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USS Invicta
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Raissa Moonsong
Position Chief of Counseling
Rank Lieutenant
Species 3/4 Human / 1/4 Betazoid
Gender Female
DOB 236506.21
Age 36
Birthplace Leech Lake, Earth

Academy Transcript

Patient Record: Skyfire, Chythar

Dr. Chythar Skyfire

Patient Name: Skyfire, Chythar
Current Rank: Lieutenant
Current Position: Chief Medical Officer
Patient ID: DC-981-851

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Patient Record: Greyson, Carter

Ensign Carter Greyson

Patient Name: Greyson, Carter
Current Rank: Ensign
Current Position: Engineer
Patient ID: AZ-159-930

Ensign Greyson came to me to discuss the possibility of suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a reaction to having a tactical console explode. He was severely injured by the explosion.

I had the opportunity to observe his behavior on the bridge in front of the tactical console. While he displayed unease his reaction was not severe enough for me to diagnose him with PTSD. My subsequent meeting with him confirmed my diagnosis as Fear Aversion.

Ensign Greyson has expressed a desire to transfer to engineering. I support this desire. As an engineer he will be able to understand the consoles which will give him a measure of control to combat his fear. Since his fear is limited to a specific console, I do not believe this will cause him problems in the future. The fear will pass the more he understands the mechanics of the device.

Side Note 1: Ensign Greyson has expressed that he is attracted to me. He also expressed that he is attracted to Doctor Skyfire. Since we are both were in a position to help him deal with first his injury and secondly his recovery, I do not think this is no more than gratitude. Because this was a traumatic event, his emotional response to his ‘saviors’ is transitory.

Status: No follow up necessary.

Patient Record: Rahman, Roshanara

Roshanara Rahman

Stardate: 239109.23
Patient: Roshnanara Rahman
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Note: Order Number 3498-7 Evaluation

I began my interview with Dr. Rahman to determine if A) She was psychologically stable to stand trial and B) If there was any mitigating factor in her profile that would affect the above.

Dr. Rahman has admitted to her actions, yet there is an aspect that seems to have her under duress. In reviewing her records, I find her action completely at odds to her behavior. The guilt is real. There is no doubt she was fully aware of what she was doing. Still there is something else that is related to that incident that hasn’t been recorded.

I was close to finding out what that was until Lt. Naughton broke protocol and interrupted my session with Dr. Rahman.

Note: Formal Protest against Lt. Naughton has been transmitted to SFJAG.

Patient Record: Gupta, Ivani

Ivani Gupta

Stardate: 239110.09
Patient: Ivani Gupta
Rank: Crewman
Status: Ongoing

There has been little change since our previous appointments. Crewman Gupta gives the impression of just drifting along and going through the motions. I do get the impression is is passionate about being a teacher to the children on the Garuda, but I do not see evidence of that in any other part of her life.

Stardate: 239109.24
Patient: Ivani Gupta
Rank: Crewman
Status: Ongoing

Crewman Gupta has been in regular weekly counseling since the death of her husband. This was a requirement by Starfleet in order for her to remain in the service. According to records she has been in counseling for over a year and I see little sign of healing or her taking any steps in moving forward.

Counseling will continue at this time until I understand her better.

Patient Record: Chase Valaine

Valaine, Chase

Stardate: 239111.27
Patient:Chase Valaine
Rank: Chief Warrant Officer
Status: Evaluation

Chief Valaine was a little defensive in that he was used to people having a negative reaction to his body modifications. Apparently previous counselors had disapproved. According to his record, others considered his modifications a problem that need to be fixed. I disagree with those evaluations. Chief Valaine has a positive self image.

The only recommendation I have at this time is that he learn a little tolerance. As much as others need to tolerate or accept his personal choices, he needs to be equally tolerant and accepting of other's personal choices.

Patient Record: Bakari, Msafiri

Bakari, Msafiri

Stardate: 239112.14 0700 Hours Patient: Msafiri Bakari
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Status: Evaluation

Commander Bakari was recently promoted to First Officer and is finding adjusting to the new responsibility troubling. He has what is termed the Color-Code Complex. The perception of those who wear Command Red. Particularly since he had been comfortable in the gold collar of security. He felt closer to his subordinates as a Security Chief.

Commander Bakari does still hold some suppressed anger issues with how Command was represented during the aftermath of the Vaadwaur crisis. However, I do not see any issue with his transition into a command role. It is just a matter of time he will take to find his own stile instead of trying to emulate others.

We also discussed a more personal issue and I believe I was able to give him some constructive advice in order to move forward.

Patient Record: Core, Tristam

Core, Tristam

Stardate: 239101.24 1000 Hours Patient: Tristam Core
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Status: Evaluation/Follow Up

This is my first session with Commander Core. He has been through a great deal in the last few months. He has indicated that he is having difficulty sleeping. His experience on the damaged Mercury and the supposed death of a holographic Doctor Rahman has left him emotionally at odds with himself and his part in 'her' death, despite the fact the real Doctor Rahman is alive and well.

He has seen and spoke to Doctor Rahman since the incident and claims that he is sleeping better. However, as lifelike as holograms can be, it will take time for him to process. Seeing the death of someone he is close to can have a traumatic effect. Since his dreams continue to disturb him, I have recommended that he begin keeping a journal of his dreams to gain better insight into what continues to bother him about that incident.

I have noted that Commander Core spends a great deal of time in his own head. His body language and facial expressions indicate that he thinks through things and is easily distracted by his own thought. I am beginning to suspect he is the type to compare past and present events in order to decide a course of action. Even when answering a simple question. It will be interesting to learn more about his thought processes as time goes on.

In addition, the Commander lost his telepathic ability five years ago, however, despite his protestations to the contrary, the loss is still affect his behavior and how he deals with others.

I will continue to see him to help him to resolve his current issues.

Patient Record: DeVeau, Alora

DeVeau, Alora

Stardate: 239101.29 2000 Hours
Patient: Alora DeVeau
Rank: Lieutenant
Status: Evaluation/Consultation

Stardate: 239102.03 0900 Hours
Patient: Alora DeVeau
Rank: Lieutenant
Status: Evaluation/Consultation

Patient Record: Saveron

Dr. Saveron

Stardate: 239102.02 0800 Hours
Patient Name: Saveron
Current Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Status: Evaluation/Consultation