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|Walter Brunsig|
|Walter Brunsig|
|RELATIONSHIP=Friend and Former Partner
|PICTURE=Walter Brunsig.jpg  
|PICTURE=Walter Brunsig.jpg  

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Quinn has two children, Dylan and Amelia Reynolds.

Dylan Reynolds (age 8).jpg

Dylan Reynolds

BRUNSIG: I'm sure you're having a whale of a time deluding yourself, but Ely's not coming back. He's your kid.

Walter forces Quinn to confront the reality of her situation in "Comedown" - SD 238705.17

Amelia Reynolds (Age 2).jpg

Amelia Reynolds

Amelia's father is Harrison Ross.

Immediate Family

Sarah Reynolds.jpg

Sarah Louise Reynolds

REYNOLDS: My Mum... My Mum is the reason I was scared of getting close to anyone. She's living proof of the damage a Deltan can do to a non-Deltan.

Quinn and David Cody talk about family in "Over Dinner, Part II" - SD 238511.16

Stephen Reynolds.jpg

Stephen Richard Reynolds
Adoptive Father

REYNOLDS: My Dad, he's great. My brother and sister don't like me very much, but he always looks out for me. He's not my biological father. My Mum had an affair while they were married - that's where I come in - and he adopted me.

Quinn and David Cody talk about family in "Over Dinner, Part II" - SD 238511.16


Biological Father

REYNOLDS: MI've never met my biological father, I don't even know what he looks like. [...] Disappeared off into the great black yonder before I was born.

Quinn and David Cody talk about family in "Over Dinner, Part II" - SD 238511.16

Quinn knows of Ishan, but she has never shown any interest in meeting or building a relationship with him.


Sean Patrick Reynolds


Siobhan Jessica Isaacs (née Reynolds)

Extended Family


Hayden Reynolds

H. REYNOLDS:You know, I fight more with you than I do with my sister. We're probably something like surrogate siblings by now anyway. Or married. Though I also fight more with you than I do with Lily.

Hayden and Quinn try to reconnect in "Fresh Start" - SD 238610.01


Lily Ventu

VENTU: You're smart and you feel deeply, even if you try and hide the latter.

Lily counsels Quinn during the Garuda's occupation by Kubarey in "Live the Fear" - SD 239103.05

Lily and Quinn met when they were both posted aboard the USS Triumphant, while Quinn served as its Chief Engineer, and Lily as her First Officer. The two women are now related as cousin-in-laws by virtue of Lily's marriage to Hayden.


Rhys Reynolds
First Cousins, Once Removed


Inaia and Arias
Grandparents (Paternal)

Quinn has met her biological Deltan grandparents once, when they visited Starbase 118. The meeting came as an unpleasant surprise to her, particularly due to her opinions of her biological father and her own difficulties with reconciling her Deltan ancestry.



David Cody
Former Partner

CODY:Don’t you die on me, Quinn Reynolds. I know you can hear me, in some way. Whatever darkness you’re in at the moment, there’s a light. Everything may seem strange or scary, but you’re not alone. I'm with you... I'm with you, Quinn.

David stands vigil over a wounded Quinn in "Between Darkness and Light" - SD 238601.15

Quinn met David Cody shortly after her posting to the USS Independence-A, where he was serving as the Marine-Security Liaison officer. The two quickly recognised a mutual attraction, and began a whirlwind romance.

Walter Brunsig.jpg

Walter Brunsig

BRUNSIG: Believe it or not, I'm not the most well-adjusted person, Quinn.

REYNOLDS: Well, that makes two of us.

BRUNSIG: Must be why we get on so well.

Walter and Quinn share a moment in "The Trout" - SD 238705.17

Harrison Ross (Academy).jpg

Harrison Ross
Friend and Former Partner

ROSS: I could love you, if you'd let me.

REYNOLDS: You just wear your heart on your damned sleeve, don't you?

ROSS: On occasion.

arry admits his feelings to Quinn in"Recovery" - SD 239012.27




Rhys Bejain
First Commanding Officer

RHYS: I've never worked with a Deltan before, Quinn, thus I've never been placed in this position.. I find the whole concept of an "Oath of Celibacy" distasteful and antithetical to the basic tenets of freedom and personal choice that Starfleet represents. And yet... if you intend to drive any of my officers into a sexual frenzy...

REYNOLDS: I, um...

Bejain discusses the delicate matter of Quinn's Deltan heritage in "Sexual Healing" - SD 238507.13


Rocar Drawoh
Former Commanding Officer

ROCAR: ... the crew's lucky to have you.

REYNOLDS: I- Thank you.

ROCAR: You'll make a good Commanding Officer, Quinn.

Rocar takes the time for one last pep talk, before handing over command of the Eagle to Quinn in "Wisdom and Experience" - SD 238706.15



Sidney Riley
Former Crewmate

REYNOLDS: I nearly died. I'm still in pain. And it might have been because you sent our security officer to sit in the shuttle like a naughty schoolboy when he tried to do his job.

Sidney finds little forgiveness after an attempted apology in "Stinging Truths" - SD 238502.02


Roshanara Rahman
Former Crewmate

RAHMAN: Do you really think I would have helped him if I knew what he had planned to do to you? To this ship? Do you really think I'm that kind of a monster?

Quinn confronts Rahman about her complicity in Ross' betrayal in "Explanations, Or the Absence Thereof" - SD 239107.2