Ra'Dar Dregen

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Ra'Dar (R-ah Dar) Dregen
Position Security for Brax-Jowns Mental and Physical Health Clinic/P.I.P.A Agent
Rank Civilian
Species 1/4 Antican;1/4 Worene; 1/2 Human
Gender Male
DOB 235011.13
Age 46
Birthplace Miranda VII

Fingernails are similar to Terran cat claws; they can extend (9 inches) and retract to normal length. Hearing, Smell, and vision are heighten 100% above standard human senses. As easier time seeing in dim or low light environments than standard humans. As feline-like canine teeth. Stength 20x Human

General Information

  • Nickname: Ra, The BEAST
  • Orentation: Homosexual
  • Expect In: Hunt and Tracking, Fighting, Be The Muscle
  • Languages Spoken: Antican, Worene, Human Common (English)
  • Limitations: Temper Problems
  • Weapon Prefered: Retractable claws on hands and feet. Looking just a little extra long and pointy when retracted, but 9 inches when fully extended, and kept razor sharp.
  • Other: Will only wear open-toed footwear, and he walks with arched feet the way a cat, or dog would. He can also shift between walking bipedal, and quadrupedal.


  • Height: 6ft. 9in.
  • Weight: 350 lbs.
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Iridescent Blue
  • Build: Athletic, Muscular
  • Handed: Both


(It's Complicated)


Radars true origins are unknown he was found abandoned as a child living on Miranda VII. By the time Live discovered him he had already had a nasty temper and had learned the basics of defending himself. His animal features, reflexes, brute strength, claws, and teeth had earned him the nickname the BEAST. Live took him in and showed him kindness for the first time. She also taught him how to put his skills to better use.

Other Photos

((OOC: This character a personal sub-character as part of Phoenix Inter-species Protect Agency, PIPA. That is about initiated by Alivea Daniels to help those who need them, and help in ways Starfleet can't.))

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