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The list below details some of the better known telepathic/empathic species. For the complete list of said species, see the Telepathic species category.

  • Argelian: Humanoids from the strategically important world of Argelius II. A culture devoted to peace and pleasure, Argalian women are revered for their massage techniques. Some Argelian women are known to have certain empathic and low grade telepathic abilities. Female Argalian women tend to have a T rating of T2 in some cases being able to form telepathic bonds between other races with physical contact, most likely due to their desire to please. Empathic ratings tend to be higher E4.
  • Betazoid: Humanoids and are a highly telepathic race, their entire social structure is geared to honesty and openness, sometimes to the point of being rude. Betazoids are philosophers and artisans enjoying the richness of their culture which is buried in centuries of tradition and elaborate ceremonies. Betazoids tend to develop their skill during adolescence and reach a rating of T4 and E4 empathic rating. Hybrids will tend toward their empathic side often reducing the telepathic rating.
  • Cairn: Telepathic humanoids from deep space, the Cairn had no spoken language and only since joining the Federation had they learned to speak Federation Standard. Most races transmit words, the Cairn however transmit pure thoughts which is much faster but can only be done by the Cairn. The Cairn struggle to use standard telepathy and a spoken language. T2, possibilities of telepathic contact with other races depending on receiver.
  • Deltan: Humanoid race from Delta IV. Early Federation members known for their inherent talent in mathematics and geometry. The Deltan race also displays a highly developed sexuality. Deltan pheromones cause powerful sexual stimulation in almost all humanoid species. Limited telepathy, T2 close range only.
  • Halanan: Psycho-projective telepathic humanoids from new Halana. Halana culture is based on loyalty, Halana couples mate for life. They appear as brown skinned humanoids with elongated curved ears and have a slight ridge on the nose. Halanans unique psycho-projective abilities allow them to create images up to 2 cubic meters in size. They are solid but read as pure energy, like holograms. T4
  • Hallian: Partially telepathic humanoids from Halli with light brown skin. Hallian telepathy is limited to person-to-person empathy, in which two beings go hand in hand to create the link. Some Hallians use a special resonator stone to enhance their abilities. T2/E2 short range person to person only.
  • Horta: Non-humanoid silicon based blobs from Janus VI that burrow through solid rock by secreting powerful acids from their glands. No technology and a primitive social structure. Communicate through touch telepathy only. T5
  • Melkotian: A powerful non-humanoid race from the Melkot system with isolationists tendancies. They appear as large brains covered in vital organs with two eyes in front and short tentacles hanging from the bottom. The move and communicate through Psi abilities. T4
  • Miradorn: Reptilian humanoids from an unknown world. They are always born in pairs and are born telepathically linked. They are not telepathic with other species or their own kind, only with their twin. If one is injured or killed the other will relentlessly seek vengeance for what they see as an assault on them selves. T2, with twin only.
  • Napian: Empathic humanoids from Napia II. The Napians are Federation members but take little interest in off world activities or other cultures. Genetic supposition lends it's self that the Napian race is a transplanted cross between Terran and Betazoid races. Most Napians do not bother to cultivate their Psi skills as their training techniques can take years to perfect for what Betazoids and Vulcan's can learn in weeks. Those that do develop their empathic and limited telepathic skills serve in Napian culture. E4, telepathy not indicated but possible, the majority of the population do not bother to develop this ability.
  • Q: Powerful non-corporeal beings from an extra-dimensional plane called the "Q Continuum." Mysterious omnipotent beings who have extreme power. T6, not regarded empathic as they have never shown any empathic regard.
  • Talosian: Physically weak humanoid race from Talos IV. The population nearly destroyed itself in a massive nuclear war. Survivors moved under ground and instead devoted their time to developing their minds and mental powers. After several thousand years they were able to develop powers of illusion and telepathy. They can project ultra-realistic images over reality, or into the minds of others. Isolationists. Telepathy rating is T4.
  • Thasian: Powerful non-corporeal life-form from Thasus II. Little is known of the Thasians except that they are reclusive and aloof. They do not interfere with, or interact with off-worlders but are believed to be very powerful with strong Psi abilities. T6, including telekinesis, teleportation and matter-altering powers.
  • Ullian: A humanoid race characterised by skin involutions in the temporal region. Previously barbaric until a revolution in the 21st century, they now excel as renowned historians and collect the memories of 11 worlds. Ullians can read the minds of all other humanoid races but cannot be read themselves. T4.
  • Vulcan: Humanoids from the planet Vulcan and the first to join the alliance with Starfleet. Vulcans distinctive pointed ears and logical approach to all things. Vulcans have a limited telepathic ability however Vulcans who have learned to "mind meld" are able to read the minds of very many species. Preferring auditory communication. T3, these gifts are however generally reserved for personal use.