Renaaran system

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The Renaaran system, the most important in the Renaaran Sector, contained five inhabited worlds collectively referred to as the Five Sisters: Renaar, Jalonda, Frenar, Gonley, and Grondar. All five planets contained an enormous planetary repulsor buried beneath the surface. Renaar, Jalonda, and Frenar orbited the system star Renaa, while Gonley and Grondar were in the unusual position of orbiting each other, while the dual-planet system orbited Renaa. The Renaaran system was part of the Core Worlds of the Valcarian Imperial Republic.

The five planets were populated by Frenari, Jalondans and Renaarans. There had been much tension between the three species, with the Renaarans based on Renaar claiming lordship over the entire system. Despite this, the Frenari and Jalondans maintained cultural independence and numerical dominance on their homeworlds. Gonley and Grondar had Renaaran populations that claimed a degree of independence through the Confederation of the Twin Worlds.


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