Raiden, Marcus: Personal Logs

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USS Apollo
Marcus Raiden

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Chief Operations Officer
  • Ship/Base: USS Apollo, NCC-71669
  • Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race: Human
  • Spouse None

Marcus Raiden

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Raiden's Personal Logs
Log Title Stardate Log Body
Arriving Starbase 118 238912 Finally arrived on the station today. Don't think I will be taking the trip back to earth anytime soon by that transport. Just got settled in my new quarters being the oppeartions officer has its ups so far. Looking forward to starting my new duities in the next day or two. But first a shower then meet the FO.
First Day Over 238912 Cont. Met with FO he seems like a reasonable guy also met with the security chief she is very diffrent was expecting a hard shell but maybe i will see that over the coming days. Bumpped into a new ensign i beleave apart of the science team think her name was Alahndra Lelwin very nice but i have a feeling there is more to her. Got a big day tomorrow so an early start.
Red Alert 239001 Not even here 24 hours and i have activated RedAlert. We have been envaded by some sort of energy creatures. After the first alert coming from sick bay we had one next to Command Center.