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USS Eagle
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Nora Quinn

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  • Gender: Female
  • Position: Medical Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Human
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Ensign Nora Quinn, a human, is currently a medical officer aboard the USS Eagle.


  • Full Name: Nora Quinn
  • DOB: 236302.18
  • Age: 25 years
  • Place of Birth: Thurmont, Maryland, United States of America


  • Height: 1.70m (5'7'').
  • Weight: 59kg (130lbs)
  • Build: Athletic.
  • Complexion: Clear "peaches and cream".
  • Hair Color: Dark brown, thick, soft curls at the ends and when down, hits about mid-back.
  • Eye Color: Dark brown and almond-shaped, described as "striking".
  • Distinguishable markings: Dark birth mark on right ankle, shaped like a half-moon and mole on left-side of face.


Nora is very easy-going and has a good sense of humor. There is generally no middle-ground with her – either she likes you or she doesn't, and she decides (generally) within the first couple of minutes of meeting someone whether or not she'll be their friend. Once on her "good list," Nora has been described as being extremely loyal, almost to a fault. Typically, when her mind is made up, all hope is lost – while admittedly very stubborn, Nora will usually admit when she's wrong if you're able to provide ample evidence to that end. She is very gung-ho in nature – if she's excited about something, she's almost giddy; if she's mad, she's steaming. Boredom generally puts Nora in a bad mood. When angry, Nora generally likes to be alone and has a bad habit of hitting things. She enjoys adventure and tends to be a bit of a helpless romantic. She excels at working as a member of a team – aside from when she's angry, Nora prefers to be around people.


  • Medical Degree (with specialties in general and trauma surgery).
  • Making pancakes.
  • Fluent in German and Hebrew.


  • Dance
  • Running
  • Reading


  • Spouse: None.
  • Children: None.
  • Parents
    • Father: Dror Quinn (Israeli/Irish, retired shuttle mechanic, Thurmont Engineering Corp., lives in Thurmont, MD).
    • Mother: Laura Quinn (German, working as CRNA and living with husband in Thurmont, MD).
  • Siblings: Corran Quinn (fraternal twin, Science Officer aboard the USS Valdemar).


Nora was raised, with her twin brother Corran, in Thurmont, Maryland. A small town of no real consequence, its largest business boom was the Thurmont Engineering Corporation, a small company that designed and manufactured private spacecraft. Family life was quiet – the engineering firm had ventured to retain as much of the natural environment as they could, so the rolling hills, farmland, and forests were of ample supply to occupy two children. Nora was always fascinated by the human body and how it worked. Because her mother was a nurse anesthetist, Nora was readily able to get her hands on every type of anatomy and physiology book that existed in the house, and had read most of them by the age of 17. On more than one occasion she managed to convince her mother to take her with her to work, introducing Nora to the world of surgery – she was hooked from day one. Nora was encouraged to pursue a career in medicine – she chose to attend Starfleet Medical School based primarily on the fact that it meant she got to work with alien physiology as well (there weren't many Bolians or Cardassians around Thurmont). She specialized with general and trauma surgery.

Nora Quinn didn't graduate with honors – she excelled in all of her medical classes, but found herself struggling at other times with classes that weren't related, like engineering or systems operation-related classes.


  • 238801.18: Assigned to the USS Eagle as a medical officer.

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