Red Star Rising (Embassy of Duronis II)

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Red Star Rising


“The echo of the Fortuna still haunts the is the chance to silence it.”

Important Characters

  • USS Thor: Senior Staff
  • T’Rok: Subcommander, Romulan Star Empire
  • T’Kona: Commander, Romulan Star Empire
  • Samantha Chang: Director, Starfleet Intelligence

Plot Summary

“Nine months ago, the Thor received a distress message from the Hercules, a drilling rig in orbit around planet P-995…Upon arrival, it was determined that the Hercules had been locked down in quarantine. We discovered that the Hercules crew, the crew of the Klingon ship, and the staff on the Fortuna had been infected with some sort of viral contagion, which left beings with copper based blood...namely Romulans and Vulcans...relatively immune from the virus. The virus causes humanoids to become extremely violent and cannabalistic.

Because of the selective nature of the pathogen, it was suspected that the viral contagion was of Romulan origin. We now have absolute proof that this contagion was indeed a manufactured pathogen of Romulan origin. Right around the same time, the starliner Red Star disappeared while on a cruise between Bajor and Risa. The ship has a crew of 264 and 2,131 passengers on board.

Our mission...eliminate the bio weapons facility and its personnel on Jorok Three, rescue the surviving passengers on Thendara Two, destroy the Red Star to keep the Romulans from getting the QSSD, get back to Federation space.” - Mission Briefing – Major Hannibal Parker & Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison

Part 1

The mission began following an order from Rear Admiral Toni Turner for senior staff to report for a briefing aboard the USS Thor (NCC-82607). This was delivered by Major Hannibal Parker (SFMC) and Lieutenant Commander Kamela Allison-Parker (Starfleet Intelligence).

The briefing indicated that a Federation registered starliner, the Red Star, disappeared while on a cruise between Bajor and Risa; together with the two-hundred and sixty-four crew and two-thousand one-hundred and thirty-one passengers. This coincided with the incident that occurred at Fortuna III/Hercules Station where a bio-engineered virus was released upon the workers at those facilities under the control of the Nova Corporation. It was suspected that the vessel was seized by Tal Shiar forces to provide access to the Quantum Slip Stream Drive (QSSD) technology on-board as well as provide fresh victim for further genetic experimentation

The USS Thor was deployed under the command of Rear Admiral Toni Turner and the USS Thunder under the commander of Major Hannibal Parker. Additional personnel were supplied from Starfleet intelligence under the command of Director Samantha Chang.

The mission scope was to destroy the bio-weapons facility on Jorok Three, rescue the prisoner aboard the Red Star – now located on Thendara Two. The Red Star was also to be destroyed to ensure the Romulans no longer had access to the QSSD system aboard the vessel. All personnel were to evacuate to Federation space upon successful completion of the mission.

Part 2

The USS Thunder proceeded, under cover of her on-board cloaking device with the USS Thor proceeding to Romulan space in open view. Rear Admiral Turner, Commander Krindo Pandorn, Lieutenant Alexander Brodie and Junior Lieutenant Ben Garcia formulated a plan to make USS Thor appear as captured and under Romulan control. This was achieved using hologrammatic projections, communications masking and false-flag identification signatures provided by Ben Garcia. In addition, prior to the mission commencement, the USS Thunder fired upon the USS Thor causing moderate damage as part of this cover.

Following entry to Romulan space, contact was made initially with a D'deridex class Romulan Warbird of the Romulan Star Empire under the command of Subcommander T'Rok. Alexander Brodie, using the covers already described above, assumed the identity of a Romulan Tal Shiar officer – Major Vashall – an officer tasked with recovering restricted Federation technology. Conversation with T’Rok confirmed the involvement of the Romulans in the bio-weapon production that tore through the Hercules and the Fortuna mining facility.

This situation was resolved peacefully and the USS Thor progressed further into Romulan space. Approaching Thendara Two a further Romulan warbird, the IRW B’Dora under the command of Commander T’Kona, was encountered. This encounter allowed the Thor to reach an orbital pattern over Thendara Two and transfer an assault teams to the surface and aboard Red Star.

During this time the USS Thunder followed the USS Thor under cloak before diverting to Jorok Three to attack the bio-weapon facility located there.

During the voyage, Lieutenant Lorian Lovar and Doctor Quen Deena worked tirelessly using archive blood samples to try and formulate a vaccine to inoculate the crew and, potentially, find a way to reverse the effects of the bio-weapon on those who were already infected.

Part 3

The assault teams from the USS Thor, were able evacuate the Red Star crew, including the commanding officer, Captain Richard Amadeus. Charges planted by assault team two were then detonated by the USS Thor to prevent further discovery of the QSSD. The USS Thor then began to exfiltrate form combat as additional Romulan reinforcements approached the USS Thunder’s position.

Lieutenant Daylan Daroo, together with Hannah Martinez, Hella and Commander Allison were beamed to the bio-weapons facility on Jorok Three and, using uniform taken from a patrol effected entry. Their presence quickly discovered they used overcharged weapons to destroy the facility.

The Thunder, accompanied by a wing of fighters, decloaked and opened fire on the B’Dora in orbit. Several additional ships, including the command of Director Chang, entered the conflict. This included the IKS K’Tal – an experimental Klingon vessel which had secretly followed the flotilla. The K’Tal beamed several infected Klingons abord one of the pursuing vessels to destroy their singularity core and even the odds.

The mission completed, all vessels returned to Federation space.