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For the prime universe character, see Raissa Moonsong.

Doctor Raissa Moonsong is the chief medical officer of the USS Ronin-A in an alternate universe where the Federation lost the Dominion War.

Raissa Moonsong

In 2374 when Raissa was 9 years old, Earth fell to the Dominion. As part of the mass evacuation, her Betazoid grandmother Tiana Alden took her along with her 14 year old twin brothers, Andri and Alexi. Her parents chose to remain behind to fight against the Dominion. They were believed to have been killed soon after the occupation.

The original plan was to escape to Betazed, but when that world too fell to the Dominion, Tiana spirited her grandchildren to Vulcan for safety.

When Raissa was 11, Tiana arranged for her granddaughter's growing empathic ability to be trained by Vulcans in order to help her control it.

Raissa was 13 when her 19 year old twin brothers left to join what remained of starfleet. Communication was sporatic over the next few years. At 17 Raissa began her medical training, though it was difficult for her. Touching a patient often meant that she felt whatever pain they felt. While draining, it was useful for treating those who could not tell medical personnel where the pain was.

Both her brothers were killed in action when she was 19 and 20 respectively. Three years later she achieved her medical degree.

Having lost so many members of her family Tiana forbade her granddaughter from joining the fight against the Dominion. They escaped Vulcan before it fell and spent the next few years wandering from free world to free world. When Qo'noS fell, Tiana was unable to deal with it and passed away.

Alone, Raissa chose to fight the only way she could and able to join the group that were once part of Starfleet and were still fighting against the Dominion. Aboard the Ronin-A, she met Alora DeVeau and they became close friends despite their shared attraction for the same man. With the emotional devastation of Alora's death, Raissa has become somewhat acerbic and struggles not to let any one else close to her with limited results. She has come to know the Ronin's crew too well to fully distance herself emotionally.

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