Reconciliation Forums of Betazed

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The Reconciliation Forums of Betazed is a hierarchical judicial assembly for disputes between Betazed's citizens, and on occasion, between citizens and one or more of the Houses of Betazed.

The Reconciliation Forums are considered a separate body to the Betazoid Government Council, where disputes are heard between the Houses.


Reconciliation forums are built on many hundreds of years of tradition. Before Betazed became a member of the Federation, like Betazoid weddings, all participants in a Reconciliation Forum where required to appear naked. However, after joining the Federation, “off-worlders” involved in forums were often uncomfortable with this practice. The tradition was subsequently changed so that all participants wear gowns, similar to Terran Kimonos. Military or Starfleet officers by convention are held in high respect by Forums and are the exception to this rule, and are required to wear their uniforms.