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Reider makes an appearance at Rear Admiral Ciara Randor's wedding, the first time using his religious training in four years.

::Smelling the clean, scrubbed air of the StarBase, Admiral Luke Reider walks over the cusp of the airlock and onto StarBase 251. Standing in the rather small (for a StarBase, at least) hallway, Luke greeted the waiting party of officers. A female operations captain stood nearby and greeted Reider warmly, shaking his hand and leading him gently towards the turbolift. She introduced herself as Captain Sarah Tyler as the Admiral's security detail followed them onto the lift.::

TYLER: We'll first go to your quarters where you can change into your dress uniform. I'll take you to the arboretum after that...

REIDER: They weren't kidding when they said it was urgent I get here as soon as possible, huh?

::The two chuckle.::

TYLER: Weren't kidding at all... the bride has already begun donning her dress and a lot of the guests are already assembling.

::The Admiral raises his eyebrows as he leans back against the wall of the lift. Thankfully, his transport hadn't been held up at StarBase 118!::

TYLER: Your wife has a security detail waiting for her, to escort her to your quarters as well, once she collects her things.

::Luke nods as the lift stops, and they begin walking towards his quarters...::


::Nervously, Luke stands in front of the mirror. It's been years since his ministry training aboard the USS Livingston. Dinora, behind him, smooths the collar of his jacket. Her small, tender hands run down his shoulders and arms to his hands, giving the sleeve a quick tug. Feeling his hands shake ever so slightly she smiles as she steps around him, coming between him and the mirror. Her voice, quiet and sing-songy, sooths Luke's nerves::

DINORA: Are you nervous?

::Taking hold on his hand, she pets it gently and smiles. The Admiral nods.::

REIDER: It's been so long since I've done anything like this.

DINORA: You'll be fine ...

::She means to go on, but Luke stops her; gathering her small frame in his arms and leaning in to kiss her. She responds smoothly, her soft lips being all that Reider needs to step out onto the altar.::

((In the arboretum...))

::Reider steps gingerly into Ciara's dressing room, eyes down and averted. Looking up at her, he is a bit taken back by her beauty. The two have met only a few times, and know each other as only acquaintances... Luke realizes that the standard uniform simply doesn't do her justice. The Admiral smiles at Randor, and steps forward. Outside, the guests are beginning to squirm. Reider hopes he can give her just a gentle nudge outward.::

REIDER: Ma'am, I just wanted to say that it is an honor to do this ceremony for you. Whenever you are prepared, I will be waiting at the altar.

::Randor nods just slightly, shifting her dress about her. The Admiral gives her a knowing smile and backs towards the door. Dinora, only on leave from her research on Earth for a short time, waits inside the arboretum. Their wedding day was filled with much the same worries and holdups as this one. The Fearless' small lounge, holding a good portion of the crew, was stuffy and cramped on that fateful day... so many years ago. Admiral Luke's face hardly bears the lines of a man learned in life's lessons. His blonde hair is slightly curly, and hangs over the Admiral's forhead. As he steps out of the dressing room, he pushes it back up onto his head with one hand. Althought appearing just 43, the Admiral's real age is an almost-geriatric 65; the Crockett incident having left him seemingly eternally youthful. Reider's ample six foot tall and athletic frame strides up the side walkway of the room as he adjusts his snug, but comfortable dress uniform. The medal of honor and other conservative awards gleam as the polite and often quiet Admiral steps onto the altar for the second time in the past hour. Smiling widely, he nods here and there as his pale green eyes scan the guests. His wife is speaking softly near the back of the arboretum to another officer, probably about her research.::

REIDER: oO Always recruiting Dinora, aren't you? Oo

::She glances up at her husband, as if she had heard him, and gives a grin and wave. Just as quickly, she returns her focus to the officer next to her.::

::Only a few minutes later, the elegant Ciara steps up onto the altar as the guests watch eagerly. Torin, on Ciara's right glances over quickly at the woman he is soon to be wed to. Reider lets them treasure the moment, before beginning the ceremony::