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Ralaaram Ocala

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The Ralaaram Ocala is a Romulan terrorist organization led by Hatham Irsesse Solius. They are known for their hyper-violent techniques and vicious combat strategies. The group is responsible for the capture and/or destruction of dozens of civilian vessels and at least one Starfleet ship, the USS Allentown.

Ralaaram Ocala
Ralaaram Ocala

  • Affiliation: None
  • Status: Active
  • Leader: Hatham Irsesse Solius
  • Strength: 400+
  • Member Races: Primarily Romulan, 1 Denobulan, Miscellaneous others



The Ralaaram Ocala was founded by survivors of the Skyfire Virus in the Romulan colony of Lambda Hydrae sometime between 2390-2391. The earliest members of the group were convinced that their loved ones had perished as part of some sort of larger Federation test and the appropriate authorities, both Romulan and Starfleet were purposefully ignoring their pleas for help.

Led by a stern, brutal, and vicious leader, Hatham Irsesse Solius, the initial movements of the organization were relatively peaceful. They attempted to work with the authorities to find a cure, but saw little success. When their efforts were rebuffed or proved ineffective, they slowly became more and more militant.

Taking Action

Slowly, they gained more and more support, silencing their critics with threats or physical violence. Solius built up a power base among his core followers and very quickly, things began moving from peaceful advocacy to outright violence. Their first "combat" action came when a protest outside of the Romulan Star Navy regional office within the colony turned violent. Ocala forces raided the compound of all medical supplies, some light sidearms, and exiled the garrison from the colony. A short time later, they overpowered a Romulan freighter delivering supplies to colony and executed any member of the crew who did not immediate join their ranks. Over the next few weeks, Ocala forces outfitted the freighter with illegal obtained weaponry and dubbed it The Revenge. Having trained on simulators, a select group of Ocala soldiers left the colony and began to raid smaller ships traveling through the shipping lanes.

Expanding the Conflict


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Slowly, Solius and his followers expanded their fleet to include four combat vessels: The Revenge, which served as the flagship, the Basilisk, a converted Erewon-Class ship, the Demon, a converted Bajoran freighter, and the Rebena, a heavily armed, but small mining ship and named after Solius's youngest daughter. The group also used a number of smaller support craft. Despite taking heavy losses in their initial raids, the Ocala terrorists began to hone their skills and expand their range. They returned, from time to time, to the Lambda colony to replenish their ranks with willing volunteers, eager to a shot at bloodying the nose of the mighty Federation

As they captured more and more ships, their raids became quicker, deadlier, and more noticeable. Their increased skill allowed them to start targeting larger and larger craft. Numerous civilian freighters of various allegiance were captured, their contents and cargoes requisitioned by the Ocala and their crews either killed or offered membership in the group. Eventually, Starfleet took notice and sent the Akira class USS Allentown under the command of Lieutenant Commander Quinn Gibson to dismantle the organization and capture its leader.

Starfleet was woefully misinformed on the strength of the Ocala fleet and after a short, vicious battle, in which the Demon was destroyed, the Allentown was captured and her captain and crew executed. Hatham then began the process of retrofitting a Federation battleship. The added firepower of the Allentown, now renamed the 'Tormented', would make Solius and his growing band of terrorists even deadlier.

Moving In

The group, while continuing to work on retrofitting the Allentown, took refuge in the Onias Sector, a relatively barren and uncharted section of space. The sector was home to a number of asteroid fields and spacial anomalies that played havoc with any long range sensors. Using this to their benefit, the Ocala ships could raid the primary shipping corridor that ran through the sector. During one such raid, they managed to capture a phased cloaking device from Ferengi merchants. The device had been the brainchild of Romulan scientists on the doomed Gamma Crucis III Research Station. With this newly acquired technology, the Ocala would be even more dangerous.

Around this time, Starfleet dispatched the USS Excalibur-A to investigate the situation and attempt to make contact with the Allentown. While investigating the Sector, the ship received a mayday signal from a civilian ship, the Golden Gulf. The freighter was being attacked by suspected Ocala forces. As the Excalibur sped to the scene to assist, her systems were overcome with an unknown type of radiation, rending the ship useless. At the same time, Ocala ships were descending upon the helpless Excalibur, hoping to capture and retrofit yet another Federation warship. The commanding officer of the Excalibur, Cascadia Rainer was incapacitated by an explosion caused by the radiation bursts and the Excalibur, much to their disappointment, was ordered out of the Onias Sector. The Golden Gulf was feared lost.

Current Whereabouts

Little to nothing was heard from the Ralaaram Ocala since their near run-in with Excalibur; until the Cerberas freighter crashed into StarBase 118 Ops laden with explosives. A Romulan terrorist group calling themselves the Resiliency took credit for the deed.

Upon further research Starfleet intelligence found that the Resiliency was a long established Romulan political movement with little history of violence. Their beliefs in Romulus for Romulans, however, dovetailed with the ideology of the Ralaaran Ocala and they ended up absorbing the surviving members. This created a hyper-violent extremist sect in the established Resiliency. The group, now calling themselves 'Ocalans' has been working to use the Resiliency's connections and power to turn towards the ideals and methods of the Ralaaram Ocala.

Known Members

Glanok - A young Romulan man, around twenty-five, Glanok was fiercely loyal to Solius and just as vicious. Tall and lean with a chiseled jawline, his father was one of the first to perish from The Sickness. Glanok serves as Solius's First Officer in most regards. Angry and prone to violent outbursts, he was nicknamed "The Judge" by fellow Ocala followers due to his propensity to execute prisoners without just cause.

Dastin - An sixty-something year old former Romulan military commander, Dastin was a penniless and improvised general who fled to Hydrae Lambda colony shortly before the outbreak of the virus. Never getting sick himself, Dastin survived and earned a reputation among the Ocala as a trusted tactician. Still pompous and proud, he wore a faded Romulan Star Navy uniform and walked with a slight limp, a result of a decades old injury. His background knowledge of spacial combat was vital to the Ocala's early success, but his usefulness has been questioned going forward.

Doctor Martig Jacobi - A Denobulan researcher who was exiled by Starfleet for carrying out heinous experiments on prisoners, Dr. Jacobi was the only none Romulan adviser to the Solius. He had come to the colony looking for work, but had quickly become one of Hatham's most useful assistants. Demented and disliked by nearly everyone, the Doctor and his torture techniques were the stuff of pure nightmare. His cruel methods had resulted in numerous pieces of information being drawn from captured prisoners. With milky, drippy eyes, and a sagging chin, he was not pleasant to look upon.

Izaka - Killed in Action while commanding the Demon against the USS Allentown. One of Hatham's most trusted advisers and an early supporter of the movement.

Ilgon - The beautiful, but deadly female Romulan Communications Officer for the Ralaaram Ocala. She defected from the original freighter that had become The Revenge when it was captured on the colony. Solius and Ilgon carried on a secret love affair for quite some time. She wore a Romulan military uniform and kept her hair short and cropped, in traditional fashion.

Ch'vex - A grossly obese Romulan engineer, Ch'vex was responsible for the retrofit of any ship the group wished to convert. Disgustingly overweight and constantly breathing heavy, she didn't give off the impression of a mechanic genius. However, the female mechanic had brilliant served Solius and the Ocala since their early days and had earned a spot on his inner council.