• Gender: Female
  • Position: Spy
  • Race: Changeling


A Changling spy working for the criminal organization Sicarius. Posed aboard the USS Victory as Lt Talia Kaji for several months.


  • Full Name: Que
  • Age 169, "Child" by Changeling Standards
  • Position: Sicarius Spy
  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Black
  • Height: 5'5"
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Changeling


  • Mother: Unknown
  • Father: Unknown
  • Siblings: Unknown
  • Children: None
  • Significant Other: None

Early Life

Que was found by Mida Shayzier in 2223. He found her in a canyon on Orgilum IV, a changeling infant sent adrift after her creation. He raised her until his capture after the Massacre of Orgilum IV in 2231. Other members of Sicarius, especially a Chameloid named Sion, continued to care for the tiny Que. She was trained in martial arts, weaponry, basic science, and medicine. Sion worked with her to develop her shifting abilities. Her growth was slow, as typical for a changeling, but by the time she was 100, she was able to take full adult shapes.

She grew up completely dedicated to Sicarius. As they built themselves up in secret, Que began to go with Sion on scouting missions and small supply raids. In 2391, the leadership decided she was ready for a real mission. She was assigned to pose as Lieutenant Talia Kaji to gain access to the USS Victory and Starfleet files.

Going Undercover

Que spent months preparing for the role, studying every piece of information she could find on Lt Kaji. She practiced the form until she could hold it for days on end, and watched stolen security footage to copy her mannerisms. Her medical knowledge was limited, but Lt Kaji had been chosen because of her position as the ships counselor, a nebulous position that required less technical knowledge than any other position. As a midlevel officer with limited friends and family, Kaji was the ideal victim for the swap.

In 239201, Que and a small band of Sicarius agents infiltrated the Embassy of Duronis II during the preparations for the large Promotion Ceremony honoring Captain Nugra and Admiral Turner. Que took the form of a Nurse Franklin from the Victory to lure Kaji into letting her into her quarters. There she drugged the lieutenant, and the rest of her team spirited her away.

Having taken the lieutenant's place, Que proceeded to integrate herself into the role of Lt Kaji.

On the Victory

Que's first mission on the Victory was assisting the Laudeans in the construction of a science outpost. During the away team, Que took the opportunity to implant a program into the outpost's computer system which would feed astronomical data about the system to Sicarius.

The mission ended badly, and the Victory was towed to the Utopia Planitia shipyards above Mars. The crew was given shore leave. Que took the time to copy a large amount of data about the Federation's ships. She also spent a lot of time with Kaji's family, Ben and Iria. She felt a very close to Iria very quickly. They were both young warriors with strong hearts and fierce loyalty. Losing the chance at that friendship was Que's biggest regret of her young life.

On the Columbia

After her mission on the USS Victory, Que remained illusive helping cells function and move forward with their goals. It was in the height of the Prometheus Incident that The Will assigned her to infiltrate the USS Columbia and wreak havoc on the ship. The goal was to keep the ship off balance. Though she was captured, she was able to escape through a mole planted in Starfleet Intelligence and now at large.