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AQUISS-- I do. Physically, I resemble a Vulcan Stalwart. Emotionally, I'm all Betazoid. My mixed heritage has given me some interesting abilities though. As I said I am a strong empath, and I have an uncontrollable mind-meld talent.
AQUISS-- I do. Physically, I resemble a Vulcan Stalwart. Emotionally, I'm all Betazoid. My mixed heritage has given me some interesting abilities though. As I said I am a strong empath, and I have an uncontrollable mind-meld talent.
::Raises gloved hands::
<nowiki>::</nowiki>Raises gloved hands::
Meaning that these are a necessity. One touch without them and I will meld with that person immediately.
Meaning that these are a necessity. One touch without them and I will meld with that person immediately.

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Reporter Issue #28

  • Issue Number: 28
  • Issue Date: 237602.02
  • Editor: Commander Leigha Jacobs


I Editors note

II StarBase 118 Statistics

III StarBase 118 News Release

IV Promotions

V Starfleet News Service

VI Fantasy News Wire

VII Starfleet Focus

VIII Out of Starfleet

IX Credits


With Commodore Marlin passing the torch to me in the last issue of the Reporter, this is the first chance that I have had to say anything as to his work with the newsletter over the last few months. Adding to what had already been an outstanding publication, Commodore Marlin made the Reporter something that all 118 officers could be proud of. With that in mind, thank-you for all your hard work, Commodore. It hasn't gone unnoticed.

Now, I myself have always been a fan of the old adage "don't fix what isn't broken." Keeping that in mind, you will notice that the general layout of the Reporter hasn't changed that much. Although there are a couple of new additions, such as information on the Fantasy branches of UFP being added, everything is pretty much the same as it has been. Even though I shall attempt to try to improve on something that is already great work, the changes will be carried out over several issues. I hope everyone likes what they see. As always, any feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged.


The United Federation of Planets is always expanding and this section keeps track of the total number of senior staff, who are associated with Starbase 118. (OOC - in other words the total number of UFOP members including the irc branch.)

Number of Duty Stations: 11

Number of Senior Staff: 118

(Currently, this number reflects only the number of simmers participating in the email branch of UFOP.)

The most noticeable change this month is that the USS Freedom-A was lost. The Sovereign class USS Nemesis is her replacement.

Membership is on the increase once more, which is great. Let's keep it going, spread the word, and tell your friends about us! Also, in the next month, two new starships are due to be commissioned. The USS Arizona-A will be replacing her predecessor of the same name while the USS Caledonia will also be launching at approximately the same time.


Courtesy of Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist

We are honored to announce the commissioning of two new starships, the USS Caledonia and the USS Arizona-A. The Caledonia will be commanded by Commander Leigha Jacobs, and the Arizona-A by Captain Reginald Lecrisp. We welcome them to the family of 118 vessels.


Congratulations to the following officers on their promotions:



  • Michael James, USS Ronin
  • Ferengi Special Envoy Rak, USS Ronin **

(**Note--Granted Honorary Rank)

LIEUTENANT: Gwendolyn Alieta, USS Isannah

  • David Jerrin, USS Isannah
  • Kelen Lugard, USS Ronin

LIEUTENANT, Junior Grade:

  • Jon-Luc Allaway, USS Isannah
  • Jana Fields, USS Isannah


Daris 2 Colony-

  • Lieutenant Commander Y'shirad to Chief Security Officer
  • Lieutenant K'tar to Chief Medical Officer
  • Lieutenant Gero Speed to Chief Science Officer

USS Ronin-

  • Ms. Pryderi Arianrhod (civilian) to Official Onboard Photojournalist


This section brings us up to date on what has been happening in Starfleet over the last month...


Report Author: Jallayne c/o Commander Leigha Jacobs

Report Source: USS Indria-A

When the USS Indria-A left Starbase 118, following the recommissioning of the USS Freedom-A, it was not under the command of Commodore Shaun Marlin. Having to take a temporary administrative job on Starbase 118 to compensate for Fleet Captain Pelletier's promotion, Marlin passed control of the Indria over to the first officer. Commander Sally Strange led the Indria to investigate a number of strange transmissions from the trade planet of Cardassia III. Initially thought to be distress signals from a group of former Bajoran Resistance operatives, the Indria was surprised to find an ambush waiting for them en route to Cardassia III. A number of warships fired upon and disabled the Indria long enough to kidnap three of the senior staff from the ship.

The officers had been taken hostage by a group of mercenaries hired by the Dominion. Led by a two individuals, named Jallayne and Sar Har'Iblis (Sar), the Indria officers were held captive and tortured for information. Commander Allen O'Malley, Lieutenant Commander Skye, and Lieutenant Commander Katherine Erikson all suffered both physical and mental brutalities at the hands of the hired thugs. Jallayne had hoped to get strategic information on the last known whereabouts of the USS Dragonfyre from O'Malley, but was unsuccessful. Even the murder of Commander Leigha Jacobs' sister, Commander Michelle Torrea, did not persuade O'Malley to break his silence.

Meanwhile, as the Indria was in terrible shape, another starship had been sent to escort her back to Starbase 118. The USS Annagoda arrived on the scene with orders not to pursue Jallayne and her hostages as they had set a course for her secret base on Aras VI. Commandeering the Annagoda, Strange and the remaining senior staff of the Indria knocked out the Annagoda crew with a sleeping gas via the environmental systems. They then arrived on Aras VI, launched an offensive assault to retrieve their officers, and were successful. Although the three officers were recovered, Jallayne, Sar, and their Dominion contact---a changeling named Remyn, all escaped.


Report Author: Jallayne c/o Commander Leigha Jacobs

Report Source: USS Indria-A

Aboard the Galaxy class USS Annagoda, the Indria crew took off in hot pursuit of the mercenary Jallayne that had escaped from her secret compound on Aras VI. However, sometime during her escape, Jallayne was caught in a subspace anomaly that transported her and the Annagoda back in time. Landing in the early twenty-first century on the North American continent of Earth,the Indria crew pursued Jallayne as she attempted to elude capture.

Following her, the Indria crew had to hide themselves in a "science-fiction" convention as that was the last known place of Jallayne's whereabouts. Unbeknownst to them, the Indria crew was shocked to discover that not only had they traveled back in time, but also to a parallel universe where the crew of the Indria-A was the focus of a "TV show" called Star Trails: Indria. Blending in somewhat easily, the officers did their best not to be diverted from capturing Jallayne. Unfortunately, Jallayne managed to elude capture once more when the Indria officers were forced to regroup and head back to their own universe. Although Jallayne was left a means of escape, her current fate is unknown.

In the meantime, the Indria crew returned aboard the Annagoda to Starbase 118 to await new orders.


Report Author: Commander Jasen Rendrey

Report Source: USS Ranger

Commander Jasen Rendrey is currently commanding the USS Destiny, and Commodore Kelly is aboard Ranger. We will be making an assault on Dr. Solitaire's base...all of this should become more clear as Rendrey's log is read.

    • Rendary**

Captain's Log -- USS Destiny, Stardate 9901.23 mark 0923.

We left Star Base 118 just under three months ago with the USS Ranger only a mere 3 hours behind us and now we are only 10 hours away from Dr. Solitaire's secret Vanguard Base. We are on a secret mission to attack and capture the elusive Dr. Solitaire and return the several kidnapped Federation children that Solitaire has taken in order to accomplish some sort of brainwashing plan. Solitaire and his new Vanguard troops have been raining havoc on the Federation from within. We now have proof that he is responsible for abductions, murders, and several other crimes against the Federation. Capturing him and brining him to justice will be something that Ranger and all of her crew will be proud of for a long, long time.

Solitaire's base is located just inside the neutral zone and is heavily protected with passive sensor nets and a fleet of captured and prototype ships. One thing on our side is the fact that the Tal Shiyar that had been backing Solitaire has now withdrawn, no doubt sensing the impending doom of his plans.

Since we left, I have been observing Commander McHendry's overall performance in the training of his assault team. They look sharp and ready to take on the world. His innovation and skill have allowed him to use the Destiny's lounge as a make shift holodeck by bringing aboard portable holo-emitters and running simulations of the Vanguard Base. We are only three hours away from the initial layer of sensor that surrounds the base. All of Destiny's functions are running well within specs and my, no our faith, in this Advanced Cloaking Device will be put to the test very shortly. After we encounter the passive sensor net, we will then see how reliable our information was about the path through to the base.

Long-range scans have detected three GOLDEN DAWN class vessels within the net. These will have to be Ranger's problem for now, we must attempt to sneak passed all ships and sensors if we have any hope of catching Solitaire napping. I have faith in all the surprises that Ranger has up her sleeves for his rag-tag bunch of mercenaries.

Commodore Kelly and I are hoping that once Ranger engages the outer defenses Dr. Solitaire will want to stick around and watch the show confident that his fleet will be able to with stand Ranger's attack. This will be our cue for Mac's team will hit the base. With the detailed plans provided by the double agent within Solitaire's ranks, we have a surgical strike team hitting two points of the Vanguard base. Once the team hits the base, they will split into two elements. Team one, led by Mac, will make its way to the command center and capture Solitaire. Team two, led by Doctor Linare, will focus on freeing the captured children and returning them to Destiny at all costs. Mac's orders are to capture Solitaire DEAD OR ALIVE.


Report Author: Lieutenant Commander Madeleine Prior

Report Source: USS Ithaca

Upon receiving orders to exchange isolinear chips on Fodin Alpha, the Ithaca reached the planet in record time and beamed down away teams to do just that. After the exchange, our intrepid crew learns that there is a potential Dominion spy in the midst of the process.

After conferring with all involved, the teams tried beaming down again, but their patterns were intercepted mid-transport and were scattered. Shortly after, the senior crew were beamed down to an uninhabited continent of Fodin, and the junior crew was locked in stasis in orbit.

On the planet, Jacobs learns that the planet was in war with a neighboring species, and that they were trying to get Starfleet to do their dirty work. However, Starfleet training saves the day again, along with a healthy contingent of Baziri (the neighboring species) spies.

Subsequently the away teams reunited, and were sent back to their ships, as Baziri wanted to keep the war to an even advantage. However, on their way back, the Ithaca crew realized that the isolinear chips that they received were blank.


Report Author: Captain Skyfire

Report Source: USS Ronin

Ordered to rendezvous with an unnamed Star Fleet vessel, the Ronin arrived at the designated co-ordinates to find a debris field where the vessel should have been. Before the crew could initiate a search, the Ronin was breached by an old enemy from the Obertha times, the Reetafais (an insectoid group long ago subjected by the Renubu, a race of beings from another dimension.) (OOC - I know, a tad much ain't it?) The Renubu had been banished from this universe in their last encounter with the Obertha,leaving the Reetafais stranded. Now free, the Reetafais sought revenge on their former masters, and sought out the one whom they thought could lead them to the other universe, Captain Skyfire of the Obertha. Meanwhile, a much weakened Renubu, who was left behind during the banishment as it hid in the body of one Lieutenant Selien Nevin (a former officer of the Obertha), returned to reclaim its mastery over the Reetafais. After much deception and double-speak, and some outside help from man old acquaintance,the Ronin crew managed to dispatch both the Reetafais and the Renubu without inflicting great harm upon themselves and their own vessel.


Report Author: Commodore Sierra Randor

Report Source: USS Starwind

Being stranded on a wintry planet for several days, the StarWind crew managed to survive in the depths of some well-maintained caverns. Several exploration parties were sent out and ran into various puzzles.

Commander Lecrisp and team has run into a Jem'Hadar Operations base and has reclaimed the child Nikita Randor from the soldiers.

Lt. Commander Taylen O'Conor's team had a close brush with a small pack of bear/wolf like creatures before finding a city of spider-webs and being apprehended by the arachnid creatures. The spiders, upset about several of their kind being killed and egg-sacs being destroyed rounded up the Jem'Hadar and StarWind crew for a trial.

Commander Lecrisp and Lieutenant Brandt upon finding a Jem'Hadar fighter manage to convince the spiders that the StarWind crew is innocent of the damage, (due to the fact that they have no weapons) and the spiders finally agree to help them. Using they fighter's comm system they send a message back to Starfleet for a rescue.


Report Author: Captain Sandolphan Aquiss

Report Source: U.S.S. Freedom-A

After a brief layover at SB118 where Lt.j.gs Adorakon, Jameson and Demma were promoted to full Lts and Ensigns Brenn and T'Kara were promoted to Lt.j.g., the Freedom left to investigate the disappearance of the U.S.S. Naiad.

During the investigation the Freedom encountered a Dominion prototype that could fire whilst cloaked.... as we discovered after it destroyed one of our nacelles. We were able to return fire and entered into a battle that saw an away team trapped aboard the prototype and a breakout by Jem'Hadar from our brig.

Forced to destroy the prototype, we were able to determine that the vessel was on it's first shakedown cruise. We can only hope that the Dominion will be slow to repeat the tests and implementation of the vessel as the specialists behind the project were taken into custody.

It also appears that Salak-na a respected Federation ambassador may have defected... the loss of the Naiad a ruse to cover it.

During the Freedom's repairs.. and outfitting with the "Wall of Light" shield prototype, the crew celebrated the official joining of Lt Torack Demma and Lt.j.g. T'Quinn.

A brief test of the Wall of light system uncovered a number of serious limitations to the system and a decision on its ultimate fate was to wait until after the joint maneuvers with the U.S.S. Ithaca.


Report Author: Commander Leigha Jacobs

Report Source: USS Ithaca

After completing her mission to Fodin Alpha, the USS Ithaca returned to Starbase 118. Once there, after several of the senior staff were promoted, the Ithaca was ordered to participate in a series of tactical simulations against the USS Freedom-A. The Freedom, which had been testing several new weapon and tactical systems, most notably the Wall of Light, needed an opponent to test them against. The superior Sovereign class Ithaca was selected as her competitor.

Both crews celebrated the night prior to the commencement of the wargames by attending a dinner together aboard the Freedom. However, the next morning, during the first round of the simulations, the Freedom fired live ammunition on the Ithaca. Having been outfitted for the games, the Ithaca had no defenses except shields. They were easily breached, and Captain Aquiss took advantage of this weakness.

Using an ion cannon, the Freedom managed to knock out the Ithaca's warp drive. Aquiss, who had been exhibiting signs of what had thought to be ponn farr for several days previously, then transported all of the Freedom crew to the Ithaca. This was before he beamed back the Ithaca's commanding officer, Commander Leigha Jacobs, as well as the Freedom's own counselor, Ensign Adler Wong. These two, as well as the Ithaca's security chief who managed to get aboard the Freedom, were aboard the ship when she warped towards the Sadaarn System. No further information is available at this time.


This part of the Reporter brings us up to date on what has been happening in the fantasy branch of UFP which includes the realms of Xanthia and Faerin...


Report Author: Decima

Report Source: Xanthia

The Eternity quest, whilst in the Kingdom of Vra, was asked by the guildmaster of the fighter's guild to rid the Western City of Balrek from a death cult. After gaining many new questors in Vra, they were ready to make their way to Jali, a port city across the sea, and from there, on land, to Balrek.

A merchant ship agreed to take the quest to Jali (for a small fee, of course). On the ship ride, it was found that several of the quest members were already under the influence of the death cult. Luckily, the quest's priest of Sylphia was able to break the spell.

The singer of the group had no sooner just finished a ballad about a ghost ship of pirates, when ghosts right out of her song attacked the ship. They were dispelled only by the rising of the sun, when it had been early evening just an hour or so before the fight began. (And no one recalls the fight lasting all night.) It was universally suspected that the death cult had something to do with the attack.

During this strange leap of time, the ship's course was lost, and all were set adrift for several days without direction. During the day there were no landmarks, and little wind, and during the night, a strange fog obscured the stars. As supplies dwindled critically, land was spotted. A tropical island.

Oddly, in light of this happy discovery, the ship's crew grew ever more despondent, and set the quest on the island to look for water and food. When the quest reemerged from the forest, the ship was gone, leaving them to fend for themselves.

All was not lost, because on this island they found strange markings, and a half-mad firemage who knew the way to the mainland, and Jali, through a small, hand-carved, miles-long, cave-tunnel. The mage also told of rumors of evil creatures who made their home in this cave.


Report Author: Alis Hege

Report Source: Xanthia

Currently, the Eternity group is on a quest to investigate a mysterious death cult on the island of Jali. Recent adventures have included a tournament given by the King of Vra and a quest for divine objects of the goddesses, Sylphia and Decima.

Recent promotions:

  • Vyra ----- Guildsman
  • Valia ----- Squire
  • Kiren ----- Squire
  • Scora ----- Apprentice
  • Jaled ----- Apprentice
  • Eleanoic ----- Apprentice


Report Author: Faerinar

Report Source: Faerin

There's been some disturbance down in the new mines, and a few adventurershave been called in to investigate. Unfortunately, so far Torrock has been obscure in his descriptions as to what the dangers might be... just that they needed fighters.

Read it at http://www.egroups.com/list/faerin-bergen


Report Author: Faerinar

Report Source: Faerin

A 'Master Kromius' has been popping in and out of Faerin for the last while. Sir Brhe and several others are going to investigate. Already, a vampire threatens the group, along with several Shadow-wraiths. (Staring Captain Skyfire as the vampire.)

Read it at http://www.egroups.com/list/faerin-brhe


Report Author: Faerinar

Report Source: Faerin

A group of elves are paranoid of outsiders... but we need a treaty with them, meaning one of the Faerinar is sent back to her old home to face the people that exiled her.

Read it at http://www.egroups.com/list/faerin-ilaya


This edition focuses on Captain Sandolphan Aquiss, a Vulcan-Betazoid male, and former commanding officer of the USS Freedom-A before she was recently destroyed. He is now CO of the new Sovereign class USS Nemesis.

JACOBS-- Captain Aquiss, why did you initially choose a career in Starfleet?

AQUISS-- My mother wanted me to be a diplomat. I was a trained in medicine and psychology, but needed action. I had trained in martial arts since I was a child... and, well - Starfleet seemed the best of all worlds.

JACOBS-- How did you go from being a doctor to attaining the rank of captain in Starfleet as well as being granted and the command of a starship?

AQUISS-- I actually trained as security-tactical in Starfleet. My training in abnormal psychology and pathology made me a good forensic investigator. My superiors saw the potential, and hard work prevailed.

JACOBS-- What has been the hardest situation you have had to deal with so far in your career, and how do you think dealing with the situation shaped your character?

AQUISS-- Having to send someone to their death. It was hard...and the necessity didn't salve my conscience. Loosing someone on your command is difficult - even more so when they are lost to your decision. That is why I can be seen to be hard on my crew...I don't want to loose anyone.

JACOBS-- Do you think this has led to others seeing you in a different light other than that other than the one shone by your true personality?

AQUISS-- Being an empath allows you to sense what others are feeling. I know what I am thought of, but I also think that it is necessary. I just hope that I am judged kindly.

JACOBS-- You share both a Vulcan and Betazed heritage, do you not?

AQUISS-- I do. Physically, I resemble a Vulcan Stalwart. Emotionally, I'm all Betazoid. My mixed heritage has given me some interesting abilities though. As I said I am a strong empath, and I have an uncontrollable mind-meld talent.

::Raises gloved hands::

Meaning that these are a necessity. One touch without them and I will meld with that person immediately.

JACOBS-- Would you say that being a hybrid has been helpful or hurtful to you throughout your Starfleet career or life in general?

AQUISS-- A fair bit of both I'd say. I've used the mistaken identity idea a lot... and my talents have proved both a help and hindrance. I appreciate being able to sense the well being of my crew, but at the same time, I'm always aware of criticism. The physical side, save for the melding problem, has always been a plus. I have a great deal more strength than many people realize, both from my Vulcan heritage and hybrid vigor.

JACOBS-- I know that shortly before your promotion to captain, you were given command of the USS Freedom-A and she was recently destroyed. With the subsequent commissioning of the USS Nemesis so quickly after the Freedom's loss, how do you think you will adapt to the change?

AQUISS-- I hope they will cope. The Nemesis is a new vessel and we have been given a new mission. We will be a little too busy to dwell on the past... no matter how painful that may be. I am confident that my crew will adapt.

JACOBS-- Do you have any specific goals to accomplish while aboard the Nemesis?

AQUISS-- To do my best, to live up to my potential, and to have my crew live up to theirs. I can hope for nothing more.

JACOBS-- Well spoken, Captain Aquiss. A pleasure as always. Thank-you for your time.


This Section contains Out of Character Information...


Did you know that UFP has its very own message board? Did you further know that it is up and running? If you said yes to any one these questions, or even if you didn't, check it out as soon as you get the chance. It is something not to be missed!



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