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Crew of Amity Outpost


Lieutenant Rebecca Iko

Lieutenant Rebecca Iko is security officer stationed on Amity Outpost.


  • Full Name: Rebecca (Bec) Nalkaji Iko
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Klingon/Human hybrid
  • Date of Birth: 237508.23
  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0
  • Sexuality: Lesbian


  • Height: 1.72m 5’6½
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Faceclaim: Victoria Pedretti


  • Parents
    • Mother: Elanore Monroe (Human / 1/4 Betazoid)
      • Elanore is a deceiving woman, who will treat guests with kindness, but often used primitive and possibly outlawed techniques to discipline her children, and has never spoken about how she isn't fully human. Bec hasn't talked to her since leaving for the Academy, and never plans to.
    • Father: Korost Iko (Klingon)
      • Bec's father was not present during Bec's childhood. As a result, she is still wary of him.
    • Stepfather: James Monroe (Human)
      • James doesn't entirely understand Bec, but says he tries the best he can. He also doesn't like it when Bec and her brothers call him "Dad".
  • Siblings
    • Riley (32) (maternal stepbrother, Betazoid hybrid) - Friendly protective brother.
    • Aron (28)(maternal stepbrother, Vulcan hybrid) - An emotional soul who struggles to understand other people.
    • Brandon (25) (maternal stepbrother, Bajoran hybrid) - Missing. Presumed dead.
      • All her step-siblings were treated the way she was growing up, forced to be human, while half of their culture was from an alien world, and have had limited time (if any) with their fathers. Bec is the youngest of them all.


Name Nickname/s Rank Current Posting Relationship status Extras
Rivi Vataix Rivi Ambassador Amity Outpost Amirable Acquaintance Bec was originally nervous around the Ambassador, seeing as she is the CO of Amity. Since then, however, Bec has warmed up to the Betazoid and her friendly and relaxed personality.
Wil Ukinix Wil Lt. Commander Amity Outpost Mates Bec and Wil get along well, the two often found bantering which coast of Australia is the best (it's obviously the east) or just hanging out together.
Kyo Seung-gi Seung-gi Lieutenant USS Constitution-B Aquaintance Lt. Seung-gi was the first person Bec met on Amity
Ceciri Ariadust Ariadust Lieutenant Amity Outpost Colleague Bec doesn't know Ariadust too well but admires the Lieutenant's work, and would like to get to know her, and the rest of her fellow crewmen, better.
Kivik Kivi Lieutenant USS Kitty Hawk Buddies Kivik quite literally ran into Bec at the Amity's cultural festival. Since then, the two have had a wonder of good moments together, including dueting with Kivik on Cello and Bec on Viola. Bec was one of the first people to hear about Kivi's move to the Kitty Hawk and misses nem and their times together. She hopes ne will come and visit.
Ikaia Wong Wong Lieutenant Amity Outpost Bros Lt. Wong is basically a brother to Bec. She feels open and safe around him and cares for the lieutenant alot.
Cassian Iovianus Commander/ Commander Iovianus/Iov Lieutenant Commander Amity Outpost Role Model The two will often walk on patrol together. Despite the time they spend together, Bec still addresses Cassian by his rank, a habit that is unlikely to break anytime soon.
Falina Suribana Dr Suribana Civilian Amity Outpost Good Acquaintance Bec enjoys spending her time with Falina.
Scotty Reade Scotty Lieutenant Junior Grade Amity Outpost Acquaintance/Colleague Bec has had a decent time on duty with Scotty, however, hasn't seen too much of his off-duty side - besides the Batavia.
Grace Grace Civilian The Artifact Former lover Grace - an Exb and Bec were together during highschool, however, they haven't spoken in a while, due to the sheer distance and busy schedules.
Paarus Zalbac Zal Ensign Amity Outpost Good mates and Roomies Zal is Bec's roommate. He has been on LOA for a little while, but Bec makes sure their apartment is all ready for when he gets back.
Nathan Richards Richie Lieutenant Junior Grade Amity Outpost Buddies Richie is another casual soul on Amity. He owes Bec his life after the House of Mirrors mission, but then technically Bec owes him his arm, so really, it's all evened out.
Robin Hopper Robbie Hops Lieutenant Amity Outpost Friends Robbie is chaotic, but in a friendly way. The two are hoping to start a community garden.[1]
Annamae Barberra Barbs Crewman Second class Amity Outpost More than friends Originally despising the Crewman's mischievous and slightly strange personality, Bec warmed up to the Barberra... alot. Are they dating, are they not? Ask the Bloodwine.
S'Raga Raggie Ensign Amity Outpost Buddies S'Raga is someone Bec finds adorable, to the fact that he's never quite got the memo that on Amity you don't have to address everyone as "Sir". Bec enjoys it when he comes to hang with the gang.

Story and timeline

Rebecca, or Bec as she is known to most people (if not all) grew up on Earth in Campbelltown, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, as the youngest of 4 with three older human-hybrid stepbrothers. During her childhood, she often faced teasing and judgement - most of which came from her mother. it's a subject she keeps private.

To escape this, she often spent her time out of the house, and most of that time was spent at a now-abandoned train station. during her teenage years, she was also often accompanied by the Ex-Borg "Grace". They had a close relationship that unfortunately began its downfall in Bec's Academy days when she went one way and Grace went another. They haven't talked since.

If it wasn't the train station, Bec would usually be hanging out with her brothers, or staying behind after footy practice with her mates there who also didn't spend much time at home. One evening they joked around about just forgetting everything and running off into space. The idea was dismissed at the time, but planted a seed to where Bec would take herself throughout the rest of her schooling.

Bec applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2393, however, she had to retake her first year due to a poor overall score. She originally attempted to be an all rounder, taking basic classes in engineering, security and Medical, not yet quite sure which direction she would head into. Once the end of year results were out she made the choice of majoring in security. Bec didn't have many friends at the academy, as she was mainly found studying or catching up on last-minute work, determined not to let her chance to "run away to starfleet" fly away in the wind. When she got to Amity she found everyone clearly already forming friendships and acquaintances but found it surprisingly easy to scoot into those groups and determine her small corner of mates. She never thinks too much about climbing the ranks.

  1. 237508.23: Bec is born as the youngest of four.
  2. 238002.03: Bec Begins primary School
  3. 238806.18: Bec meets Grace, a friend who stays with her until starfleet Academy.
  4. 238901.31: Bec Begins secondary school
  5. 238909.11: Bec's brother Brandon leaves home for Risa. He hasn't been back since.
  6. 239112.20: Bec completes Year 10. Although many of her friends drop out of school at this point, she continues with her studies.
  7. 239301.29: Bec applies for Starfleet Academy
  8. 239810.13: Bec graduates from the academy and is assigned to Amity outpost
  9. 239905.30: Bec is promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 2394 - 2395 Starfleet Academy Security Major
Cadet, 3rd Class 2395 - 2396
Cadet, 2nd Class 2396 - 2397
Cadet, 1st Class 2397 - 2398
Ensign 2398 - 2399 Amity Outpost Security Officer
Lieutenant JG 2399 - Present

Notable Experiences on Amity

Miombo said no.

As an Ensign, Bec had gone with Scotty Reade and Wil Ukinix to take the then-new Miombo shuttle on a test flight[2]. Bec took helm, and another, newer ensign had joined them. The adventure started well, with the shuttle crew joking around and replicating picnic chairs for the commander, but quickly escalated when an unknown probe sent out interference signals that affected the shuttles readouts of the icy body that all but Wil had beamed down to study. With the sudden onset of a subspace shockwave aproaching there was a frantic hurry to beam everyone up warp away. Thanks to the interference, the last minute scurry back to Amity left the Ensign behind, and that had an immediate and lasting impact on the remaining crew.[3]

Double Trouble

After the chaos that was the House of Mirrors Mission, Wil Ukinix got caught in a transporter accident and split into two people.[4] Bec, still recovering from the mission, lost control and snapped at him while they began a workout in the holodeck.[5] The result was stern talking to[6], and a reminder to try and keep herself in check.

The Trenvonn Incident

During the Protocols Mission in 2399, Bec had returned to the Kitty Hawk momentarily and was about to return to the surface of Idrustix when the Trenvonn's net was deployed.[7] After communication to the planet was finally re-established, Bec heard of the Trenvonn's drones her friends were forced to dodge, avoid and finally attack, and the apparent effects they had, sympathising with everyone's frustration.[8][9] It eventually led the Junior-Grade Lieutenant to burst out in fury when they brought the Trenvonn aboard for final negotiations, and she narrowly avoided placing Amity and the Kitty Hawk a diplomatic crisis. After a stern talking to by Captain Rahman,[10] Bec fully realised the effect of her insubordinate actions, and regrets the event to this day.


  • Bec loves 20th-century trains, especially Old Campbelltown station. She would visit there frequently.
  • Her favourite colour is red - or at least, that's the main colour she wears off duty.
  • Been breaking boards since she was eight, her record for board breaking is two for a knife hand, three for a punch, and five for a kick.
  • Enjoys slumber parties.
  • Coffee of choice is probably a quad.
  • Her favourite animal is a Wombat.
  • Swears almost as much as Wil. Maybe more.
  • She shaved most of her hair off when going through Jak'tahla once she was finally over having to get it cut so often. Once it grew back, she started cutting it herself in the same hairstyle she has today.
  • Left-handed.

Amity Crew

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