Ramara Vid

Born in: Heikensberg Province, Bajor
Spouse: Rhys Ayisha (deceased), Robinson, Beth
Children: Rhys Bejain, Rhys Catya

Ramara Vid is a winemaker, and is considered one of the best in Bajoran space.

During the occupation, he collaborated with the Cardassians, providing wine for their tables. He rationalised this as wanting to see his family again so desperately. However, this caused a rift between Vid and his son, Bejain, as Bejain was fighting in the Resistance. During a covert mission for the resistance, Bejain almost killed Vid, but couldn't bring himself to pull the trigger.

After the occupation, Vid stayed on Darane IV where he had been held by the Cardassians and founded the Eldran Estates. He proceeded to search for his family. After six months, he was contacted by Bejain, who coldly told him that he would have nothing to do with collaborators. He could find no trace of Catya or Ayisha. Eventually, he met and fell in love with Beth Robinson, a Terran Horticuluralist assigned to Darane IV to assist with rebuilding.

The schism between Bejain and Vid has been a very long time healing. For many years, Bejain refused all contact with Vid. It was only when Rhys met Rhys Catya and discovered his nephew and niece that the two met. Rhys brought Enric and Tal to live with Vid and Beth.

Relations are currently closer than ever before. But there is still a strain that appears at moments of stress.

Significant Sims

SIM:Bejain brings Tal and Enric to Darane IV