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Aboard the USS Invicta

Roshanara was reassigned to the USS Invicta along with the rest of the Garuda's senior staff under Captain Aron Kells in mid 2392. Starfleet was initially reluctant to have her transfer over given the publicity surrounding the Invicta Expedition and Roshanara's notoriety from the events of the previous year, despite her eventual exoneration. Still, Kells (along with Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno) fought the brass to ensure Roshanara's place by his side, and she has continued to serve him and her crew as first officer.

Following the apparent "death" of Kells in late 2392, Roshanara led the Invicta crew as their acting CO. Their investigation ultimately led to the recovery of the fleet captain from the hands of the rogue physician-scientist Commodore Alistair Chase. Roshanara was subsequently promoted to the rank of commander on SD 239302.08.

Captain Roshanara Rahman in a 23rd century uniform.

Needing to recuperate after his ordeal, Aron Kells was promoted to Invicta Expedition Commander, and Roshanara was assigned as the Invicta's next commanding officer. However, the assignment was brief as she took a leave of absence to attend to her father, who'd suffered a medical emergency back on Earth. Joseph Washington, whom Roshanara knew from her days aboard the USS Pioneer, was brought aboard to replace her, and when her leave was over, she returned to the Menthar Corridor as commanding officer of the Saber class USS Syracuse.

Roshanara was given a field promotion to the rank of captain for her special assignment as commanding officer of the decommissioned Constitution class USS Venture in 2393. She was tasked with overseeing the rehabilitation of the vessel, now a museum ship, into space-worthy condition so that it could be flown to Khitomer in celebration of the Khitomer Accords centennial. After an unexpected trip back in time to the year 2367 and a face off against the Doomsday Machine, Roshanara resumed command of the USS Syracuse.

  • Noteworthy SIMs
    • "Invicta" - SD 239206.20 (Aron Kells and Roshanara meet on the bridge of their new starship, reaffirming their commitment to one another.)
    • "A Favor Returned" - SD 239301.17 (Roshanara stops by to visit Aron Kells, still recovering from his ordeal at the hands of Commodore Chase.)
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