Ranger-A Crew History

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Past Members of our fine crew have included the following noteworthy officers since Ranger-A was returned to active duty...

Previous Crew

Captain Brian Kelly

Captain Sasha Ice

Kallan Meddick (First Officer)

Jack Mitchell (First Officer)

Pravin Miek

Raul Montoya


Jhereg Drageran

Dr. Aggie Mcdonald

Dr. Scott Arash

Transferred to USS Titan

Captain Brian Kelly

Kell Perim-Mitchell


Flash Nova

Theodore Draigon

Allen Montgomery



These crew members have since the original Ranger, gone up through the ranks of the ship and emerged as captains of other ships in the fleet...

Commander Alis Hege-Kelly (Ret/Res) (intial first officer once commissioned)

Captain Lang Vedoc (Ret/Res) (former first officer)

Captain Kael Laang (Ret/Res)

Captain Colin MacHendry (Ret/Res)

Captain Jim Terra (On leave)