Remembering 4th Squadron

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Ship Details

  • Squadron Name: 4th Squadron
  • Ship Registry: NCC-34523
  • Squadron Class: 4 FA-150R Mongooses, as well as the ship's support vessels, including the shuttles, runabouts, and workbees.
  • Squadron Status: Active at reduced strength
  • Squadron Commander: Unassigned

Stardate 238605.27

On Stardate 238605.27 the squadron was used in the defence of the USS Ronin, after it became apparent the "Romulans" could be planning an attack on the almost defenceless USS Ronin. Captain Walker gave the order for all Shuttle Craft and Fighters to attack the "Romulans" with everything they had. During this attack 4th Squadron took the biggest losses of all Squadrons losing 35 (some were evacuees aboard shuttles and runabouts) personnel who all gave their lives to save the USS Ronin, part of the overall 89 lives lost that day.