Rendal Rennyn

Lieutenant Commander Ren Rennyn, an unjoined Trill, is currently taking leave on Trill.

Ren Rennyn.png
Lt. Commander Ren Rennyn
  • Rank: Lieutenant Commander
  • Ship: LOA
  • Position: LOA
  • Race: Trill
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 43
  • DoB: 235712.09
  • Birthplace: Arnmere, Trill

Academy Transcript
Medical Record

Service Ribbons
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Explorer's Ribbon
Good Conduct Ribbon
Legion of Merit
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon
Prometheus Ribbon
Purple Heart
Joint Meritorious Unit Award
UFP Medal of Freedom
Lifesaving Ribbon

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  • Full Name: Rendal Arnom Rennyn
  • Race: Trill
  • Date of Birth: 235712.09
  • Place of Birth: Arnmere, Trill
  • Age: 43
  • Gender: Male
  • Relationship Status: Sometimes dating Sovak
  • Health: View Medical Record.


  • Height: 6'5", 1,95m
  • Weight: 210lb, 95kg
  • Hair Color: Ash brown
  • Length of Hair: Medium short
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Fair
  • Birthmarks, Scars: Trill spots
  • Legs: Two
  • Build: Tall and strongly built
  • Carriage: Well-postured but casual
  • Taste in Clothing: Simple, neat and well-presented
  • Handedness: Right


An easy smile and a kind word are second nature to Ren, but when he is frustrated or angry, he gets red-faced and tongue-tied, and may erupt in a verbal tirade. His expression can be dreamy and distant, but he keeps a strong focus on tasks at hand. Professionally, he is a highly organized and detail-oriented officer who strives for efficiency and can perform well under pressure. He suffers from a healthy dose of Trill curiosity that leads him to stick his nose in where it might not belong.

  • Temperament: Easy-going and kind, Ren is naturally diplomatic and peaceful. He is known for being friendly and making those around him feel comfortable. He is hard-working and community-minded, the product of his life at home with a large farming family in a small community. Despite his love of home and family, he is also adventurous and eager to see new sights and have new experiences in other parts of the galaxy. Like most of his people, he celebrates and reveres natural beauty, fresh experiences and the simple pleasures of life. One liability is a temper that will lead him to occasionally explode in a verbal tirade sometimes referred to as a "country rage."
  • Quarters: A welcoming, lived-in atmosphere makes Ren's quarters a comfortable home where the door is always open to visitors. He fills the room with plants cut from his family's farm.
  • Favorite Room: The holodeck, where he indulges his hobby as an extremely amateur programmer.
  • Habits: Ren will tell a story about his hometown to anyone at any time, and he usually does.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: Studying languages and history, holodeck adventures and programming, amateur studies of Trill history and genealogy, linguistic puzzles.
  • Likes: Language and history, making friends, experiencing something new.
  • Dislikes: Starfleet-issue Science Blankets. And being asked about his symbiont - he doesn't have one.
  • Favorite Food: Moba fruit. Spicy Bajoran food. And let's not kid ourselves... chocolate.
  • Preferred Drink: Beer
  • Favorite TV show: Orbitron and Glopus
  • Fears: The Borg
  • Ambitions and Goals: His ambitions are to serve Starfleet as an agent of peace and prosperity for the Federation’s citizens; and to honor the memories of family and friends who were killed or whose lives were painfully interrupted in the Dominion war.
  • Achievements in Life: Ren is proud of breaking away from the life he was expected to live on Trill to join Starfleet and explore the universe. Aboard USS Atlantis, Ren helped develop the Atlantis Panic Room to navigate the difficult terrain of the Par'tha Expanse. Ren proudly served as first officer aboard USS Columbia, where his highest goal was to be a great crewmate and help his fellow officers prosper.
  • Disappointments in Life: Ren was the guardian of Rover, a mischievous ambassador of the Cloud Dancers, a cloud-based species native to the Jenatris Cloud. Rover solidified into a solid rock-like form in 2392 and appeared to have died. Ren still holds on to hope that it is some unknown dormant state from which Rover will emerge, but the loss of his funny companion has been a great disappointment to the Trill.
Guladia blossoms from Aunt Metzi's Guladia bush. Ren grew this and other plants in his quarters from cuttings of family plants.
A neatly folded example of the Starfleet-issue mylar polyblend blanket Ren disparagingly calls a "science blanket."
They *do* have bathrooms.

Personal History

The farmhouse and grounds at Tro'Arn Farms, 10k outside of Arnmere, Trill.

Ren grew up on a stretch of land near Arnmere, a small and ancient town deep in the farmlands of Trill. His family and all their neighbors ran prosperous operations, building on hundreds of years of proud family history and experience. He was a hard worker who enjoyed living the life he was born to and proudly took his place among his large, close-knit family.

The old farmhouse at Tro'Arn Farms. The oldest part of the structure dates all the way back to the 20th century.

Ren attended Ledaro Regional University on Trill, where he pursued a double major in Business and Systems Operations – with an eye toward expanding and modernizing his family’s business – and a minor in Xeno-Linguistics – his own secret passion. This was at a time of war with the Dominion, but his parents insisted he stay in school on Trill rather than join a defense force or enlist in Starfleet like many of his friends.

During this time, Ren found it difficult to face the loss of friends in the war, and developed guilt that altered his relationships when they returned. In 2379, during the last summer holiday from school, Navin Tanos, a Trill Ren dated on and off, and had known since they were kids, was lost while traveling off world, presumed dead in a Borg attack. Ren became convinced that Navin had become a drone, and this has given him a nearly paralyzing fear of the Borg.

After school, Ren returned to Arnmere to apply what he had learned to the family farming operation. A few years of hard work changed Ren, as did the thought of what he could have contributed to the cause of peace during the war, when so many others sacrificed themselves.

A summer view, Tro'Arn Farms.

Ren and his sister Alin attended Starfleet Academy together after studying and taking their entrance exams without their family’s knowledge. Alin was the minimum age for acceptance and Ren was ten years older, but he was determined to start a new career among the stars. At the Academy, Ren built on his love of flight and knowledge of ship systems to become a Helm Officer. In keeping with his love of languages, matched with his systems studies, he earned a minor in Operations and Communications.


Ledaro, the city where Ren attended university.
  • Ledaro Regional University, Ledaro, Trill
    • Matriculated: 237609.01
    • Graduated: 238006.12
    • Major: Business & Systems Operations
    • Minor: Xeno-Linguistics
  • Starfleet Academy, San Francisco, Earth
    • Matriculated: 238708.28
    • Graduated: 239102.02
    • Major: Helm/Navigation
    • Minor: Comm/Ops

View full Academy Transcript.


Ren speaks several languages as a result of his lifelong hobby of linguistic study. At home on the farm, he always found time to work on foreign language skills as a hobby, and at the Academy he took those studies even further. In addition to the proficiencies he earned from Starfleet, he has a smattering of Andorian and has started on Ferengi.

L4 Proficiency: Fluent use; native languages; intensive Vulcan studies at Academy

  • Trill
  • Fed Standard
  • Fed Stdrd Sign Language
  • Vulcan

L2 Proficiency: Intermediate use; studied in Academy courses

  • Bajoran
  • Klingon
  • Romulan

L1 Proficiency: Elementary knowledge; self-taught and continuing to learn

  • Ferengi
  • Andorian

Professional History


Alongside his education at Ledaro University on Trill in systems technology and xenolinguistics, Ren pursued flight training first as a hobby, then as something more. Despite feeling connected to the land, he also felt a need to fly from it. By the time he attended the Academy, he'd already logged enough flight hours at home to have a high experience rating. That only went so far as he was introduced to the world of Starfleet craft, and he logged many hours in various craft and craft simulators to achieve the experience he needed to turn his passion into a career. He applied his previous experience to the Academy training and focused on increasing his skills and knowledge, certain that piloting was what he wanted to do.

USS AtlantisIntrepid class

In 2391, Ren was posted to the USS Atlantis, an exploratory and diplomatic vessel based at Deep Space 26 in the distant Par'tha Expanse. Away from the Federation, this region of space is only partially explored. The Expanse is dense in natural anomalies, providing a challenge to any navigator.

Cloudy With A Chance Of Madness (Atlantis) - During Atlantis' first mission, Ren was instrumental in finding a way through the unnavigable Par'tha Expanse, testing his flight abilities to their limit. Atlantis was able to arrive on time for its diplomatic delivery to Uzoka 4, far across the Expanse from Deep Space 26. Along the way, Ren helped acclimate Rover, a sentient cloud being from the Jenatris Cloud, to life among bipeds.

Following this mission, Rennyn was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) at a ceremony held on Uzoka 4.

Outbreak! (Atlantis) - USS Atlantis was ordered to return to Deep Space 26 to receive a new mission directive. On a shuttle test flight/practice run, Rennyn, Commander Marcus Dickens and Commander Rode Mitchell discovered a secret EJS base in a field of asteroids and space debris, but the EJS did not engage. Along the way, the Atlantis crew grew sick with a flu-like virus. When crew members began to die, it was discovered that a toxin was artifically bound to the virus, threatening the life of anyone with iron-based blood. Rennyn, among those affected, was one of the first to grow violently ill. He was nursed through the worst of the flu by Sovak, but continued to be infected by the toxin. When Dr. Shar'Wyn Foster developed a cure, Ren volunteered as test subject. The crew recovered in Gwen Gardener's pool party themed therapeutic holodeck program Decon Tiki, where Ren showed signs of euphoria as a result of the treatment. Later, he unfairly blamed Tarsii Asmara for his role in sabotaging the ship and crew, and Sovak's resulting life-threatening injuries from wild animals on the planet's surface where Atlantis took refuge. Rennyn piloted Atlantis from the planet's surface through a team of EJS ships, flying safely away from danger.

At a ceremony on SB26, Rennyn was promoted to Lieutenant.

Dark Wonderland! (Atlantis) - The crew of Atlantis was invited to a carnival and circus holoprogram designed by Gwen Gardener, set up in an extra-large makeshift holodeck on Deck 42 of Starbase 26. The program was corrupted by an EMH who had merged with the memories of Lt. Shryker, and the crew were trapped inside the deck, changed into fairytale characters, and forced to go on a quest to save Princess Gwen Gardener. Ren became a version of the Terran fairy tale Pinocchio, known as Renocchio. Because he was mostly honest in wanting to escape the terrifying program, Ren's nose never grew all that much.

Following this mission, Ren was awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon and the Legion of Merit. He was asked to take on Operations functions on the bridge in addition to his helm and navigation duties, making him HCO Officer and Flight Officer.

Blast From The Past (Atlantis) - Atlantis was dispatched to investigate an outdated Starfleet signal coming from the unexplored Norlian Nebula. Rennyn worked with Daro Conti to install the new Par'tha Expanse Navigation Control center, dubbed the PANIC Room. This hub incorporates advanced sensor data to enhance navigation in the unpredictable Par'tha Expanse, allowing Atlantis greater freedom of movement within the Expanse. Conti's invention of swarming self-replicating navigation probes allowed Atlantis to find its way into the Norlian Nebula. Once inside, Atlantis discovered the USS Christopher Pike, a ship missing since 2299. Rennyn shuttled away teams to the Pike aboard Atlantis' aeroshuttle, the Tiger Shark, since transporters would not work in the nebula. Alone aboard the Tiger Shark, Rennyn found a survivor of the Pike, Lt. Barbara Tarch, looking remarkably unaged. As Atlantis negotiated with time-displaced Romulans, an inundation of Pike survivors, and mysterious rifts in time and space, Ren kept calm and got the away teams home safe to Atlantis. He later worked to help create a chroniton shield to aid in Atlantis' escape, using the PANIC Room to find safe paths for all the ships to exit the time rift into their own times. Atlantis flew to safety, and Rennyn set course for DS26 and a little R&R.

During shoreleave, Rennyn was assigned to take a diplomacy course with T'mani, Federation ambassador to the Par'tha Expanse, as a consequence of his loss of temper when Tarsii Asmara was suspected of foul play. Ren lost the padd containing his assigned coursework, but, following a madcap chase full of red herrings, Ren, assisted by Daro Conti, found the padd and completed his assignment.

Rennyn was promoted to Lt. Commander by Captain Raj Blueheart in the captain's ready room aboard Atlantis.

Bravo Signal (Atlantis) - Atlantis was asked by Starfleet Command to leave the Par'tha Expanse for the first time since its relaunch. The ship reported to Outpost Bravo in the Piktar System, an arm of Prometheus Station. Following reported incidents related to the Prometheus Incident, Outpost Bravo's communications went silent. When Atlantis arrived, they discovered the ice planet Piktar I was crumbling, taking Outpost Bravo with it. Rennyn's team discovered a secret underground lab facility, where a genetically modified Terran codenamed Elsa was unable to control her power over cold and ice. The team was rescued from the collapsing planet by USS Atlantis, but not before Rennyn got the Tiger Shark stuck below ground, and suffered his third concussion in several weeks in the collapsing facility.

Arriving back on Atlantis, with Elsa in cryostasis, Ren discovered that Rover had solidified into a hard, porous purple rock. The Cloud Dancer was seemingly dead. Ren theorized that their distance from the Jenatris Cloud had lead to Rover's death, but another theory stated that the young cloud was in a natural chrysalis phase.

Following his injury in the line of duty and the loss of his cloud-based friend, Ren transferred away from the Atlantis to USS Darwin-A.

USS Darwin-AHorizon class

In 2392, Ren Rennyn arrived on the USS Darwin-A under the command of Commander Renos. The Darwin was investigating underwater ruins on planet Asav, part archeological expedition, part diplomatic envoy to the new Asavii government.

From The Divine To The Squidiculous (Darwin-A) - Ren's first adventure with the crew of USS Darwin-A involved 40 seconds aboard the ship, several panic attacks under the ocean, and a struggle with ancient coaxial cable.

Breaching the Adversary (Darwin-A) - Ren led a rescue team to the surface of Zakdor, where a terrorist attack caused massive destruction at a remote factory. As building collapsed and toxins filled the air, Rennyn, Iniko Mpeba and Iy did what they could to help, while Darwin suffered terrorist attacks of its own.

Deep Space Race (Darwin-A) - Ren and Iniko Mpeba teamed up to enter the Deep Space 26 Shuttle Race. After constructing their shuttle Ugly Baby from incompatible parts sourced from the scrap yard, they finished the race without sensors or thrusters, but managed to come in first place thanks to a stuck throttle and a lot of luck!

USS ColumbiaNebula class

Force of Nature (Columbia) - On his first away mission with the Columbia crew, Ren led a science team to Hemix, a planet where a remote island spontaneously bred plant and animal life. Several encounters with the 4th dimension later, and everyone was back safe on Columbia. Not before they also ran into a pirate queen, killer moths, sentient energy, and one more EV suit than Ren cared to wear. All that plus a Sicarius agent loose on Columbia made life nothing but interesting for everyone involved.

Nightmare (Columbia) - The missing inhabitants of a joint Romulan-Reman mining colony under Republic control were found, when Ren led an away team to planet Estava. A scientific prank gone wrong led to widespread mutations, turning the inhabitants into unbelievably disgusting monsters. Fighting to keep his team safe, Ren helped track down the missing survivors and get them to safety aboard Columbia.

Columbia was decommissioned following Commander Brek's departure from the service for a lucrative job as the owner of Emerald Cruises. Ren and many of his crewmates were transferred to USS Apollo-A.

USS Apollo-AOdyssey class

A Series of Unusual Events (Apollo-A) - Ren and his fellow transferees from Columbia were thrown right in to the thick of it when the boarded the Apollo in the midst of a fire fight with a Sicarius ship. While they worked to help stop the attacking ship and the agents hidden aboard Apollo, Ren struggled to help establish communications with the away team on the planet Neutronia through a field of subspace distortions. Shortly after this mission, Ren took at six month leave of absence from Starfleet to spend time at home in Arnmere.

USS Darwin-AHorizon class

After six months with his family in Arnmere, Ren returned to active duty aboard the USS Darwin-A.

Follow the adventure as it unfolds.

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet 4th Class 2387-2388 Starfleet Academy Helm/Comm/Ops
Cadet 3rd Class 2388-2389 Starfleet Academy Helm/Comm/Ops
Cadet 2nd Class 2389-2390 Starfleet Academy Helm/Comm/Ops
Cadet 1st Class 2390-239102.02 Starfleet Academy, USS Centris Helm/Comm/Ops
Ensign 239102.02 - 239105.08 USS Atlantis Helm officer
Lieutenant JG 239105.08 - 239108.26 USS Atlantis Helm officer
Lieutenant 239108.26 - 239110.31 USS Atlantis Helm officer
Lieutenant 239110.31 - 239201.23 USS Atlantis HCO and Flight Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239201.23 - 239204.24 USS Atlantis HCO and Flight Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239204.24 - 239207.30 USS Darwin-A HCO Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239207.30 - 239211.17 USS Columbia First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239211.16 - 239301.17 USS Apollo-A Ops Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239301.17 - 239307.13 Arnmere, Trill Leave of Absence
Lieutenant Commander 239307.13 - 239401.20 USS Darwin-A Chief Ops & Helm Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239401.20 - 239404.19 USS Blackwell - Andaris Task Force First Officer
Lieutenant Commander 239404.19 - 239405.01 DS26 - Andaris Task Force Diplomatic Officer


For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Scotty Cross 239112.18
USS Atlantis
Ren is the most positive, creative and imaginative player I have ever met! His ability to make words come alive and pop right out of the screen and into your mind, is nothing short of astounding! He is a natural leader, and every leader is required to be inventive and daring to make changes – something Ren has in abundance! Thus, for his extreme creativity in linguistics and plot twists alike, he is awarded the Scotty Cross! Congratulations, Ren!
TOSMA 239112.18
USS Atlantis
Ren constantly provides the Staff of the Atlantis with solid ideas for mission plots and how to sim our way out of a plot twist. He has developed his character well over the past 9 months on the Atlantis with intriguing flashbacks of early childhood memories on Trill. The quality of his sims is near perfection, and he has won the Writing Challenge as a proof of this dedication and commitment to the quality of his writing. For his great dedication to simming well, he is awarded The Order of Starfleet Merit and Achievement First Class! Congratulations again, Ren!
Pilot's Sextant 239201.01
USS Atlantis
Lt. Rendal Rennyn has been an asset to the group ever since he joined, bringing up not only his own character development but also staff task. It didn't take long for him to find ways to explore the duty he's performing as HCO of the Atlantis. There we've seen him in many aspects, from just driving the ship to running a runabout, as well as performing his task even when under the weather. More than that, he has shown us skills and made us "see" what the ship was doing with his descriptions of his work as Helm officer. He even pointed out things that we usually take for granted, such as how comfortable and dynamic the chair of the Helm officer on an Intrepid can be! He shows great knowledge and has provided fun and intense moments for us to enjoy while maintaining the dynamics of a starship. His description of navigation through uncharted regions of space is breathtaking, while maintaining a certain degree of technical validity and coherence. It is the perfect combination of logical technological explanation and elegant prose, and for this he deserves the Pilot's Sextant. Congratulations, Lt Rendal Rennyn!
Pathfinder Award 239212.21
USS Apollo
The Pathfinder award is reserved for those who go above and beyond in helping newer members find their path here at 118. Lt Commander Rennyn has a reputation for doing just that. His time on the Columbia proved him to be instrumental in getting new ensigns on track and keeping them there with his facilitation of their mentoring program. He is known to be patient and kind, encouraging and positive, all traits of great leaders. It is said that he is fundamentally responsible for the Columbia's retainment of new ensigns, and I know that the Apollo is better for having him aboard.
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 239102.06
Explorer's Ribbon 239105.05
USS Atlantis
Cloudy With A Chance Of Madness (Atlantis): Atlantis explored diplomatic relations with the Grenushi and Krayav, and discovered the Cloud Dancers, a space-borne species native to the region.
Good Conduct Ribbon 239110.31
USS Atlantis
For efforts during the outbreak of flu-like virus when Atlantis was sabotaged by the EJS.
Legion of Merit 239110.31
USS Atlantis
For efforts during the outbreak of flu-like virus when Atlantis was sabotaged by the EJS.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239206.15
USS Darwin-A
Because of actions in helping the Asavii explore their history, while maintaining and building upon Federation relations with them.
Purple Heart 239207.25
USS Darwin-A
After a series of concussive injuries during missions on Atlantis, Ren continued to rush into danger for Captain Renos on Darwin.
Defense of Temporal Flow Ribbon 239207.16
USS Atlantis
Awarded in absentia
Prometheus Ribbon 239207.16
USS Atlantis
Awarded in absentia for actions at Outpost Bravo on Piktar I, an arm of Prometheus Station.
Joint Meritorious Unit Award 239207.25
USS Darwin-A
2nd citation. Owing to actions in assisting the Zakdorn in their time of need and defending their territory.
UFP Medal of Freedom 239207.25
USS Darwin-A
Protecting Zakdorn, a Federation member world.
Lifesaving Ribbon 239207.25
USS Darwin-A
For commendable efforts in saving the lives of civilians in a Zakdorn facility.
Explorer's Ribbon 239209.28
USS Columbia
2nd citation. Exploration of Hemix, the strange lifeforms there and the unknown qualities of the planet.
Prometheus Ribbon 239209.28
USS Columbia
2nd citation. Service in support of Operation Knifepoint during a mission to the Skalur Expanse.
Good Conduct Ribbon 239209.28
USS Columbia
2nd citation. For the manner in which you conducted your away team, both on Hemix, and then on Columbia.
Legion of Merit 239209.28
USS Columbia
2nd citation. For the manner in which you conducted your away team, both on Hemix, and then on Columbia.
1-year Member 239301.01
USS Apollo
Rennyn joined Starfleet on 239102.02

In The News

Federation News Network Coverage
Posting Date FNN Story
USS Atlantis
239204.20 Federation News Service/USS Atlantis rescues away team from planet being torn apart
239205.26 Federation News Service/Bioengineered human experiment found in secret lab
USS Darwin-A
239205.18 Federation News Service/USS Darwin strengthens bonds with Asav
USS Columbia
239209.21 Columbia Finds Pirates, Creatures on Mysterious Island
239210.10 Columbia Returns From 4-Dimensional Planet
239211.15 USS Columbia Aids Romulan Colony


  • 237609.01 - 238006.12: Attended Ledaro Regional University on Trill with a double major in Systems Operations and Xeno-Linguistics.
  • 238006.13-238607.25: Worked as Foreman of Operations at Tro'Arn Farms, his family's business in Arnmere, Trill. Ren made strides in updating the family's systems technology to modern standards.
  • 238607.25: Accepted to Starfleet Academy.
  • 238608.28 - 239102.02: Majored in Helm/Navigation at Starfleet Academy, minoring in Communications/Operations. Ren logged a lot of flight hours, studied ship's systems and battle tactics, and acquired high ratings in several languages.
  • 239102.01: Rennyn arrived at Deep Space 26 in the Par'tha Expanse to serve the newly recommissioned USS Atlantis as Helm officer on its continuing mission in the Expanse.
  • 239102.05 - 239105.05: Atlantis' first mission, Cloudy With A Chance Of Madness (Atlantis).
  • 239105.08: Promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade) and awarded the Explorers ribbon.
  • 239106.04 - 239108.25: Infected with a deadly virus-bound toxin in Outbreak!
  • 239108.26: Promoted to Lieutenant.
  • 239108.26 - 239110.25: Trapped in a malicious holoprogram as the character Renocchio in Dark Wonderland!
  • 239110.30: Awarded the Good Conduct Ribbon and Legion of Merit, and assigned as HCO & Flight Officer.
  • 239111.08 - 239112.31: Atlantis survived a time rift, sending the USS Christopher Pike back to 2299.
  • 239201.23: Promoted to Lt. Commander by Captain Raj Blueheart.
  • 239201.24 - 239204.24: Bravo Signal (Atlantis) - Part of the Prometheus Incident. Rennyn was injured in the line of duty when a falling piece of the crumbling Bravo Outpost rounded out a series of concussions.
  • 239204.15: The apparent death of Rover.
  • 239204.24: Transferred to USS Darwin-A as HCO Officer under Captain Renos.
  • 239204.24 - 239205.31: From The Divine To The Squidiculous (Darwin-A)
  • 239206.15 - 239207.24: Breaching the Adversary (Darwin-A)
  • 239207.28 - 239208.02: Deep Space Race (Darwin-A)
  • 239207.30: Transferred to USS Columbia as First Officer under Commander Brek.
  • 239208.07 - 239209.21: Force of Nature (Columbia)
  • 239210.09 - 239211.15: Nightmare (Columbia)
  • 239211.15: Transferred to USS Apollo-A under Fleet Captain Nicholotti.
  • 239201.17 - 239307.15: Personal leave of absence spent at home in Arnmere, Ledaro Province, Trill.
  • 239307.15: Returned to active duty aboard USS Darwin-A.


The Rennyns are a large, close-knit network of parents, siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews and in-laws who live in and around the village of Arnmere, deep in the farmlands of Trill.

One of nine siblings, Ren has a different relationship with each of his brothers and sisters, each of which continues to develop as time goes by.

  • Burn the Barn - The family gathers to say goodbye to an old friend.
A southwesterly view of the old fields at Tro'Arn Farms, where the Rennyn family have lived and worked for generations.

  • Parents
    • Elan Rennyn: Ren's father; owner and operator, Tro'Arn Farms. The land has been in his family for generations, and he is the proud father of another generation of Rennyns.
    • Norva Rennyn: Ren's mother; owner and operator, Tro'Arn Farms. A shrewd businesswoman who put her husband's family business back on the map after years of declining success. She had hoped to keep all her children nearby by building a place for each into the business.
  • Siblings:
    • Norvil Rennyn: The eldest Rennyn brother and his wife Zoann are taking over Tro'Arn from his parents, and raising a new generation of Rennyns: Jebri, Faya and Omin.
      • Misspent Youth, Part 1 - At age 13, Ren prepares to make his first solo flight -- until perfect older brother Norvil shows up to ruin his plans.
      • Misspent Youth, Part 2 - Norvil, home from college for the summer, insists that Ren take him on his solo shuttle flight. But what could entice the 13-year-old to agree?
      • Misspent Youth, Part 3 - An unscheduled stop at Trill's Orbital Platform lands both Ren and Norvil in a heap of trouble. Worth it.
    • Dirin Rennyn: The second Rennyn brother and his wife Dee were able to buy a neighboring farm from a relative who wished to retire. They run the farm in conjunction with Tro'Arn. Their kids are Vara and Emon.
    • Tharazel Krenn: Thara and her husband Maren, busy parents of three, hold key positions in Tro'Arn's management. Their kids are Marrayia, Kassa and Londrik.
    • Fess Rennyn: One year older than Ren; the two were inseparable growing up. Fess lives in Arnmere, but works in Ledaro as a medical researcher. He was born without hearing, and even with modern medical techniques, doctors have been unable to correct the condition.
    • Vye Rennyn: One year younger than Ren, Vye shared his passion for travel. She found a way to indulge her passion and remain at home by regularly traveling on family business around Trill and to nearby spaceports.
    • Alin Rennyn: Ten years younger than her brother Ren, she helped convince him to take the Academy entrance exam along with her. They entered and graduated together. She serves as a science officer in the Beta Quadrant.
    • Nila Rennyn: Alin's twin sister remained in Arnmere, not feeling the passion for exploration that drove her twin to leave, though her mind for science is equal to Alin's.
    • Tor Rennyn: The youngest Rennyn sibling is still in school and wonders what piece of the family business will be left for him when he comes of age, after all his brothers and sisters have beat him to it.
A winter view, Tro'Arn Farms.
  • Others:
    • Great Uncle Wavern: Ren's father Elan's uncle is an elderly bachelor who owns a smaller farm near Tro'Arn, just bordering the village of Arnmere. Ren spent many happy days roaming the forgotten backfields after helping his great uncle with chores.
    • Aunt Metzi: The Queen Mother of Tro'Arn is the strong but silent type. She is someone's great aunt, or grandmother, or something - she is so old that no one quite remembers, and everyone calls her Aunt Metzi. She loves the outdated styles of the 2260s.
    • Crazy Uncle Rooster: Worldwide Moonshine Champion of Trill, 2384.
    • Jira Tanos: A neighbor who is like a second mother to Ren. She is a former Starfleet officer who gave him flying lessons and encouraged him to pursue his career with Starfleet.
    • Navin Tanos: Ren's first love, his neighbor Jira's nephew from Ledaro city, was reported killed in action by the Borg. For years, he appeared to Ren in dreams, and it is unknown if he is currently part of the Collective.


  • Sovak
    • Ops Officer - USS Apollo-A
Ren's Trill emotionalism and Sovak's Vulcan stoicism caused a cultural clash when they were roommates at the Academy. As Starfleet officers, their relationship status is always some version of "It's Complicated."
  • Rover
    • Civilian - USS Apollo-A
The sentient cloud left his people to stay aboard Atlantis and learn about humanoids like his friend Ren. Ren was assigned as Rover's guardian, an aggravating but rewarding task. On stardate 239204.15, Rover was found apparently dead. He solidified into a hard, porous purple rock, and is theorized to be in a dormant state or some kind of chrysalis phase.

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Mission NPCs

  • Grimmalkin: 239108.26 to 239110.25
    • USS Atlantis, Deleted

Reprogrammed by a malicious EMH gone wrong, Grimmalkin was the gargoyle servant to an evil queen in the holoprogram Dark Wonderland. In the end, he found his courage helped delete the program.

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Barbara Tarch
  • Lieutenant Barbara Tarch: 239111.08 to 239112.31
    • USS Christopher Pike, Deceased

Lt. Tarch was displaced in time when her ship was caught in a temporal distortion in 2299. She sacrificed herself to close the temporal rift, releasing her ship, USS Columbia, and her baby daughter Diana from the anomaly.

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Mar Valek
  • Mar Valek: 239206.15 to 239207.24
    • Shadow Organization, Unknown

Forced to use her skills as a shadow organization operative, Mar Valek caused trouble for USS Darwin-A from behind her impenetrable mask.

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Romulan Republic
Commissioner Ebek

The Commissioner's mining colony was plagued by a biological experiment gone wrong. While his people died, Ebek's mind broke with the horrors he witnessed.

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