Rawanna Constructs

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The Rawanna Constructs is a group of children (number unknown) created in one more search for ultimate soldier.


  • Proper Name: Rawanna III Laboratory Constructs

Home System

  • Proper Name: Rawanna
  • Catalog Name: Sinosa 59J-41
  • Quadrant: Alpha
      • Companions: 5
        • Rawanna I: H-class – desert world
        • Rawanna II: O-class – pelagic world
        • Rawanna III: M-class – warm on the edge between M and O class
        • Rawanna IV: L-class - Rocky and barren
        • Rawanna V: I-class – Gas supergiant

Home World

  • Proper Name: Rowanna III
  • Catalog Name: Rowanna III
  • Diameter: 13 559 km
  • Gravity: 1.04 G
  • Orbital Period: 22,1 T-days
  • Rotational Period: 22,1 T-days
  • Classification: M
    • Surface Water: 77%
    • Notes: World is between common class M and class O, with lot of surface water mostly oceans, so have high salinity.
    • Atmosphere: Warm and humid.
    • Climate: not noted (laboratory is underground facility


Physical Characteristics

All Constructs are combination of 8 main races Betazoid, Brekkian, El-Aurian, Lumerian, Risian, Ullian, Vulcan and Zakdorn. Risans were chosen as a base race for their strong body structure and internal biology capable of forming bond with other races. Betazoids were chosen for their ability to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for unique ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances in the space/time continuum and ability to remember the original version of history if a change is made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a psionic bond with another person, giving him/her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner, Ullians for their telepathy, Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights and Zakdorn for their unique ability to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process.

For each new batch some additional component was added to maybe bring stability to construct but no data is available for each construct, nor the list of races is ever found.

But despite common and in most cases even same ancestors, constructs don’t have many or in some cases even any distinguished common physical characteristics.

Body Composition

As is case with common looks same is with body composition. Every specimen tend to inherit more from one and less from another species.


Since most of races have some type or variation of psionic ability almost all specimens have high readers abilities.


It is impossible to determine one that would be common to all specimens, since every and each is different from each other, but most managed to inherit inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane common to Vulcans though not all, but all have somewhat stronger body and fast metabolism.


Most of specimens have Low Pain threshold and high energy consumption during use of their psionic abilities.

Physiological Requirements

Due to fast metabolism and high energy consumption they all need lot of nutrients.



Since most or even all except one member of “race” don’t know others exist there is no government or any other type of governmental structure.


Since most or even all except one member of “race” don’t know others exist there is no social statuses nor positions.


In constant search to create “perfect soldier” a group of scientist get into research “on the edge” of allowed and very close to forbidden genetic engineering. Hiding behind the technicality of not using forbidden methods of enhancing genetic structure, but only mixing genes got green light to start research. The plan worked fine tried in holodeck, but actual results were far from acceptable. It was expected to one in 10 created specimens have at least 80% of wanted characteristics. In 23 years of research and over 1000 specimens they got no acceptable results.

Laboratory is closed and everything about research erased when is discovered that a group of specimens managed to evade “cancelation” and were found by various races throughout the Renaaran Sector.


No known common, but Mailea Labria tend to feel uncomfortable around non readers!


Most of specimens tend to accept common religions of species they live with.