their route to the station. Upon our arrival at the asteroid belt, initial scans have turned up no trace of the Stiletto.


Report Author: Lieutenant Commander Torack Demma

Report Source: USS Nemesis

Upon the decommissioning of the USS Freedom-A, and the inquiry finding Captain Sandolphan Aquiss innocent of any wrong doing in the demise of the Freedom, he was assigned to the Newly Commissioned USS Nemesis. The Nemesis is a new Sovereign Class which has had quite a number of modifications to it. I was subsequently promoted to Lt. Commander and First Officer. The former crew of the Freedom-A, has for the most part stayed in tact, however there have been some changes. Then again, that is to be expected when crews change ships. We will all miss the Freedom-A, she was a good ship.

The Nemesis has one of the best crews I have ever come across however. Our first mission was one of an exploratory nature. We have been sent to finish mapping out the Corarna System. This was to be our "shakedown" cruise. A simple mission to let the crew become familiar with the new systems and in my opinion a chance for the new command crew to get a feel for the new additions to the crew. There has been one major change that we are unsure of at this point. Lt. Command Adakoran is missing, I'm not sure but I've heard rumors that he is currently on the USS Isannah, but I have not had the chance to contact them and find out for sure.

We departed Starbase 118 at warp 8 and stood steady for the duration of the trip to the Corarna system. Preliminary scans had detected an early industrial society of a humanoid race. They were shorter than was the average for Terrans. about 5' tall and covered in a luxuriant fur. They were an omnivorous race that appeared to be quite aggressive They looked like humanoid badgers.

Upon arriving at our predetermined coordinates, Lt. Jameson and Lt. Romanov discovered a network of satellites that the only life forms native to the system should not have had the technology to build. The Nemesis was ordered to obtain closer scans of the network in order to determine their purpose and who put them there. Once we got close however, it was discovered by Lt. jg. T'Quinn, CSO, that the satellite system had defensive capabilities and the ship was fired upon, doing almost no damage but bringing down our shields to 90%.

The Captain and myself wasted no time in ordering the ship to a safe distance until we formed an alternate plan. While we were forming a new plan of attack, Ensign Vandelik, did some long range scans and determined that the satellite network was being controlled by a hidden base on Corarna V. Upon finding out this information, Captain Aquiss quickly formed an away team which consisted of Lt. Romanov, Lt. Falcon, Lt. jg. T'Quinn, and Ensign Kramer.

The away team was given one of our best runabouts, and one of the newest and best in the fleet, the Tisiphone. The Tisiphone is a Class 50 Runabout, which is more than a match for some of the older Starships in the fleet. The away team wasted no time in quickly gathering the necessary equipment and rushing off for their assignment. On a personal note, I was dismayed at the Captain's decision to send my wife, Lt. jg. T'Quinn, who is pregnant with my child on the away team.

Shortly after the away team departed Captain Aquiss went into his ready room. It was at this time when Fleet Captain Elinor contacted all ships requesting their position and current mission. It seems that the USS Indria has run into some trouble and was in need of assistance. I responded to the Priority One message and gave the Fleet Captain the requested information and offered the Nemesis' assistance. A short time later we received a message stating that the USS Ranger is going to respond, and we are free to continue with our current mission.

It was at this same time that we received our new Security Officers, Lt. jg. J'ar'aco of Denarea, and Ensign Vorick. Lt. jg. Denarea will be the new Chief of Security and Ensign Vorick will be his assistant. I greeted both of them and had an Ensign show them to their quarters and requested that as soon as they were settled in that they report to the bridge. I returned to the bridge to discover that we had lost contact with the away team.

We are currently trying to re-establish contact with the away team and find out the origins of the mysterious satellite network.


Report Author: Commodore Brian Kelly

Report Source: USS Ranger-A

RANGER had learned that Dr. Solitaire had made common cause with certain rougue elements in Starfleet Intell and the Tal Shiyar to form VANGUARD, an organization whose public purpose was to "urge the Federation back to its roots" and make it tougher, but whose real goal was nothing less than a coup- de-etat.

Solitaire had perfected a "founder suit" which allowed humanoids to become changelings, but immune to the traditional detection methods. His operatives had infiltrated the highest levels of Starfleet and Federation government. This made it nearly impossible to mount an operation against him, because he had access to nearly all levels of the fleet and government.

When Solitaire murdered the wife of Commander Lang Vedoc and kidnapped his daughter, then threatened Kelly's family in similar fashion, the decision was made to mount an attack on VANGUARD's base in the neutral zone with the help of several merchant marine cruisers with sympathetic captains and crews.

Since this attack was to take Solitaire by surprise, only Fleet Captain Elinor was to know of it. The attack was a success, at a heavy cost, and Solitaire has been captured and is being tried for 50 counts of murder, kidnapping and treason. The kidnapped children, who were being conditioned as assassins, have been helped and returned to their families.


Report Author: Captain Skyfire

Report Source: USS Ronin

While on shore leave on the planet Luxor, the crew became afflicted with a "love bug", and mayhem ensues.


Report Authors: Commodore Ciara Randor & Lt. Commander Taylen O'Conor

Report Source: USS Starwind

Now several weeks after their last adventure, the crew of the StarWind has made it to the Sakarian sector by following a faint ion trail that is their only lead to the kidnapped StarWind. After nearly losing the trail, the crew has crossed into Sakarian space where they have run into difficulties with the natives. Somewhat hostile in nature, the Sakarians refuse to let the StarWind people pass, and refuse to discuss anything with anyone under the rank of Commander.

The only officer currently on board above the specified rank is Captain Randor - a nearly exact look alike to Commodore Randor and of unknown origins. While their guest is anything but in shape for command (or anything else for that matter due to a rather severe mental imbalance and terror of anything that moves) the StarWind crew have decided that they must use her to be their spokeswoman to the Sakarians. Using telepathic connections from two crew members, they hope by feeding the 'clone' exactly what to say they may get passed the Sakarians and continue after their ship.

6. Starfleet Focus

Have you ever wondered about those funny names that appear listed as apart of UFOP's High Council? When someone says the name Maela Jolon, do you know to run and hide? Likewise, when the name San Aquiss is mentioned are you aware that one of the worst practical jokers in the fleet is being spoken of? Well, in case the answer to that is know, then this article is just the thing for you.

The members of the High Council are all experienced simmers who have been with UFOP for sometime. However, long before any of them were commanding starships of giving orders to people, they were regular officers just like everyone else...in fact, they still are. So read on if you are curious and learn more about this month's featured officer, Admiral Tristan Wolf, and see what he has to say about himself and simming in general....

"Tristan Wolf: In His Own Words"

Hmm... how would I describe myself? Well... I guess I'm pretty serious now. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far -- er... I mean, in my academy days and when I was first posted to the base, I was a pretty amiable person. Since then, there's been a lot of things that have changed me... For one, my wife and child died on stardate 9305.20, only ten days before my birthday.

I summoned them from Earth, to be with me on the base, where I had just been commissioned for my admiral rank. I watched from my ready-room as their shuttle exploded. ::Pauses:: A few months later I was given level 5 telepathic powers by a Q... Tray. I don't remember that much about the encounter. It was a lot like a dream. Every seemed crazy. The powers have faded in the last few years, though, and now I have a hard time using telepathy, even when in direct contact with someone. Anyway, you also asked for me to tell you some things few other people know? ::Reflects:: Well... I'm adopted. My parents were killed in a fire at the home where I was born, in Mount Magnet, Australia. And... at age 15 I hacked into Starfleet's DB-299142 Sigma Alpha database, which contained top secret files on the Genesis project. ::Laughs:: That was quite a day... of course, no one'd ever be able to do that now. The codes used by Fleet computers are miles long. ::Sighs:: So, that's me. I'm approachable now...I think. ::Shrugs:: By anyone except Maela...

OOC Tip:

1. Remember the old "communicate, communicate, communicate" adage? Er...well, even if you don't, I have a new one for you: "characterize, characterize, characterize". A lot of SIMmers don't realize that making your character come alive is a great way to stay involved. Don't have an assignment, but want to SIM? Show us your character when s/he's not doing anything!! A _very_ important component to characters is what they do when they're alone. What are they thinking about? Do they keep logs? Any pets? Do they regularly move the furniture around? Show us what makes your character unique.

2. I can't resist another... and that is this: The best way to avoid spelling, grammar, and layout problems is to reread. While some people don't mind reading a "sloppy" SIM, others have a hard time understand what's happening if the first letter of each sentence isn't capitalized. So do this to help avoid these problems: First, write your SIM in whatever form helps the creativity flow. Then, put your SIM aside for about 10 or 15 minutes (don't send it yet) and read your other mail. Then, open the SIM back up and read it back, aloud. This is a great way to catch spelling and grammar problems. While you're reading it back, make sure to capitalize letters at the beginning of sentences, as well as the letter 'i' and the first letters of people's names. It may sound elementary, but you'd be surprised how sloppy people are online :) Anyway, once you've read your SIM back aloud, then send it off, and you'll be assured that everyone will understand what you're saying!

7. The Best and the Brightest

This edition focuses on Lieutenant Commander Madeleine Prior, a Terran-Kenan female who possesses dual citizenship from both the Federation and Vargas Neutrality. Lieutenant Commander Prior has served many posts during her tenure in Starfleet, including the role of first officer on two starships. She is currently stationed aboard the Ambassador class Arizona-A as the second officer under Captain Reg Lecrisp.

JACOBS-Lieutenant Commander Prior, why did you initially choose a career in Starfleet?

PRIOR- Why did I choose a career here? Well, you could just say that I sort of fell into it. I used to work as a merchant on the Federation/Cardassian border, and considering that it wasn't the work that I originally wanted to do - would you believe that I wanted to be an organic chemist? - so one day, I decided that I need a change of scenery. Not just a vacation, mind you, but a permanent change, attitude and all. Ask anyone, but I haven't succeeded in all areas yet. (smiles)

JACOBS- And, now that you are here, what are your future plans in regards to your Starfleet career?

PRIOR- My Starfleet career? I have one? (quirky smile)

Actually, I really don't know. I've been transferred everywhere in the past few months, and it's been a bit chaotic. I don't aspire to be a Captain when I'm 30 or anything like that - don't ask me how old I am, it's on my service record! - in fact, I've had almost no aspiration to command. My specialty, if you want to call it such, is to work behind the scenes, or as a subordinate, and provide support.

Perhaps I'll just do that for the rest of my career, maybe not. I suppose that I have no plans, each day comes and you just have to accept it. But I do know that when I look back on my career, I want to know that I've done something worthwhile, something that I'm proud of. I don't want to be questioning at 100 years old whether I made a right choice by entering Starfleet.

Other than that, no particular future plans in the works.

JACOBS- I was once told that every situation we encounter shapes our personality in some way. What has been the hardest situation you have had to deal with so far in your career, and how do you think dealing with the situation shaped your character?

PRIOR- Really? Who? (pause)

Well, as someone once said, we're just clay just waiting to be shaped. However, I believe that as clay, we must have some mind of our own. A sort of a...bias, as it were. We view situations that's tinted with our own bias on the situation, and in turn, the situation shapes us accordingly.

Sometimes I'm afraid that I'm too objective. Yeah, the stubborn, tactless DO without anything better to do. What's scarier than that mental image is the fact that I believe it...occasionally. I'd actually recommend that you get a second opinion on that. (small smile)

As to a situation...big or small, everything plays a substantial part in what we become. How we classify them depends on whether we're aware of it or not.

I guess...I suppose that the situation that's affected me most has been someone resigning from Starfleet on me. My best friend, in fact. I guess it's had such an impact on me precisely because he was my friend. He left me with the reminder that whatever we do with our lives, it has to mean something. Not to others, but to yourself, I think that I lost sight of that.

It's forced me to reevaluate some things...like how I live my life. Not soul-searching, but close enough. I do know that it's made me a nicer person. Well, maybe at least sociable. (pause) Just don't ask my CO to testify to that...after all, I did punch him!

JACOBS- ::chuckle:: Actually, I think I already can verify that fact myself...but, I digress. ::smile:: Commander, if you could use any five words to describe yourself, what would they be and why?

PRIOR- Five? I'm pretty sure I can do it in one (grin).

Somehow I doubt that my superiors would be pleased if I did, though, so here goes: stubborn, odd, determined, easily amused?

I wonder if the last one counts as two words...

JACOBS- An adjective of an adjective...interesting.


JACOBS- ::smile:: Unfortunately, Commander, our time grows short. But, before I bring the interview to a close I have a final question for you. What do you consider your greatest character's strength and also what do you believe is one of your character flaws?

PRIOR- Flaws? Sure you have enough room to list them all?

My greatest flaw, I think, is that I remember too much. I have trouble letting go of the past. I guess I have trouble accepting my actions as right or wrong, so I continue to question them, obsessing, really.

And there's the fact that I tend to ramble on...but I digress.

It's from that same self-examination that I find the reason necessary for me to go on. The past makes who I am, and I look on it to help me cope with whatever comes. If the past serves as my greatest source of agony, then it'd be only fair to have it serve as my guide to an uncertain future. Balance...I can't ask anymore than that.

JACOBS- I couldn't agree with you more. It's been a pleasure, Commander. Best luck in all the future may bring. Take care.


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