Readers Code

The Readers Guild has adopted the Readers Code which they use, out of character, for many of their characters. The code helps maintain a fair gaming environment, and it is assumed that the characters would follow many of these rules on a on a moral and ethical basis. The code is not binding to any players, and is not an in character conception. While characters may hold some of these rules as moral standards, not all do, and any character who mentioned the "Readers Code" would likely be met with a confused stare.

Readers Guild


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The first rules of the code were written on 238012.19 (December 19th, 2003).

Code Text

  1. Do not use Empathy and Telepathy for personal gain.
  2. Reading someone's mind or thoughts without their permission is considered invasive and therefore not allowed unless ordered otherwise.
    1. Higher ranking officers can order a StarFleet officer to read someone's mind or thoughts for safety reasons. (e.g.- Picard often asked Troi what people were feeling while communicating.)
    2. During a hostile situation, Reading is allowed to avoid personal loss of life or limb.
  3. The use of reading as a weapon is not allowed, as it is dangerous and harmful.
    1. Higher ranking officers can order a StarFleet officer to use Reading as a weapon for safety reasons.
    2. During a hostile situation, Reading may be used as a weapon to avoid personal loss of life or limb.
  4. Interaction with other Readers by means of telepathy is allowed, but rules of social interaction and personal space should always be considered. (e.g.- Communicating by telepathy with another crewmember during a briefing in a full room is not polite.)
  5. A Reader can use telepathy and empathy only within his or her direct environment. Long range Reading is not allowed.
    1. Communication by Reading between two ships is possible, as long as they are close by. (Consider Counselor Troi's abilities -- she sensed emotions from another ship during communications to assist Picard.)
    2. Communication by Reading from one part of the sector or planet to another is not possible.