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Ravenna Carter

Ensign Ravenna Carter is currently serving as a Science Officer aboard the USS Constitution-B. She specializes in Anthropology/ Archaeology and has a background in Medicine and Psychology.

USS Constitution-B
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Ravenna Carter
Position Science Officer
Rank Ensign
Species Human
Gender Female
DOB 236804.04
Age 28
Birthplace New York City, New York, Earth
Writer ID C239607RC0

Academy Transcript


  • Height: 5’6”
  • Hair: Red
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Build: Slender build
  • Handedness: Right Hand Dominant
  • Distinguishing Marks: Minor scar on her forehead from early childhood (almost invisible now) and a small tattoo on the inside of her left ankle.
Ravenna's Tattoo
  • Personality: Ravenna comes across as an outgoing individual who works well in a team. She does struggle with anxiety, however, it only gets really bad when she feels something is wrong; in which she is almost always right. She struggles with her feelings in romantic relationships based on the example set by her mother which lead to her father's passing. She makes friends fairly easy, however, there are only a few that she feels secure confiding in. She is notorious for her 21st-century pop culture references and her absolute love for physical books.
  • Hobbies: Her hobbies include reading from real books rather than her PADD and continuing her education as advancements occur. She has a special interest in Forensic Anthropology that is separate from her area of expertise. Her MD paired with Anthropology allows her to understand the area extensively, but it is not a part of her common practice so she considers it a hobby.


  • Father: Daniel “Danny” Jay Carter (deceased) - Ravenna's father was her inspiration for becoming a medical doctor and he instilled a love for learning in Ravenna that has carried her through her life. Not much is known to Ravenna about his death, though she has speculated that it was a result of the Dominion Wars. She fondly recalls their bedtime routine where he would make himself tea and her some hot cocoa and they would read medical texts as bedtime stories. At his funeral, it was revealed that she is the one thing in his life that he is most proud of. He is survived by an older brother, Jonathan and a younger sister, Samantha.
  • Mother: Elizabeth “Liza” Grace Quinlan- Ravenna has a very complicated relationship with her mother that has escalated since her Father's death. Her mother has been as hands-off as possible throughout Ravenna's life, this has caused Ravenna to feel extremely isolated. She also was less than kind and gentle with her daughter, often leaving behind bruises from grabbing her and yanking her about. This ended once she left Ravenna to her Nanny's care.
  • Siblings: No known siblings
  • Other Family: Paternal Uncle Jonathan and Paternal Aunt Samantha (Both of which she maintains a close relationship with)
  • Significant Other/Spouse: Brommel Fortune (Boyfriend)
  • Children: N/A
  • Friends: See list below
Ravenna's mother

Ghant Xerix: Ravenna met Ghant on her first day at Starfleet Academy. They were in the same Federation History class. After a few short weeks of getting to know each other, Ravenna accompanied Ghant to his family's cottage on Risa for a fun vacation. On their first night there, Ghant was poisoned and held for ransom. The kidnappers were going to kill Ravenna until she pointed out that Ghant would die if she didn't help him. After ensuring that he was out of danger, she fought off the would-be killers. After the whole ordeal, the two were close friends for the remainder of their academy days. Ghant graduated the year before Ravenna, but they have remained friends despite being posted to different ships. They have made a deal to communicate regularly and frequently chat via video calls. Because of her role in saving Ghant on Risa, she was awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon. Her first actions after receiving it was to call Ghant.

Ravenna's father (younger)

Corliss Fortune: Corliss (also called C or Wiggy by Ravenna) was one of Ravenna's two best friends in the academy, the other being Ghant Xerix. Corliss and Ravenna frequently studied in the library together despite having separate courses. Their studying often became loud resulting in stern looks from the librarian. Corliss helped bring Ravenna out of her shell and gave her someone closer to her age that she could relate to. Corliss graduated the year before Ravenna and had a huge ball in celebration. There, she insisted on teaching Ravenna how to dance and proceeded to set her up with her brother, whom she knew Ravenna had a crush on.

Lazuraus Davis: Lazarus, also known as Laz, is Ravenna's fellow science officer. They quickly clicked as friends, having shared interests and a love for learning new things. They work well together and almost immediately identified the other as a confidant. During an allergic reaction to anti-anxiety medication, Lazarus rushed Ravenna to the Sickbay on Starbase 104 and later went with her to purchase her pet tribble, Delilah.

Brommel Fortune: Brommel is Corliss' older brother and Ravenna's boyfriend. They maintain a strong long-distance relationship that would be considered open, though Ravenna herself doesn't partake in any outside physical relations. He is a Ranger with Starfleet that takes him to nondisclosed parts of space and he often doesn't have the ability to visit. Notably, Brommel left a picture of the two of them at Corliss' Ball dancing as a bookmark in Ravenna's poetry journal marking a poem about being madly in love with the person you are with.

Personal History

Ravenna was born and raised in New York City, New York, Earth. She is the only child of Daniel Carter and Elizabeth Quinlan. Daniel, for the first few years of Ravenna life, worked at the local hospital in the Emergency and Trauma Center; however when Ravenna was five, he was forced to take a position as a Civilian Doctor with Starfleet for reasons unknown to her. Elizabeth is a semi-well-known Archaeologist with a specialty in metallurgy; she often was out of the home by design as she did not like her home life. This lead Ravenna and Daniel to have a very strong bond that made is death, coupled with the physical abuse and neglect from her mother, particularly hard.

At age six, Ravenna was sent to Dr. Corin Fortune, a Counsellor with Starfleet dealing with children of officers, to help her deal with her father's passing. Though her mother took her to the appointment, it was evident that Ravenna felt very detached from her mother. She continued to see Dr. Fortune until she turned eighteen and no longer fit the criteria to be a patient of hers. Ravenna believes that her time with Dr. Fortune is the only reason she has made it as far in life as she has.

Ravenna maintains a strong relationship with her father's siblings, Jonathan and Samantha. Her mother attempted to prevent contact, but after she left, Ravenna's nanny thought it best that she have the familial support in her life. Jonathan and Samantha both reside in Queens near the cemetery that Daniel was laid to rest in. Ravenna takes the opportunity to visit often. Much of her childhood was clouded by pain and mental health struggles that alienated her from the majority of her peers. Her early upbringing by her father had helped her get far academically but failed her socially; she was often bullied for being a know it all. To help her cope and to give her a companion outside of the limited adults in her life, her nanny, Claudia, got Ravenna a little grey and white Pitbull Puppy named Daisy. Ravenna named her after her favorite flowers.

Ravenna had always desired to be a Medical Doctor like her father, so upon graduating high school a few years early, she attended Emory University in Georgia; having been accepted as Pre-med and the into the Medical program. She did her fellowship at the same hospital her father had worked in during her youth. Once she completed the Fellowship, she was offered a fulltime position as in the Emergency and Trauma Center, right where her father had worked. Growing tensions between her and her mother, who had never attended any of her graduations, lead her to pursue her degrees in Anthropology and Archaeology; going straight into a doctoral program. She graduated with her doctorate but was sad to see that they shared interests with her mother had had the opposite effect.

She joined Starfleet in the hopes of finding answers about her father and expanding her knowledge of the Universe. While in the academy, she made friends with Ghant Xerix and Corliss Fortune, both a year ahead of her. Ghant led to many a misadventure, but none so emotionally charged as their attempted kidnapping on Risa. Ghant had been poisoned and Ravenna was on the chopping block. She managed to convince the would-be kidnappers that Ghant would die without medical intervention. After ensuring he would make it, Ravenna was forced to fight the attackers of single-handedly. After besting one of the assailants, Ravenna found herself incapacitated, however, Ghant had come to and took the other guy out before he could fatally stab Ravenna.

Her friendship with Corliss Fortune, daughter of her former counselor, was more relaxed and was rooted in activities like studying and shopping; where the only risk was a headache and sleep deprivation. As a graduation gift for Corliss, her parents threw her a ball. Corliss and Ravenna went dress shopping and the plan was that Corliss would teach Ravenna how to dance. However in the night of, in a joint setup from Corin, Dixin, and Corliss; Ravenna found herself dancing with Brommel Fortune, her crush. That night, they admitted their mutual feelings for each other rather awkwardly and began their relationship. That night also saw the start of her newest nickname, Gracie Bird. He gave her a paper flower that she still has with her in her keepsake box.

During her final year of the academy, Brommel would visit on his rare shore leaves, as he is a Starfleet Ranger. One such time, the pair found themselves stuck inside due to rainstorms. the two spent the night curled up on a couch reading together and at some point, he placed a picture of them from the ball in her poetry collection journal as a bookmark on his favorite poem. During her training simulation on the holodeck, Ravenna served as the Science Officer on the USS Centris-A. She was tasked with confirming the victims of an attack were fit for transport to medical when one of the Lieutenants aboard grabbed her.

So far into her tenure on the USS Constitution-B, Ravenna has made fast friends with her fellow Science Officer. They are currently in the midst of her first mission as a part of the crew.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Cadet First Class 239607.15 Graduated Starfleet Academy Science Officer
STO Ensign Teal.jpg
Ensign 239607.16 - Present USS Constitution-B Science Officer

Awards & Service Decorations

For award descriptions, see: Awards and Service Ribbons
Awards and Service Ribbons
Award Name Date/Assignment Citation
Service Ribbon Name Date/Assignment Citation
Awards ServiceRibbons Graduate.jpg
Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon 2396
Starfleet Academy
Awarded to those who have graduated from Starfleet Academy.
Awards ServiceRibbons LifesavingSilver 2011.jpg
Silver Lifesaving Ribbon 2396
USS Constitution
"It might not have been on duty, but you saved someone's life. For saving the life of another Starfleet member you have rightfully been awarded the Silver Lifesaving Ribbon." ~Jalana Rajel


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