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USS Garuda
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Raissa Moonsong
Position Counselor
Rank Lieutenant
Species 3/4 Human / 1/4 Betazoid
Gender Female
DOB 236506.21
Age 34
Birthplace Leech Lake, North America, Earth

Academy Transcript


Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lieutenant
Stardate 239101.24 0800 hours
Status: Follow ups/Consultations

Today Doctor Skyfire brought in his new therapy companion. A terran beagle puppy. I can see the immediate effect on him, based on their interaction. For some people, when they own pets, the animals are very perceptive to the emotional state of their companion. I will have to commend Nurse Fergus for this action.

Skyfire has made a lot of progress since I have begun treating him. Much of his tension and hostility have abated. He is learning to integrate his telepathic ability with his medical skills. He was learning control of his gift and confidence in his manner. Word in the department had gone from ‘Weird’ to ‘Less Weird’.

I feel at this time it is no long necessary to have regular sessions.


Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lieutenant
Stardate 239111.27 0700 hours
Status: On going

Following the crisis on Deep Space ten, Doctor Skyfire was definitely different during this session. The suppressed hostility he normally held back was completely absent from him.

During the crisis he chose to use a radical and dangerous method to find the cure for the virus that was killing the Cardassian population on station. He risked his life without thought and as such makes me question his stability. In addition his telepathic ability has altered to the point that he was able to reach out to me from a distance.

Doctor Skyfire is no longer showing difficulty in connecting to my mind. It is a surprising development but it is also a sign of trust. I feel more confident that I can help him better integrate his ability into his life.


Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lieutenant
Stardate 239110.05 0900 hours
Status: On going

My meeting with Doctor Skyfire was a little unusual today. He was troubled over an incident with his Administrative Nurse, Gabrielle Porchevska. By coincidence she is also currently my roommate. As he recently ended a romantic relationship, he found Ensign Porchevska advances discomforting and not exactly welcome.

I explained that Ensign Porchevska is half Argelian and it is simply part of her nature, however she would not be offended if he tells her no and that she will accept and respect his preferences. He pointed out that he did so later and the subject of his social skills came up.

We moved back to his telepathic ability which I've come to realize he still considers a curse. It will take some work to get him past that particular mindset if he is ever going to get control of it.

He did manage a rudimentary shield and I pushed to test it. To my surprised he followed me back to my own mind and was able to read some of my surface thoughts.

Skyfire will remain on the chemical inhibitors for now, but he can use the time to practice the exercises I have given him.


Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lieutenant
Stardate 239109.30 1750 hours
Status: On going

I spoke with Doctor Skyfire about the number of Counselors he had seen prior. Based on what I learned from Lt. Taybrim he has a quite understandable distrust of counselors since due to timing and transfers little progress was made. In a sense you could describe his reaction to that of abandonment.

I was able to impress on him the importance of getting control of his telepathic ability.

He was recently promoted and was made aware he had some work to do on his social skills. I have noted he does tend to spend a lot of time within his own heard and giving only the briefest answers to questions. He carries an air of distraction that could be seen as arrogant or a lack of compassion.

I walked him through some basic meditation techniques which he moved through with surprising ease.

Due to fact that his controls are still somewhat unstable, I will continue to see him daily.


Transcript: Starfleet Communications:
Stardate: 239108.14 To: Lt. Sal Taybrim, USS Columbia
From: Ens Raissa Moonsong, USS Garuda
Subject: Consultation: Patient Name: Lt. jg Chythar Skyfire

Lt. Taybrim,

I am a Counselor on the USS Garuda. Lt. Skyfire has come under my care to help him deal with personal issues, which include his current telepathic/Empathic ability. While it is rare for a human to be telepathic, it is not unheard of.

My concern is his current reliance on chemical neural inhibitors to function. His records indicate that he has seen several counselors however other than you, I see little evidence that he lasted more than one session.

It is my firm hope that his time with my will help him gain control of his gift and use it as part of his medical skills.

What I seek from you is any insight that will guide me in gaining his trust that will enable me to help him effectively.

Thank you for your time.

Stardate: 239108.16
To: Ens Raissa Moonsong USS Garuda
From: Lt. Sal Taybrim USS Columbia
RE: Subject: Consultation: Patient Name: Lt. jg Chythar Skyfire
I would be happy to give you some insight, Ensign.

The telepathic development should be in his medical file. It is due to contact with a member of the Dokkaran species which have similar abilities to telepathy, including the ability to change neurochemistry in another’s body. As I said, his file should have all clinical information you may need.

More to the point, Lieutenant Skyfire has had the misfortune of bearing the brunt of the revolving door of officers on his longest posting, the USS Excalibur. The biggest step in gaining trust with him will be to prove you will be continually there for him. He is used to counselors disappearing without reason or communication as to why they are going. I was one who left the Excalibur, due to transfer. I maintained contact with Lieutenant Skyfire to try to allay this pain of constantly having those he was confiding in leaving him. It is still difficult for him to trust, but I believe that with consistent attention and presence you will earn it.

Doctor Solan, a counselor and neurochemist who worked on the Excalibur suggested Vulcan meditation techniques would reduce his dependence on neural inhibitors and improve his sleep and his well being. If Vulcan techniques are not helping, I believe that any meditation technique will be a good foundation for him to start weaning off dependency on neural inhibitors.

I am always willing to talk or offer assistance should you need it.

All the best,
~Sal Taybrim
Science Officer
USS Columbia


Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lt. (j.g.)
Stardate 239108.05 1315 hours.
Status: Follow Up

I have been meeting with Dr. Skyfire for the last several days but I have to revise my initial optimism in his progress. While he’s willing to ease off the chemical inhibitors, he’s having some difficulty in just accepting his talent. More than once he’s called it a curse. I’ve looked through his psychological profile and found a number of things which explains why he’s having such a hard time. Also it is clear he has trust issues with counselors. His file states that he’s seen several, but has made no progress.

I think I will need to contact the previous counselors and find out what the issues are. This is important if I am to make any progress is helping him to control his talent. I need more information if I hope to be any help to my patient.

Side note 1: Send subspace message to Lieutenant Sal Taybrim, USS Columbia.

Stardate 239108.02

Patient Name: Chythar Skyfire
Rank: Lt. (j.g.)
Stardate 239108.02 0700 hours.
Status: Initial Consultation

Based on my review of his files, Dr. Skyfire is dealing with the recent development of telepathic/empathic abilities. On the Reader scale I would tentatively put him at T2/E2. He has no problems reading other terrans but hybrids and/or other species are difficult for him. Since a large number of the crew are terran, this is a problem. Based on our discussion he had no shielding. In fact I find that he has no shielding of any kind.

Patient presented as hostile as well as defensive during initial consultation. I believe this to be related to the number of counselors he has seen since the event that made him telepathic.

Patient has been using chemical inhibitors to suppress his ability.

I believe it would be best to continue to see the patient daily for the time being. Despite his hostility, he needs to be able to control his gift and not rely on medication. Medications can wear off at an inopportune time.