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Rajel Tutoatasi is the 36-year-old human governor of Antor II.

Early Life

Born on Ketar V in 2362, his family moved to Antor II when he was a young boy. Since he was a teenager, Rajel was interested in politics and how this could affect people, wanting Antor II to become a real capital of the Colonial Coalition. His first steps getting into the government had been less than promising, but his popularity is rising due the bad opinion on the actual government and he wants to ride that wave and raise himself to lead Antor into a new era of expansion, even if it’s at the cost of parting ways with the Federation.

After the attack on the planet with a subspace torpedo that destroyed part of Antor's trade and commerce infrastructure, Rajel started a for aggressive campaign against Antor Governor Carolyn Blackhurst, focusing on the Federation who was unable to provide appropriate protection to Antor in particular and the whole Coalition in general, he launched himself to challenge the governor's position. After months of planning and developing his strategy, he managed to win the elections and became Antor's II new governor.

Governor of Antor II

With his new position, he's able to do many more things and focused on rebuilding efforts of the damaged structures, and with the Veritas gone and the Montreal far away, too, he initiated treaties with the Klingon Empire, keeping Antor's independence from the empire, but managing to make some deals that helped in the reconstruction of the planets infrastructure, what included the Jade Dragon's Casino. In exchange, he allowed the Empire to set a trade and commerce hub on Antor. That helped the planet to improve as the pirates seemed to think twice before attacking a ship with the Klingon emblem on their hulls. The few that tried, found birds-of-prey decloacking and taking care of them.

Rajel had travelled to different planets of the Shoals, trying to get supports for a future leave from the Federation but found quite a resistance from some planets, though others seemed to be closer to his points of view. He's become adept to careful planning and getting information from the people he wants to make deals with; however, his real connection with the Klingons or even some rumors about negotiations with the Tholians are not confirmed. He's made some public comments about the Klingons being able to answer where the Federation couldn't, what makes him closer to the Empire than the Tholian Assembly.

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Rajel is played by Sergio, the writer for Kelrod.