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Crew of Amity Outpost


Lieutenant JG Rebecca Iko

Lieutenant JG Rebecca Iko is security officer stationed on Amity Outpost.


  • Full Name: Rebecca (Bec) Nalkaji Iko
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant JG
  • Race: Klingon/Human hybrid
  • Date of Birth: 237508.23
  • Place of Birth: Sydney, Australia, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Telepathic status: T0/E0
  • Sexuality: Lesbian


  • Height: 1.72m 5’6½
  • Weight: 62kg
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Faceclaim: Victoria Pedretti

Habits and Quirks

  • Roughing up her hair
  • Writing with her left hand
  • Reading Non-Fiction
  • Random outbursts of rage


  • Parents
    • Mother: Elanore Monroe (Human / 1/4 Betazoid)
      • Elanore is a deceiving woman, who will treat guests with kindness, but often used primitive and possibly outlawed techniques to discipline her children, and has never spoken about how she isn't fully human. Bec hasn't talked to her since leaving for the Academy, and never plans to.
    • Father: Korost Iko (Klingon)
      • Bec's father was not present during Bec's childhood. As a result, she is still wary of him.
    • Stepfather: James Monroe (Human)
      • James doesn't entirely understand Bec, but says he tries the best he can. He also doesn't like it when Bec and her brothers call him "Dad".
  • Siblings
    • Riley (32) (maternal stepbrother, Betazoid hybrid) - Friendly protective brother.
    • Aron (28)(maternal stepbrother, Vulcan hybrid) - An emotional soul who struggles to understand other people.
    • Brandon (25) (maternal stepbrother, Bajoran hybrid) - Missing. Presumed dead.
      • All her step-siblings were treated the way she was growing up, forced to be human, while half of their culture was from an alien world, and have had limited time (if any) with their fathers. Bec is the youngest of them all.


Name Rank Current Posting Relationship status Extras
Rivi Vataix Ambassador Amity Outpost Amirable Acquaintance Bec is a little nervous about the ambassador, mainly because she's the one in charge, but Rivi is really sweet, and Bec wants to know more.
Wil Ukinix Lt. Commander Amity Outpost Continent Bros Bec and Wil get along really well, mainly because their both from Australia and how their and the Aussie connection runs deep.
Kyo Seung-gi Lieutenant USS Constitution-B Aquaintance Lt. Seung-gi was the first person Bec met on Amity
Ceciri Ariadust Lieutenant Amity Outpost Colleague Bec doesn't know Ariadust too well but admires the Lieutenant's work, and would like to get to know her, and the rest of her fellow crewmen, better.
Kivik Ensign Amity Outpost Buddies Kivik quite literally ran into Bec at the Amity's cultural festival. Since then the two have had a wonder of good moments together.
Ikaia Wong Lieutenant Amity Outpost Bros Lt. Wong is someone Bec feels safe and open with, even if she acts a little weird. He's like a brother to her.
Cassian Iovianus Lieutenant Commander Amity Outpost Admirable Acquaintance Bec sometimes feels uneasy when she is around Iovanus, but that's mostly because she is nervous and wants him to trust that she will be a good security officer
Falina Suribana Civilian Amity Outpost Good Acquaintance Bec enjoys spending her time with Falina, especially off duty at three stripes.
Scotty Reade Lieutenant junior grade Amity Outpost Acquaintance/Colleague Bec has had a decent time on duty with Scotty, however, hasn't seen too much of his off-duty side - besides the Batavia.
Grace Civilian The Artifact Former lover Grace - an Exb and Bec were in a relationship for several years, however, they haven't spoken in a while, due to the sheer distance and busy schedules. The relationship isn't officially over either, and Bec misses Grace dearly.
Archie Grey Civilian Died in 2390 Former "Lover" Archie and Bec were intimate when they were younger, but it never felt right to Bec. About a week after she had told him that the relationship was to end - while he still persisted - Bec saw him leaving her favourite hideout, then outside, dead, nearly several seconds later.
Paarus Zalbac Ensign Amity Outpost Good mates and Roomies Zal is one of the newest people on amity, becoming Bec's roommate in the process. She was just someone he started talking to and they just clicked, after a little amount of disagreement.
Nathan Richards Ensign Amity Outpost "Trauma buddies" Nathan, or Richie as Bec likes to call him, is still a bit of a newbie on Amity outpost, however, they became fast friends out of cool stories, trauma and hugs.
Story and timeline

Rebecca, or Bec as she is known to most people (if not all) grew up on Earth in Campbelltown near Sydney, Australia, as the youngest of 4 with three older human-hybrid stepbrothers. During her childhood, she often faced teasing and judgement - most of which came from her mother. it's a subject she keeps private.

To escape this, she often spent her time out of the house, and most of that time was spent at a now-abandoned train station. during her teenage years, she was also often accompanied by the Ex-Borg "Grace". They had a close relationship that unfortunately began its downfall in Bec's Academy days when she went one way and Grace went another. They regrettably haven't talked since then.

If it wasn't the train station, Bec would usually be hanging out with her brothers. She filled the role of a caring mother-figure and often they would discuss their paternal heritage (something strictly forbidden at home). Once they made it to one of Sydney's many multi-cultural festivals where each of them purchased a small sentimental item, giggling with glee and fear while on the trip back home. Only one of these little charms was confiscated and wrecked - Brandon's Bajoran earring. It might have been one of the last straws that caused Brandon to leave, Bec shortly following soon after.

Bec applied for and was accepted into Starfleet Academy in 2393, however, she had to retake her first year due to a poor overall score. She originally attempted to be an all rounder, taking basic classes in engineering, security and Medical, not yet quite sure which direction she would head into. Once the end of year results were out she made the choice of majoring in security. Bec didn't have many friends at the academy, as she was mainly found studying or catching up on last-minute work, determined not to let her chance to "run away to starfleet" fly away in the wind. When she got to Amity she found everyone clearly already forming friendships and acquaintances but found it surprisingly easy to scoot into those groups and determine her small corner of mates. She never thinks too much about climbing the ranks.

While at Amity she has discovered many things about her family, including her mother's Betazoid heritage. This fact when initially given made Bec feel rather confused, and after more thought fueled the anger she already had for her maternal ancestor. She also met her father, who was absent from her childhood and there is tension in the relationship. She's also struggled with emotional effects after each mission but is quite grateful for her support system of many friends and the many people she has named her brothers.

  1. 237508.23: Bec is born the youngest of four.
  2. 238004.16: Bec first gets shunned for trying to explore her Klingon side
  3. 238104.14: Bec has a lash of anger at a friend of hers, something she still regrets to this day.
  4. 238309.08: Bec begins to dream about being in Starfleet once her eldest brother begins talking about it.
  5. 238401.04: Bec's oldest brother Riley applies for a medical position in Starfleet.
  6. 238806.18: Bec meets Grace
  7. 238909.11: Bec's brother Brandon leaves for shore leave at Risa. He never returns.
  8. 239301.29: Bec applies for Starfleet before getting rejected.
  9. 239402.03: Bec reapplies to Starfleet academy and is this time accepted.
  10. 239810.13: Bec graduates from the academy and is assigned to Amity outpost

Service History

Starfleet Service Record
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet, 4th Class 2393 - 2394 Starfleet Academy Basic Engineering, Basic Medical, Basic Security
Cadet, 4th Class (Retake) 2394 - 2395 Security Major
Cadet, 3rd Class 2395 - 2396
Cadet, 2nd Class 2396 - 2397
Cadet, 1st Class 2397 - 2398
Ensign 2398 - 2399 Amity Outpost Security Officer
Liutenant JG 2399 - Present


  • Bec loves 20th-century trains, especially Old Campbelltown station. She would visit there frequently.
  • Her favourite colour is brown - or at least, that's the main colour she wears off duty.
  • Been breaking boards since she was eight
  • Once beat up four double-armed Romulans with her bare fist - never again
  • Weary of Vulcan telepathy and mind melds - and kind of telepathy in general, but mainly mind melds
  • Drink of choice is a Synthesol Bloodwine.
  • Her record for board breaking is two for a knife hand, three for a punch, and five for a kick.
  • Loves slumber parties.
  • Warm drink of choice is a spicey coffee.
  • Her favourite animal is a Wombat.
  • Has a six-chambered heart instead of a Human four or a Klingon eight.
  • Swears almost as much as Wil. Maybe more, maybe less.
  • She shaved most of her hair off when going through Jak'tahla once she was finally over having to get it cut so often. Once it grew back she started cutting it herself in the same hairstyle she has today.

Amity Crew

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