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Admiral Reider gives the USS Kodiak crew it's awards for the second year in a row.

::The neutral zones of both the Klingon and Romulan empires had been quiet, as of late. Mercifully quiet. And with FltAdml. Wolf gone for the past few months, attending numerous conferences on the future of StarFleet, Luke Reider had the weight of over a hundred thousand people on his head; ultimately. At least when Wolf was around, the command staff of the base could blame things on him. After all, he usually was the cause of most of their grief...::

::Nevertheless, it was a nice relief from the constant tactical meetings and base status conferences with high level personnel, that he got a chance to thank the fleet of StarBase 118 for it's service. It was that time of the year again; although this time around it had come a bit late. With most of the fleet out of dock on long-range missions, they hadn't had a chance to do their awarding near the middle of the year.::

::Reider nodded to the command officer on duty as he stepped into the CC, arms across his chest as he scanned the room. The dual-level brain of the massive complex was running along nicely. Hebron and his staff were no where to be found, but that was usual these days. They often had other things to attend to than the mundane workings of the base; like keeping the sector clear of danger.::

::Satisfied that nothing would need his attention in the next hour or so, he re-entered the turbolift, and requested a routing station. The ceremony for the Kodiak crew would take place far below the command center, in the administration area. He would need to board an express lift to get through the docking bay, and then board another lift to finally reach the conference room. By now, though, he was used to it. Over a year since his transfer to the base, and he could already see the difference that a larger focus on transportation logistics had made. A project he had spearheaded, of course.::

::About 10 minutes later, the final leg of his trip ended, with the turbolift pausing near the multi-purpose conference room, Reider exits the lift. Wearing one of his less official dress uniforms, he stops for a moment outside the conference room, just for a few seconds. With a deep breath, and a smooth of the cloth, he enters.::

::Most of the Kodiak senior staff is assembled. There is scattered chatting which quiets as Reider enters. A smile cracks over his face as he greets Hollis, the quiet, wise Bajoran. They exchange a few moments of small talk before Reider heads to the end of the table. It is long and strongly rectangular, the edges are a rich wood, while the table top is a black glass. A small lighted panel beneath the glass marks each officer's name. Each person sees the panels as if they were pointing at him, while Reider, standing, is able to see all of them as well.::

REIDER: Welcome weary travellers. As with the tradition we have started last year, I will be the one to present you with these commendations of achievement. Our fleet is honored to have you in our ranks, and we value the Kodiak crew as one of the proudest.

REIDER: Today, we will begin with the TOSMA-1 award. While I have not had the pleasure of working with this officer, I am told that the word to categorize his service over the last year has been "progress". And it certainly shows, considering the position he now holds. Commander Christopher Hutton has been an officer that learned this craft through practice and patience. And through this work, we have grown to know him better and we certainly appreciate the work that his position requires. Congratulations, Commander.

::One of the enlisted officers, dressed in their uniform best comes forward with the small box and places it before Hutton.::

REIDER: The next officer, who is to receive the TOSMA-2 award, has exceeded the expectations of the crew around him, and certainly of the officers that are part of his command staff. Just days on the Kodiak, he was thrust into a difficult and taxing situation. With enthusiasm he advanced the mission and pulled his weight; something that we value very highly in StarFleet, for we are all a part of this team.

REIDER: He has worked with others eagerly, and can be the one to thank for bringing a criminal to justice recently. Lieutenant Junior Grade Rhys Bejain, congratulations to you on earning this award.

::Bejain too receives his specially marked, small leather-covered box with his award inside.::

REIDER: The Barclay Bead is an award that StarFleet truly enjoys giving to our officers. It shows a willingness to learn, a willingness to grow, and an ability to become a better officer. The recipient of this award has those qualities. He has learned patience, but has also learned timing. He is obviously someone who has a grace which allows the uninhibited understanding and appreciation of constructive criticism.

REIDER: Lieutenant Junior Grade Sam Nigel Perkins, kudos to you.

::Reider takes a moment while Perkins receives his award, to take a few deep breaths, and scan the crew again. As he looks down to the PADD on the table, he acknowledges the next award with a bit of a smile.::

REIDER: Ah, the Neelix Award. ::He nods just slightly.:: These, as we like to say, are the overachievers. The ones who never sit still, and who find perfection -- imperfect. They are the mortar on which our Fleet is constructed. That is, without them, we would be missing a very important piece of our building. These recipients go out of their way to help, often spending hours going above and beyond the call of duty, with little more prodding that that -- a call of duty. So, I give this award with much appreciation from the command staff of StarBase 118, and the captain of the Kodiak.

REIDER: Lieutenant T'pen, we owe you many thanks for your "extra-curricular work", as well as a round of congratulations.

::T'pen's award comes forward with a small surprise on top. Someone with a sense of humor had bound the box closed with a small rope, onto which a tiny pair of cowboy boots and a six-shooter were attached. Reider sends a wink in that direction and moves on.::

REIDER: As I announce this next award class, I assume that the recipient will be fairly obvious. Even I am aware of his ... dedication to helping us understand his race. Lieutenant Ssa'Rukk has been the most respected Gorn officer in StarFleet that I can think of. And for that, we award him the Nebula Bar. Thank you, Lieutenant, for showing us the heart and soul of your people, and letting us never forget that behind every visage, no matter how similar or different, is the working mind of an individual who deserves respect and admiration. Lieutenant, you are truly a cornerstone for diversity in our fleet.

REIDER: Continuing now to the Prantares Ribbon. The officer receiving has shown us what heroism can be. It is awarded to those individuals who "save the lives of others through peaceful means". This can mean a simply stay of the hand when logic would dictate otherwise, or it could be a selfless act of rescue for another person -- crewmember or not. Regardless, the intentions awarded here are ones of high esteem, for if the Federation's mission is not first the protection and peace of our borders, than what is it?

REIDER: Lieutenant James David Stark, for your actions at Kismett Colony, and the professional manner in which you conduct your business as chief helm officer, congratulations on receiving this award. Attached to your box is also a bill for the damage done to your vessel on that mission.

::There is scattered snickering, as the box is brought forward. For, indeed, a padd was attached which had the words "PLEASE PAY IMMEDIATELY -- Latinum only accepted." emblazoned across it. Reider smiled at the officer who looked only slightly uncomfortable at the implications.::

REIDER: Lieutenant Junior Grade Samantha Reynolds, for your continued presence in our fleet even after you required a leave of absence, and for allowing your crew to see the more personal side of your life, in a somewhat somber situation, you deserve the "B Plot Award". The thoughts and emotions you have conveyed and helped us understand deserve an honest response. Congratulations.

REIDER: Only two more to go, crew. The second to last goes to an officer that has just joined the crew recently. This vessel's commanding officer struggled with the implications of the regulations regarding awards on this vessel, feeling that two officers deserved notice for one award. However, in the end, he came to wise conclusion that another award was better suited to this individual. If the Neelix Award recipients are our mortar, than the Silver Palm recipients are our windows. For, they are those that bring both lifted spirits and a new and ever-changing outlook on this "game" that we are all participants in. These officers are there to lift our spirits, are there to help us laugh, and are there to help us see the silver lining in every cloud.

REIDER: If ever there was an officer who provided for this crew an aide that was needed, it was Lieutenant Junior Grade V'tok. His constant presence to this crew, and his devotion to ensuring that all here felt welcome have earned him this award many times over. Keep up the good work V'tok.

::Reider now leaves the table for a moment to gather another box from one of the officers on the side. He thanks him quietly and returns to the head of the table, opening the lid so that only he could see what was inside. He then addresses the crew in a quieter, more honorific tone.::

REIDER: Usually I wouldn't do something like this here, or now. But I felt that the recipient of this commendation deserved to have his crew see it. The officer to receive this has, many times, been a friend, a confidant, and a voice of reason, for dozens of officers, including me. I am appreciative of him in many ways, and with this, I would like to promote Fleet Captain Hollis Calley to the rank of Rear Admiral. With it comes the responsibilities, priviledges, and honor of said rank.

REIDER: Rear Admiral, if you would...

::Carefully, Reider removed the single pip, surrounded by a delicate, soft-cornered square. As Hollis approached, Reider reached forward and, tongue twisted and eyes narrowed as he attempted to see the exact place to put the pip, snapped it on. He then extended his hand and heartily congratulated the new Rear Admiral. Leaning forward, as the applause began, he said...::

REIDER: All of us at StarBase command want you to know that you are invaluable member of our fleet, and that you have earned your place as a living legend here. We all hope you'll be with us for many years more...

::With that, he leaned back and began applauding, as well.::