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Reporter Issue 23
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  • Issue Number: 23
  • Issue Date: 237507.31
  • Editor: Captain Shaun Marlin

Reporter Archive Index


I Editors note

II StarBase 118 Statistics

III StarBase 118 News Release

IV Promotions

V Starfleet News Service

VI Starfleet Focus

VII Out of Starfleet

VIII Credits


Firstly, Thankyou very much to all the people who commented on the changes I made to the Reporter last month. I appreciate it very much.


Secondly, there were some errors in last months Reporter, and I'd like to correct them...

Missing Promotion - The promotion of Lt jg Colin McHendry, serving on the USS Ranger, was missed out

Incorrect Author - This one was my fault, the reports from the USS Freedom-A last month, were written by Lt. jg Jameson who is the Tactical Officer of the Freedom, and not by Commodore Pelletier as I indicated

If you ever notice any errors in the Reporter, please let me know and I will put them straight...

Captain Marlin


The United Federation of Planets is always expanding and this section keeps track of the total number of senior staff, who are associated with StarBase 118. (ooc - in other words the total number of UFOP members)

Number of Duty Stations: 8

Number of Senior Staff: 101

We did it! We are now into a three-figure membership!


I am honoured to record that Shaun Michael Marlin has attained the rank of Captain, with all the responsibilities and privileges therein. His work has been exceptional, and I know you all join me in congratulating him on his new rank and ship, the USS Indria. Well done, Captain.

I am also required to post some unfortunate news. Captain Ruach of Kanist has fallen gravely ill, and remains in coma at Star Base 118 where she is receiving the best possible treatment. The illness apparently occurred after a mind meld with another individual, an officer who at one time had been assimilated by the Borg. Her ship is temporarily being commanded by Commander Vera Chavakuk Yefune of Star Base 43.

We continue to get a large portion of new StarFleet graduates, and our fleet is growing proportionally. It is unfortunate that our recent conflicts have exasperated this growth, but I am pleased with the entire fleet, and the work being done here.

Fleet Captain Elinor of Kanist

Also, a quick note from Admiral Wolf: UFOP's Fantasy branch is now SIMming! If you wish to be a part of Xanthia, please contact Admiral Wolf for an application!


Congratulations to the following officers on their promotions:



  • Shaun Marlin, USS Indria-A


  • Reginald Lecrisp, USS Arizona
  • Sally Strange, USS Indria-A


  • Allen O'Malley, USS Indria-A
  • Nathan Quinn, USS Isannah


  • Je Eirno Maka, USS Starwind

LIEUTENANT, Junior Grade:

  • Alfa, USS Indria-A
  • Benet Bagor, USS Indria-A
  • Ja, USS Indria-A
  • Skye, USS Indria-A
  • Colin McHendry, USS Ranger
  • Ja'lor, USS Starwind
  • Jason Brandt, USS Starwind



  • Lieutenant Commander Phoenix Knight, USS Freedom-A
  • Lieutenant Commander Nathan Quinn, USS Isannah


  • Lieutenant Commander Mark Anderson, USS Freedom-A

Note - Commodore Pelletier of the USS Freedom-A would like to extend his gratitude to Lieutenant Commander Valeris for her actions as Acting First Officer recently. The USS Freedom-A is in her debt.


This Section brings us up to date on what has been happening in Starfleet over the last month...


FLEETWIDE ALERT: The USS StarWind broke off communications after a star went Nova. No trace has been found of the StarWind's wreckage. All ships please be on the lookout for this vessel, or any of her crew.


Report Author: Lt. Cmdr. Reg Lecrisp Source: USS Arizona

When we last looked in on the brave men and women of the Arizona, the ship hosted Admiral Wolf and an entourage of his aides, who all seem curiously intent on studying Starfleet officers recovered from a botched Borg study. The Admiral quickly set up shop in the labs of the Arizona, and just as quickly left the ship, with the Executive Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Knight in tow, apparently to be transferred to the Freedom-A. Captain Ruach, angered over the Admiral's visit, performed a mind-meld on one of the patients. Then, the unthinkable. While deep in the mind-meld, a random energy surge flashed through the ship, and into the containment field surrounding Captain Ruach. The energy surge disrupted the mind-meld, throwing Captain Ruach into a coma, from which she has not recovered. Dr. Sara Jacobs, a member of the Admiral's team who had remained to study the officers, soon revealed the details of the experiment to the crew of the Arizona, and departed. Receiving new orders Lt. Cmdr. Lecrisp, now ranking officer, took the ship to Trin Beta, to oversee elections there as a preparation to that planet joining the Federation. Lord Reftroth, representing the moderate faction, is poised to win the election, but his bitter rival, Lord Roth will not sit for it. This mission covered a more sensitive one - to discover what happened to a group of Federation geologists working on the planet. It did not take long to discover that other, more nefarious forces were at work. Meanwhile, Lt. Cmdr. Lecrisp received word that Fleet Captain Elinor has appointed a new commander for the Arizona, pending their return to Starbase 118.

Captain Ruach's condition unchanging, the Arizona was sent back to Star Base 118 so that the captain can be treated at the base. While there, Commander Vera Chavakuk Yefune took temporary control of the Arizona. Their next mission will be to Vulcan, where Lieutenant T'Rau will deliver Ruach's katra to the halls.


Report Author: Lt. Cmdr. San Aquiss Source: Starbase 118

After watching Starbase 118 reduced to it's component atoms by a combination of self-destruct and machinations of Kalendra Solret. The crew of Starbase 118 found themselves aboard Starbase 118's defiant-class vessel the USS Xanth.

Starfleet assured us that the new Starbase would be completed in a matter of days and the command staff of the Starbase were given the mission to intercept a re-emergent Maquis celle before they triggered any incidents that may justify Dominion-Cardassian incursions into Starfleet territory.

It was soon discovered that the Marquis were on there way to UP shipyards where a number of older classes were undergoing a refit to bring them into line with the newer classes of vessels. It soon became clear that the Marquis were attempting to seize at least one of the refitted vessels.

A maquis group managed to beam an away team aboard and take sickbay hostage. The seige was ended and the group imprisoned but not before one of the maquis was beaten to death by the 2nd Science officer....On interrogation.. the Maquis leader informed us of the location of an asteroid base.

On the way to the base disaster struck - Lt Hamlet was lost - presumed dead when his quarters were converted into a 'detonation chamber' the contents of his quarters reduced to their component elements. An investigation failed to find sufficient evidence to arrest his suspected assassin.

The Xanth, with the help of the USS Orion, managed to disable a captured Romulan scout used by the Maquis, and on arrival at the shipyards entered battle with two Maquis vessels - refitted excelsiors...

The Xanth managed to disable one vessel and the maquis base but the second Maquis excelsoir is out there... somewhere....

On the return trip Lt. Cmdr. Aquiss almost met the same fate as Lt Hamlet - but was rescued by Lt Tekra.

UPDATE, by Captain Curtis Arvanon

The Starbase 118 officers--still aboard the Defiant class warship USS XANTH--capture the last ship that was hijacked from Utopia Planetia by the Maquis. The crew's return to the starbase is not a peaceful one. Engineers Sharp and Fairaget discover a strange device--soon nicknamed Aurora--which claims to be sentient, then disappears. Soon after the XANTH docks with SB 118, an attempt is made on Captain Arvanon's life, and an unknown force attempts to gain access to Starbase 118's computers.

A routine staff meeting is turned upside-down by the new Deck Officer, Ensign Barry White. The investigation into Lieutenant JG Hamlet's death is given new life, even as the crew of the Starbase prepares for his funeral.

The crew's investigations into Hamlet's death and into the disappearance of Aurora continue, and the crew continues to adjust to life on their new 18-mile high home. Many activities are taking place all over the station now, some involving some involving some less-than-virtuous characters, but whether or not they have any connection to the starbase's current problems has yet to be seen.


Report Author: Lieutenant Leigha Jacobs Report Source: USS Indria-A

After completing her shakedown mission to the Blue Horizon Space Station, the USS Indria was dispatched to assist in recovering survivors of the USS Freedom-A. Due to interference by a force of Cardassian and Dominion forces, the Freedom disappeared leaving the crew stranded on Tylos 2. The Freedom's crew had abandoned ship after a warp core breach had seemed to be inevitable. The Indria was sent to recover the crew and return to Starbase 118. However, an away team from the Indria suffered an attack by Dominion soldiers while on Tylos 2. The attack resulted in a brief skirmish before the Freedom's crew was successfully beamed aboard the Indria.

Later, it was discovered that the commanding officer of the Freedom, Commodore Jeff Pelletier, had been onboard the Freedom when it disappeared. The Indria sent a fleet of runabouts and fighters to locate the Freedom. It was later found in orbit, by the fighters, around the third planet of the Dacupe System in Cardassian space. Attacks were made on the squadron by enemy vessels. Casualties were taken and one fighter was lost.

Not long after, the Indria herself arrived to offer assistance. A small team of officers from the Indria had been beamed aboard the Freedom and successfully defeated more than half of the hijackers. However, before more action could be taken, a level 12 shockwave hit both the Indria and the Freedom. Both were knocked out of orbit and crashed into the planet they had been orbiting. Although both ships sustained damage, the Indria was the one most severely affected. Fortunately, after a two week time for repairs, both ships lifted off from the planet and embarked on their new missions.


Report Author: Commodore Jeff Pelletier Source: USS Freedom-A

The war is ongoing and so are the Federation's new orders to strike back. Ongoing efforts by Star Fleet's finest daily report successes as the Dominion and Cardassian Fleets are pushed farther and farther back from the core of the Federation.

Of course, the actions of those vessels under covert orders can't be released to the general public. However, it can be said that the USS Freedom is pushing onward in its efforts to quell the Cardassian and Dominion attack forces. Apparently, a joint mission between the Freedom and newly commissioned Indria did not go off quite as planned. However, both vessels have reported minimal losses and are continuing with their missions. All that can be said about the current mission of the Freedom is that it includes an attempt to retrieve a long-time Federation operative from within the Empire. Only time will tell if they will be successful.


Report Author: Captain Sierra Randor Source: USS Starwind

An unknown force has taken pulled the StarWind into an alternative dimension. In this galaxy, the federation took many losses in the Dominion threat. StarFleet made the difficult decision of allying with her enemy, the Dominion. When Rummors Changeling interference surfaced, many Captains defected her crew, including Sierra Randor. Now allies with the Romulans and Klingons, the "Resistance" embarks on what may be its most important mission of all: proving the Changeling activity in the Federation consul and eliminating the threat. The StarWind (real) has been 'conscripted' to aid the Resistance in their mission, in return for aid returning home.


Report Author: Captain Maela Jolon Source: USS Isannah

Last month an article detailing the disappearance of the senior officers of the USS Isannah was published. It was thought that they had vanished in a transporter accident, even though clues as to what happened did not surface.

The senior officers have all returned minus the tactical officer, Ensign Noah Michaels, who has gone missing. Whether he is dead or not cannot be confirmed.

The senior officers of the USS Isannah were abducted by an unknown alien race, which travels in interspace, rendering them undetectable to everyone in normal space. They intercepted the transportation of the senior staff with their teleporter, which was undetectable to Federation technology.

The crew was held in a "reality generator", which resembles the holodecks, and made to believe that they had teleported back in time 100 years. Though clever actions of the crew it was determined that they had indeed not travelled back in time. When the reality generator began to fail the crew was taken to a cell where they later escaped to discover that they were on a starship. With some hard work and good thinking the crew was able to escape back to the Isannah, which was in tow, and return safely.


Report Author: Captain Skyfire Source: USS Obertha

It is not everyday that a starship suffers a warp core meltdown. Not an implosion or a breach, mind you. Just a meltdown. But for the crew of the Obertha, the core meltdown the ship suffered recently was much more than "just a meltdown".

Upon discovering the problem, the ship's engineering crew, consisting of Lieutenant Blazer and Ensign Beindor'b, initiated remedial measures immediately, while the rest of the crew prepared for the worst. To complicate matters further, the crew also received a distress call from the medical freighter Pasteur. The Pasteur had crash-landed on a desert planet, and the lives of its twelve crewmembers were at great risk. The Obertha limped on, arriving only to find most of the Pasteur's crew dead. The cause of death was soon made apparent, as the ship's Chief Security Officer, Lieutenant Michael James, contracted a fatal and fast acting virus. A virus that was later identified by Doctor Shauli, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, as the cause of death for the Pasteur crew. At time of print, Lieutenant James should be counting his blessings as Doctor Shauli, with the assistance of Lieutenant Junior Grade Selien Nevin, the Chief Science Officer who was later discovered to be a Cardassian and discharged from Star Fleet, was quick to come up with a suitable anti-viral agent.

Attempting to retrieve the warp core of the Pasteur, which was ejected before the freighter crash landed, the Obertha crew was treated to one of the more unusual and memorable moments of a Star Fleet career: an encounter with two Halanians, Ambassador Armazanis and Junior Ambassador Merridan. The Halanians, famed for their capacity for pomp, eccentric customs (which are often found to be rude by other Federation societies), and drawn out banquets, took possession of the Pasteur's warp core illegally, claiming it to be a Treasure (Junior Ambassador Merridan is the holder of the title Discoverer of Fantastic Treasures, which is a role of great prestige in Halanian society.) With a Ferengi Marauder vessel arriving on the scene, things turned even more complicated. Since Halania was a major producer of trilithium, negotiation was the only means available so as not to upset the Ambassadors, who are known to be difficult to please. As negotiations with the Halanians broke down, Doctor Shauli and Lieutenant Solari Rivan, the ship's counsellor, were abducted and brought onto the Halanian vessel. With further negotiations, Counsellor Rivan, along with the Pasteur's warp core, were returned to Obertha. Doctor Shauli, however, was made to pay for her error when onboard the Halanian vessel, which resulted in the transport of Junior Ambassador Merridan, which might have killed him. Ambassador Armazanis, using an unknown device, decomposed the Doctor's molecular structure, scattering her being into space. With a great stroke of luck, however, the Doctor was able to find her way back to the Obertha and took possession of the emergency medical hologram. While no longer in corporeal form, the Doctor will surely be able to continue serving the crew's medical needs. With the apparent murder of a Star Fleet officer, Captain Skyfire ordered that the Halanian vessel be disabled, and Star Fleet Command was informed of the incidence. Ambassador Armazanis has since been apprehended, and is currently seeking diplomatic and legal assistance on Star Base 87.


Report Author: Lieutenant Leigha Jacobs Report Source: USS Indria-A

Once the Indria had departed the planet in the Dacupe System where the ship had been undergoing repairs for the two previous weeks, the Indria was dispatched by Starfleet Command to the Hirt System. There the Indria was ordered to take part in the Intergalactic Ship Race to ensure that a ship of Ferengi, supportive of the Federation's war against the Dominion, won the race. The competition is renowned for attracting rogue ships from all over the quadrant and the Federation had previously frowned upon and forbidden participation in it.

However, eager to gain any advantage in the war effort, Starfleet Command ordered that the Indria's crew appear to have mutinied against Commander Marlin. This fabrication was furthered by the fact that Commander Marlin was off ship on a classified assignment to Starfleet Headquarters, and Command sent out indications that the Indria had indeed been taken control of by those rebelling officers. During the mission, which consisted of a scavenger hunt of sorts, all ship's crew dressed out of uniform and played the role of the mutineers. Also, modifications to the engines to increase speed and new weaponry were added to the Indria's systems.

Later, the Indria encountered resistance from a band of Klingons and a Romulan war bird. They did not wish the Indria to take part in the race, as they believed the Indria to still be under Federation control. The ensuing face off resulted in the destruction of the Romulan war bird and the Ferengi ship the Indria had been sent to help win the race. Having no other reason to stay in the race, the Indria broke off and returned to Starbase 118 where they are currently docked.


Report Source: USS Ranger

Press Release from Com. Brian Kelly:

"The USS Ranger has been dispatched by Fleet Captain Elinor on classified manoeuvres. Nothing more is available at this time."


This edition focuses on Lieutenant Leigha Jacobs, who serves as Chief Medical Officer onboard the USS Indria.

MARLIN: Lieutenant, why did you initially choose a career in Starfleet?

JACOBS: Do you know, that ever since I first applied to the Academy, that I must have been asked that very question hundreds of times. What's more is that I don't think I have honestly ever given the same response twice. Sometimes I have answered it in a light and frivolous manner and said things like that I wanted to rule the universe. ::slight laugh:: In other instances, such as when I was being interviewed for possible admission to the Academy, I have answered the serious and monotonous response that most young men and women who come from Starfleet families answer. I wanted to make the universe a better place and explore strange and fascinating places while doing so. However, as time passes, I think that the answer to that question changes. As I have continued to experience being apart of the Starfleet, I've found that the more time that I actually spend in a uniform contributes a lot to the changing of that answer. But, I think that I can honestly say that one underlying principal has been present in all of the different responses. I wanted to gain knowledge. I wanted to quench a thirst that has been present in me for as long as I can remember-- probably even as long as I have been alive. And, the best place to gain that knowledge, in a first hand manner, was Starfleet. You experience so many different situations and become exposed to so many new and diverse cultures that the knowledge is there whether someone wants it or not.

MARLIN: Is there any one particular situation or experience, which you have encountered so far in your career, that you would say stands above the rest, in terms of supplying such knowledge?

JACOBS: Well, that depends. There are lots of type of knowledge that are out there for people to gain. I would say that in a general sense, first contact missions have always been the most beneficial to me. You can learn about civilizations that no one else from your culture has ever learned. That in itself is unique. However, I would have to say that the particular experience of serving on some of the Fleet's finest ships stands heads above the rest in quenching the thirst of that which I seek. When you serve together with the men and women that are officers in Starfleet, it's like you develop a second family. Ties are strong and those bonds open up endless possibilities for new things to be learned because each officer that is apart of that family is different in some way.

MARLIN: When training for Starfleet, a lot of people tend to steer towards training for the more glamorous positions of Tactical Officer, Security Chief and so on, what made you choose medicine as your discipline?

JACOBS: Science is in my blood, I suppose. Both my father and brother are scientists in there own right, and my mother is a doctor herself. Her career in medicine and Starfleet played a substantial role in my decision to enter the field of medicine. Only my sister escaped the cycle, and isn't a science buff. But, I would say that the biggest factor in my decision to become a doctor was that I once lost someone very close to me because I couldn't save him. I was and still am determined to keep that from happening ever again. The things I was forced to learn to become a doctor was the best way to ensure that history doesn't repeat itself. Besides, being a doctor in Starfleet is glamorous enough for me, right now. I serve on one of the best ships in the Fleet with one of the best crews and have also done so in the past. What more could any person ask for? And who knows what the future might bring?

MARLIN: I was once told that every situation we encounter shapes our personality in some way. What has been the hardest situation you have had to deal with so far in your career, and how do you think dealing with the situation shaped your character?

JACOBS: Honestly, that is not a tough one to answer, because several recent situations could qualify to fit that description. I guess that the one that is most appropriate has to do with something that happened not long after I was promoted to chief medical officer for the first time in my career as a Starfleet officer. The very first time that I walked into that sickbay, it was like a totally new experience. I knew that for the first time in my life, I was in a situation where I had people looking to me for guidance as the CMO. Now, one has to understand that never before in my life had I been the one that was the person giving the orders---I was usually the one that followed the orders of others. It was not only difficult to overcome, but also a little scary, too. No, I take that back. I was scared out of my mind. I didn't know if what I was doing was right or wrong, and I feared that someone else might have to pay because of my inexperience and mistakes. And, to be honest, I did make some mistakes. However, the world didn't come to an end because of them. I learned from my mistakes, and they made me stronger. Not only did I become a better doctor, but I think I learned some valuable knowledge concerning being an authority figure. I can only hope that I did and will continue to put that information to good use. If I do, I think that I will make myself a better officer not only for those who work below me, but for everyone that I encounter in my career as a Starfleet officer.

MARLIN: Finally, Doctor, if you could use five words to describe yourself, what would they be?

JACOBS: That is a tough question to answer. You see, I think that every person, no matter who they are, has many attributes in their personality that make them who they are. Even if one is changed in the slightest manner, than that individual wouldn't be the same person that they had been before. But, in a general sense, I think I could probably think of a few words that described me.


I would have to say that the most important word that would describe who I am is humorous. I like to think that I have a good sense of humour. It may be a bit sarcastic at times, but it's always there. I have always been a firm believer that if you can't laugh at yourself, then it affects everyone who is around you. There are times when people, especially Starfleet officers, need to get down to business and be serious. However, there are also times when a person just needs to cut loose and have fun. For those who do not bend, break.

Hmmm...four other words that describe me, right? Well, I like to think that I am an intelligent person. I also am very patient. That combination often leads to me being the voice of reason among people who some times go too far when they are having fun. But its not like I have not ever crossed that line myself. Sometimes I have a tendency to get very wrapped up in the moment, and carry things further than they should go. However, usually I pull things back within the limits before it's too late.

Two more words? Okay. I am a very casual individual. I like more informal atmospheres to live and work in because it usually makes the time spent there more enjoyable. I am also a very loyal individual. Once someone has earned my respect and admiration, it is very hard for them to get rid of me. I am the type who would do anything for a person that I truly care about if they asked it of me. I think that's what makes me the type of person I am today. People before me have set the example of the type of person that I want to be, and I continue to strive for it each day. I may not ever reach my goal, but at least I'll have fun trying.

MARLIN: Dr Jacobs, thankyou for your time and agreeing to be interviewed. Safe journeys.


This Section contains Out of Character Information...


The IRC channel for the weekly chats has moved to, a more dependable server. Chats are being held at their regular time(s) in #Starbase_118

Also plans for the Second 'Euro-Chat' have not been forgotten. A list of interested officers has now been compiled, and the next stage of planning will be beginning very shortly. If you are interested in participating in this second chat, and haven't already indicated this to Captain Marlin, please do so now by sending a short letter to


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