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Publicity Team
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Welcome to the home of the Publicity Team! Our job is to spread the word about UFOP: SB118 as far and wide as we possibly can, by word of mouth and real world and internet events and advertising! Our dedicated members regularly put in the leg work needed to keep us popular and bring in new members to the fleet but you can contribute even if you haven't joined us yet!

The pages contained in this area are useful for anyone looking to spread the word about our group. You'll learn how to take publicity into your own hands and recruit new members to help your vessel and the whole fleet succeed!

New here?

Just joined UFOP: SB118, and want to help out? You've come to the right place! Here, we'll list some ideas that you can use to help us with our advertising and publicity campaign. You must be a full Ensign before you can be a part of a team, but once you are, just head to the Publicity Team Yahoo! Group and click 'join'!

What can I do right now?

Publicity Projects

Check out the Publicity Projects page to learn how you can spread the word about our group on the Internet. These projects have been very successful, and they are easy to do!

Tell Everyone

Who do you know that enjoys roleplaying? How much do they like Star Trek or science fiction in general? They need to know about our group! Give them the link to our main site so that they can come and take a look, but even better, find out what they like best about roleplaying and point them in the direction of something that we do that will appeal to that interest! Do they love the idea of a universe full of aliens? Let them know that we have a Species Development Committee! Do they wish they had the chance to make plots for their usual roleplaying group? Let them know our captains take mission submissions from the crew! Talk to them about the elements of the group you're enthusiastic about too and, if that's not enough to hook them in, let them know about the many rewards they can get from participating, including promotions, service ribbons and awards, not to mention making great like-minded friends and improving their creative writing!

Add a link

If you have a website of your own, even if it's a personal web page, please add a link to our site. The more links we have to our site, the better our ranking is on Google -- and everyone knows how important that is! Be sure to use our full name ("UFOP: StarBase 118 RPG"), and to link to our index page ( We appreciate the effort greatly!

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