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Rachel Abigail Flores

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USS Constitution B

Galaxy class
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Sheer Bliss

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In preparation for the state wedding on Daaka, Ensign Flores worked with the rest of the engineering staff to prepare equipment fit for extended underwater use. She developed the "Flores Tidesuit", an atmospheric diving suit built from the skeleton of an EVA suit in consultation with the medical department. She also created designs for a new aquashuttle refit that could be applied to the Constitution-B's Type-11 shuttles. Rachel and a team of engineers applied the modifications to three different shuttles. With modifications completed, Rachel joined a team on Aquashuttle Three. They landed beneath the surface of Daaka and explored the Xindi-Aquatic colony before the wedding ceremony. At the party, Rachel socialized with the crew, unknowingly continuing to suffer from an extreme case of euphoria. She was almost from carbon dioxide poisoning by kelp clogging the air vent. While the crew worked to counter the pheromone causing the issues, Rachel found herself especially susceptible to the sense of euphoria and begged her teammates not to take away the feelings of happiness, but she was talked out of it by Lazarus Davis.


Pirates of the Marchlands: Dead Men’s Boots

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Immediately upon arrival aboard the USS Constitution-B, Ensign Flores was informed that Commodore Jalana Rajel had been kidnapped. Rachel created a pirate alias as part of the pirate crew that the Constitution senior staff had taken the persona of. She took on the identiy of Lily O'Connor, an engineer and fugitive on the run after the "accidental" death of a crewmate. They used the Romulan bird-of-prey Ra'khoi and made their way to Orinoco Beta. She teamed up with Dr. Mkoll and Faelyn to search the station's entertainment district, starting at the Pulsar Bar. They discovered a power struggle aboard the station and met a civilian trader who had recently sold a shipment of medication specific to Trills. She later joined one of the assault teams breaking into Boss's office in an attempt to find the commodore. Jalana was rescued and Rachel managed to hold the Ra'khoi together long enough for the Constitution-B to arrive. Then she was able to meet her crewmates properly under their real names.


USS Gorkon

Sovereign class
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Serpent Heart, Flowering Face

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Ensign Flores, previously assigned to Væron Colony as a consulting engineer, had gone missing within the mines. She was discovered by an away team from the {USS|Gorkon}} in a lab of some kind and was freed. She joined a team made up of Arlo Thornton, Tali Namura, and Jona ch'Ranni. Rachel was treated by Lieutenant Namura for the effects of being submerged in some kind of mutagenic compound. After a brief respite to recover, Rachel joined the Gorkon's away team. They engaged in a firefight with her alien captives and explored the alien facility hidden deep in the mines of the colony. They defeated them and returned to the Gorkon, where Rachel briefly joined the crew of the ship.


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