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Quinn Reynolds (Skarbek).jpg
Quinn Reynolds
Full Name Quinn Reynolds
Position Crew Member
Species Human/Deltan
Gender Female
Date of Birth 14th February
Age Late thirties/early forties
Birthplace Columbia Hills, Mars

Commander Quinn Reynolds is a former Starfleet intelligence officer, who has defected from the Federation to join the Skarbek cell of the Maquis.


  • Height: 1.65m (5'5'')
  • Build: Slim, boyish
  • Hair: Mousy brown, long and usually pulled away from her face in some fashion.
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Skin Tone: Pale, with a generous dusting of freckles
  • Distinguishing Features: None that she's showing you


Quinn lives in the world of theoretical possibilities. She exists primarily inside her own mind and has the ability to analyse difficult problems, identify patterns and come up with logical explanations. Almost everything is seen in terms of how it could be improved, or what it could be turned into. She seeks clarity in almost all aspects of her life and is driven to build knowledge. Her natural drive to turn theories into concrete understanding has resulted in a feeling of personal responsibility to solve problems.

She does not like to lead or control people and is very tolerant and flexible in most situations, unless one of her firmly held beliefs has been violated or challenged - in which case she may take a very rigid stance. She is very shy when it comes to meeting new people and avoids social situations as much as she can; though when around people she knows well, or when discussing concepts she fully understands, she is considerably more open and confident.

Quinn has little understanding or value for decisions made on the basis of personal subjectivity or feelings. She strives constantly to achieve logical conclusions to problems and struggles with the importance or relevance of applying subjective emotional considerations to decisions. For this reason, she is often not in tune with how people are feeling and is not well-equipped to meet the emotional needs of others. She often fails to realise the value of attending to other people's feelings and has difficulty giving the warmth and support that is sometimes necessary in intimate relationships.



Immediate Family

  • Marital Status: Divorced
    • Ex-Husband: Harrison Ross
  • Number of children: None


  • Adoptive Father: Stephen Reynolds
  • Mother: Sarah Reynolds (deceased)


  • Older Brother: Sean Reynolds
  • Older Sister: Siobhan Isaacs
  • Twin Sister: Erin Reynolds

Name Relationship Description
Erin Reynolds (Skarbek).png
Erin Reynolds
Twin Sister
Close as children, the pair drifted apart as they entered their teenage years, their focuses and outlooks diverging. Where Quinn applied herself to engineering and Starfleet, Erin studied botany and left to help colonists on the outer reaches of the Federation. When the rumours began that Erin had joined the Maquis, Quinn was both afraid for and furious with her sister; for betraying the Federation and for damaging her career, her promotions slowing and assignments growing lacklustre with the news. Her capture by the Skarbek saw the twins reunited, and with Quinn's defection, the pair have begun to repair their relationship.
Brunsig (Maquis) 2.png
Walter Brunsig
Quinn is aware that Walter doesn't entirely trust her, and she suspects that might not change in the near future, if at all. Still, the pair have established a friendship that neither is entirely comfortable with, finding it easy to spend time in each other's company and slipping into the role of confidant.
Harrison Ross (Intel).png
Harrison Ross
Married for several years after meeting aboard the USS Pavlichenko, Quinn found herself thinking of Harry less and less as time goes on, affection slowly being replaced by a stout sense of guilt.


A veteran of the Federation-Cardassian War, Quinn began her career in Starfleet as an engineer, later recruited into Starfleet Intelligence. Her assignments eventually led to her capture by the Skarbek resistance cell of the Maquis, of which her twin sister Erin was a member. During the cell's flight from Schulman Colony, many of the crew had inhaled toxic gases which led to a series of strange hallucinations and questionable decisions. Quinn was beaten by a crew member and left in a coma, subsequently contacted telepathically by Erin and the ship's doctor Genkos Sim. Their attempt unwittingly nudged her along the path of defection, as she saw through their eyes the true depredations of the Cardassians against the civilians of the DMZ — or at least, that's what's she's claiming.

In the time since, she's become an essential part of the crew, eventually taking over the role of the ship's chief engineer when Sparks "retired" from the resistance life.

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Quinn Reynolds (Skarbek).jpg
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Quinn Reynolds
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