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Romantic Interests/Relationships

Jacob (Jake) Andrew Milford

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She grew up with him because their fathers knew each other from aboard their ship. When they were young, she and Jake would play house with their other friends. Becky would play the mother and Jake would play the father. They began dating at age 15 just after her first high school party experience. He told her then that he'd had a crush on her since they were 12 years old. Three months into their senior year in high school after her paternal grandmother had passed away, he proposed. She accepted excitedly. However, he became upset with her when she didn't let him seduce her. Six months later, he broke off their engagement in his graduation speech. She was devastated. Later that day, she found him in the park with another woman. Her friends took her on a ski weekend to get her over him, but she ended up in an accident and nearly died of hypothermia. Later, while she was serving aboard the Independence, he attempted to blackmail her into marrying him for a business arrangement. He got her to Varnes IV, but his guilt over hurting her so much all those years ago wouldn't allow him to take advantage of her again, so he released her from the marriage and into the arms of another man who better deserved her.

Matthew Thomas

She met him while studying music for a year in London between her cadet cruise and her internship with the Vulcan Security Ministry. This romance only lasted six months. It was more based on lustful attraction than genuine feelings so she broke it off with him in February 2380. He is still resentful of her to this day. He later admitted that he had been planning to propose to her the evening she broke things off.

Tripp Fox

He was a fellow Academy classmate whom had patched her up during training. She had a short-lived crush on him, but soon dismissed it as a flight of fancy.

Daydan Taboo

At the time, this seemed a forbidden romance. At first, she was just trying to seduce him, but she began developing odd feelings for him. They shared a very intimate connection called the Link, which is similiar to a Vulcan mind-meld. Through this Link, they shared feelings and a sexual experience purely of the mind. There was no true romantic relationship (no exclusivity), but she and Daydan remain very good friends to this day. He is one of the godfathers of Matthew James Brice, her son.

Ethan James Brice

He was her first true sexual experience (he took her virginity) and only the second man she'd ever loved. She fell head over heels for him from practically the moment they met. He accompanied her to her wedding on Varnes IV for support purposes. Within a couple of hours, it blossomed into something much more. They shared their first kiss in the rain looking for the hotel where she was supposed to be married. Also, on the beach, they shared an intimate make-out session. When it was time for her to be married, he withdrew, upset. She knew there was something more there than friendship. He made her laugh with his sarcasm, he drew her like a moth to a flame with his wit, and there was a chemistry between them so hot that it melted steel. In a surprising move, Jake released her from the marriage and that night, she and Ethan made love for the first time. The months after that were sometimes turbulent and sometimes blissful as both were stubborn and refused to give in even when they were wrong. Eventually, the feelings faded and Rebecca found herself pregnant and not wanting to tell Ethan. She fretted knowing that he would find out eventually. She had been spared having to tell him as he had one day ltransfered. She didn't know for sure, but she assumed he needed time away from her and their messy relationship.

Jack Sheppard

Rebecca's relationship with Jack Sheppard, though brief, was an eye-opening experience for her. While with Jack, her heart begun to heal from it's recent hurt with Ethan Brice. She found her friendship/relationship with Jack to be quite easy-going and consequently, didn't feel any pressure to impress him. The shift from friendship to dating was slightly odd for her at first, but she came to appreciate the connection for what it was.

Jack's departure was sudden and caused Rebecca a great amount of pain. However, after a long year, they were reunited and have continued their relationship.

Jackson Benton


Rebecca is currently involved with security officer Jackson Benton. Their relationship began stardate 218403.07, when Jackson asked her on a date during a dance at that night's party. For a time before they began their relationship, the two worked together on various projects and were steady friends. Rebecca found their relationship to be easy-going most times because of Jackson's attachment to her son, Matthew, though there was friction recently due to her past feelings for Ethan Brice and an untraceable organism that affected the moods and feelings of the crew. Jackson had planned on transferring because of their argument regarding Ethan, but she was able to convince him to stay. However, she was forced to end their relationship because he simply became to posessive.